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  1. Perhaps let me rephrase this so that it is easier to understand. I am using ROON to stream to my DCS. I pull music out from the Aurender W20 hdd. Although the primary function of the Aurender is not as a storage device, I find that I can map it as a storage device under ROON. Same goes to Naim Uniti CORE which usually serves as a storage device for Naim streamers, amongst its other functions. So, I am looking for a NAS or similar that can top the Aurender in this capacity. I am not looking for a music server at the moment as budget is severely limited.
  2. Hi, I am trying to get streaming audio to beat CD replay in my system but to no avail for now. Currently trying out ROON with NUC / ROCK. Through this journey, I realised that various NAS contributed to the sound of the system. Right now, the Aurender W20 as NAS sounds best. Second best is Naim Core. Last in line, the silent QNAP 2+2 bay NAS. Any other good sounding NAS out there that I should look into ? Regards, Joe Ling
  3. Do u think this Taiko extreme can beat the Vivaldi transport ?
  4. Thanks for the info. I use the Antelope which seems to have room for improvement.
  5. Hi, I am a bit late to this. How do I order one ? Contact direct ? All text in Japanese so having some difficulty. Thanks.
  6. Thanks guys. Totally forgot EAC also has a burner feature. Used to rip my CDs in the old days.
  7. OK Thanks. Will try to find when I get back home from work today.
  8. Hi, I have basically regressed from file as source playback to CD player playback. Problem is that some of the original CDs can no longer be located. Therefore, I need to burn some ripped albums to disc. Can anyone suggest a good CD burning program ? Much appreciated. Regards, Joe Ling
  9. I am under the impression that the bridge has similar functionality as my upgraded upsampler This Fidata music server seems interesting. Thanks for that. Will try to investigate.
  10. I have been out of touch for a few years thinking that my digital front end is all sorted for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, my world is a bit upside down right now after direct comparison between my transport & my file as source player. The transport with spinning disc seems to sound better than the file player. I have been dabbling in computer audio since the late 2000's with RME sound card, Foobar 2000 etc & progressing to my current setup. Now, it seems if I want to get best CD / redbook playback, I have to go back to spinning disc. Therefore, I need help from all to point
  11. I am sad to inform that vinyl seems to have the upper hand in my system.
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