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  1. buonassi

    LH Labs. No delivery after 2.5 Years

    okay... well that's a stretch @LHCommSquad and a far cry from a retraction. Is this a common PR tactic? Assert, then point to 'proof' and hope people won't actually look at it? I mean nothing personal against you, but it just seems like you're making an overly rigorous attempt to fix something that can't be fixed without anything other than sheer honesty and humility.
  2. buonassi

    LH Labs. No delivery after 2.5 Years

    Nothing in this document even comes close to suggesting Ken Ball retracted his statement(s). It appears that at some point the google doc may have had other screen shots in it; and perhaps they contain the proof you're espousing. But there are none in this document link besides this sole screen shot from Ken. It refers more to his latest IEM, the solaris, and only briefly mentions 'letting go of the past'. That is supposed to be Ken Ball essentially retracting a statement?
  3. buonassi

    iZotope vs SoX Upsampling in Audirvana Plus 3.2

    I've been playing around for settings with my 2qute. Honestly, I like the WTA filters in the Chord DACs as they are, without oversampling done on the computer. Not sure that you can add more highs, though you can certainly reduce them with a filter that rolls off sooner. But, if you tell me the type of transient sounds you're looking for, I can help. IE, do you want more attack on the leading edge of the notes? Do you want better instrument separation, more ethereal 3d sound? You may want to read this to get a better understanding - then feel free to ask away! Welcome to AS my friend!
  4. buonassi

    LH Labs. No delivery after 2.5 Years

    not sure if this has been covered, so apologies if so. If not, it's good info to know: They've been accused of IP infringement by one of the most prolific IEM manufacturers in our hobby, Campfire Audio. https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/the-one-where-campfire-and-lh-labs-clear-the-air-a-bit.5566/#post-181495 Then, after all of this went down with the 'asteria' IEM in 2017, they release the 'stella' in 2018. It too appears to be a blatant rip off of the campfire audio design. This company really is as low as they come. I follow the high end IEM market and have watched prices climb into the $3k range over the past few years. So it's clear people are willing to part ways with pretty large sums of money for personal audio nowadays and it seems LH have latched onto that exploit as well. I believe they're also listed poorly on the BBB - if that still means anything these days.
  5. buonassi

    Chord 2Qute

    okay @Ralf11 - early results with the 2Qute suggest that the USB with iFi iUSB3.0 between the computer and DAC work the best. More holographic and weighty without any blur or lack of imaging focus. USB without the toy in line is very good too - I don't know if I'm hearing a difference, or it's placebo. I keep the toy in there, because why not? It certainly isn't doing any harm that I can hear. Coax BNC (via SU-1) was good too - it had a harder, more percussive sound with very good imaging, but not as enveloping (3D) and didn't layer depth as well. Soundstage wasn't quite as grand. The sound was more 'familiar' to me having lived with this converter for about a year - So I think I'm hearing a bit of its sonic character. Honestly, I could live with either input. Sadly, I was wrong about my converter... it doesn't output optical, so couldn't test that. So far this DAC is very good. It's warmer and richer than I thought it would be. I think Qutest is in my crosshairs over the next few months.
  6. buonassi

    Headphones vs Speakers.....Go!

    @TomLee, welcome to AS! I'm still getting used to the name change.
  7. buonassi

    Chord Qutest

    I'm getting some interesting results using one round in software (44.1 > 88.2), then allowing the 2Qute (not the Qutest YET!) to continue using the Watts filters to oversample. I say 'interesting' because I haven't really critically evaluated it yet. But there's no law prohibiting a hybrid approach. Ultimately, you're right. When you buy a chord DAC, the filtering is one of their differentiators. What really got my attention was that a straight hookup to my mac using USB didn't sound bad, like other DACs I've owned. Dare I say it sounds even a little more full and 3D than the BNC. Anyway, the plan is to use 2Qute as a proving grounds, then I'll drop some coin on the Qutest if I still like this presentation after a month or so.
  8. buonassi

    Chord Qutest

    well there goes that thought. I guess the lesson here is to avoid as many format conversions in the chain as you can - feed the DAC what it processes natively. If a conversion must take place, do it with the best tools you can. IE HQP, etc.
  9. buonassi

