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Audio System


Mac Mini late 2014 2.6ghz i5 8gb memory with 256 SSD

Audirvana+ 3 w/ Qobuz account

     AU-Goodhertz Canopener Studio 3

     AU-Fab Filter ProQ2

Furman Elite 15i Power Conditioner

Nano iUSB 3.0

Singxer SU-1, Schiit Eitr

Chord 2Qute, Metrum Amethyst, SMSL M8

Schiit Lyr 3, Arcam rHead, Lake People RS08

Focal Elear, Sennheiser HD600, NAD VISO HP50



Cowon Plenue 2, Fiio X5iii, Fiio X7 mark ii, Hiby R6, Ibasso DX160, ibasso DX150 w/ Amp 6 and Amp 7, Chord Mojo, AQ Dragonfly Red,  

Oriolus MkII, AK/JH Angie, Campfire Jupiter, Campfire Andromeda, 64 Audio U10, JVC FDX1, Custom Art Fibae Black (CIEM), Custom Art Fibae 7 (CIEM), Fearless S8F, Campfire Polaris, 



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