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  1. Well a number of their writers claim to be journalists...
  2. Hindsight is obviously 20/20, but they're the ones who made it about trust in the man whose name was soon to become synonymous with his initials, so I'd counter that assuming they had a case, had they provided the critics with the tools to love them instead of argument by authority, neither the backlash nor the personification would've happened. This is an interesting one, because it's one that morphs depending on how one sees the position of the audiophile press on the continuum between consumer advocacy and industry mouthpiece. I'm not entirely certain that Chris could,
  3. Would you happen to know if either happen to be scientologists ?
  4. It's "Authenticated", so it's real.
  5. Let's please not reach hasty conclusions and insult @John_Atkinson's intelligence: unless proven otherwise, it's much safer to assume that he has been a willing participant in the swindle.
  6. With all due respect, I had little hope that now that you've taken a step back from the daily grind, you'd use the time to finally learn the difference between an investigation and an informercial, John.
  7. So we've got three people with fingers deep in the MQA pot (Chris Horton, a representative for a major shareholder, the fracking CEO of MQA Ltd, a strategic advisor to the only (western ? haven't been following the China debacle(s)) streaming service that uses MQA, an exec for a company with tight historical and current links to the principals at MQA Ltd), one that isn't, and your conclusion is that @The Computer Audiophile is unfairly calling the panel an infomercial, because there's one person on it that is clearly extraordinarily competent and likely still has a shred of integrity left.
  8. Why would you ? MQA encoding is a 3-bit scam...
  9. It does, however, have a substantial turgescent member, fluffed by south african money, and it lives in a world where consent don't really matter.
  10. Nice car you have there, Chris. It's a pity you scratched it. You wouldn't want that to happen again, now would you ?
  11. Waitwaitwait... "the unified standards team that first developed lossless compression 30 years ago" ?!?!?! Anybody mind elaborating on that please ? (and yeah, MLP, I get it, but, still... if there's no nuance stripped in translation, a bit of a bold claim, no ?)
  12. Fish. Those things are called fish.
  13. i don't believe such a thing is possible...
  14. Of course it isn't a real problem, but it's one MQA fixes. Which'd make MQA's logic "let's degrade the signal, so that we can visually display that we're accurately transmitting a degraded signal". Birth of a new world, indeed.
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