    Chord Qutest

    Thanks @Miska. A very helpful response. I now know more than I did yesterday! When I had an SD Dac, I did rather enjoy PCM>DSD conversion prior to sending to the DAC. I was was floored by a DSD128 original file I got from Blue Coast sampler/test download. So, I may have to revisit conversion to DSD once again. I really should've kept that iFi iDAC2 🤦‍♂️ I realize your position on AUs and how it doesn't quite fit with your value prop for HQP. I am still intrigued by your player and may get it to use with my upcoming 2ch setup. It'll be modest hardware to start (some passive KEFs and an amp yet to be decided). Is anyone here using their Qutest with DSD? Any thoughts on how it handles DSD vs PCM?
  10. buonassi

    Audirvana 3.1

    Absolutely PHENOMENAL! Thank you so much! I guess I'm really missing out by not having REW and RX
  11. buonassi

    Audirvana 3.1

    yes, much better than setting a LPF in fab filter, I too agree. Actually, I only lived with fab filter LPF for about a week, then fell back to iZotope only. my current settings are 16, 1.0 cutoff, 0.6 phase. I don't care about super HF aliasing. More concerned about preserving phase up to 16K. I'm pretty sure these settings don't cause phase shift until the top-most octave. That's based on my interpretation of graphs over at http://src.infinitewave.ca, but I could be wrong. So.... I need to change my avatar 'rank' it seems - I've re-embraced filters! Hey, on another note, I've also asked miska, but does anyone know what interpolation math iZotope uses? Is it cubic, sinc function, etc?
  12. buonassi

    Chord Qutest

    @Miska, I have a few questions for you. 1) Are all of your interpolation filters 'sinc' ? I'm pretty sure at least a few are. I don't have your software because I use AU plugins - otherwise, I'd be all about it. The sinc is what Rob Watts goes on and on about. That, and the noise floor modulation. 2) I've had very good experiences upsampling in A+ using iZotope and Sox feeding my metrum amethyst, but have no idea what type of interpolation they use (cubic, sinc, etc). Do you know? 3) I have to believe that your filters, being processed in the computer, contribute to lower noise floor modulation in the DAC. Would that be a correct assumption? And the fact that they use many more taps than the Qutest may contribute to better reconstruction of the original waveform (at least theoretically)?
  13. @Teresa, there are few females that I am aware of on this forum (or other audio forums I frequent). And the avatar is no indication of sex. Many men use pictures of women in their avatars. Actually, it's such a rampant practice that I've incorrectly assumed an actual female was male once or twice on head-fi. Not that sex matters one bit in the end, but it gets confusing when typing a pronoun in a post. thanks to @exdmd for pointing out the optical input on this DAC as being sub-par. That is helpful information to know.
  14. buonassi

    Audirvana 3.1

    welcome aboard man! keep us posted.
  15. buonassi

    Audirvana 3.1

    looks like you read @copy_of_a's posts on best settings for iZotope (with FFPQ2). I have that EQ software as well. Having played around extensively, I can tell you that the way an impulse looks doesn't mean it will provide the best sound quality. And that there is more to great sound than just the 'pre ringing'. I can't know what's causing your 'loss of detail' when upsampling to DSD. It is possibly your DAC - and the way it handles DSD. I got plenty of detail when I was doing the DSD software thing in A+. Didn't miss a thing. It was an iFi iDAC2 FYI. The other thing you may want to try is to set your DAC (with jumpers apparently) to use slow slow rolloff LINEAR phase. Or make sure that you're invoking NOS (non oversampling) when you send the highest 'power of 2' sample rate to the DAC. If the DAC continues to oversample what you've sent it and is set to Minimum phase, it will introduce more phase shift than you intended with your iZotope filter settings. Best practice is to control the phase characteristics with your software and leave the DAC linear (if NOS can't be achieved), even fast rolloff linear. Currently, your software setup is an 'intermediate phase' approach at 0.36. It introduces a phase shift much closer to what a Min phase filter would do (meaning it's not a subtle shift at all). If this intermediate phase shifted bitstream is then being oversampled with an additional Minimum phase filter from your DAC, it's just going to confuse/skew the sound (in my opinion).