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  1. A little off topic but I noticed you have the LH Labs DAC in your list of equipment.  I also have one but haven't used it.  I signed up when I first saw the funding option.  I bought almost every upgrade as they were hyped.  After taking two years to actually receive the unit I was so disgusted I've barely taken it out of the box. 

    What do you think of the LH Labs DAC.

  2. Pls excuse the ignorance I am displaying but where and what kind of “endpoint” does one install in an existing stereo system to use wireless headphones? Is a DAC with Bluetooth required? My DAC doesn’t have Bluetooth. Thanks
  3. I have about 5000 songs on iTunes on a ten year old Dell laptop that I am a little nervous about. I have a Sonos that I really like and would like to access the iTures music and some flac files currently on the Dell. Rather than go all in on an NAS I'd like to save the songs to a WD My Book Duo to access through my Xfinity router wirelessly from the Sonos upstairs. Is this an ok first step?
  4. I have 4000 songs on iTunes on a laptop and a few FLAC files. I'd like to access the music from the family room where my wireless SONOS is located. I'm a computer music newbie and don't want to get too complicated at first. Would the WD be a good starter? thanks
  5. My wife gave me a Sonos box for Christmas. I am very new to streaming. I have all the music in my iTunes library backed up to a usb outboard hard drive. My comcast router has several usb inputs. I hooked up the hard drive to the router but the Sonos doesn't appear to see it. Is it possible to use this configuration? Thanks
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