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  1. I'd be curious to know if the LinusTechTips Abyss video had any impact. Seems like a smart move on their part (Linus probably has more subscribers than all HiFi youtube combined).
  2. Unless that's what you'd call the motion of a rock falling off a cliff, I'm not certain "fascinating" is the word I'd use here. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but the younger generation of audiophiles seems, to me, to have been brought up on HydrogenAudio much more than on .mp3, and seem to be better vaccined against snake oil, maybe because they weren't exposed to new age bullshit like boomers were. Plus, they can't afford it anyway. I am curious how much inroads generationally attuned woo-mongers like Darko are going to be able to make, though.
  3. What's going on here is more like "If I want to compare the sound signature of 2 cars, I go by parking them in an anechoic chamber, starting them up, allow them to idle, and stick a measuring mic up each exhaust, and when I get the same 83dB and frequency distribution, conclude that they sound the same". Or am I mistaken ?
  4. I'd buy one if the designer and / or a principal at the company that sells it were able to demonstrate they successfully passed a blind listening test organized by a neutral third party.
  5. Please don't forget there's also some brands that have spotty driver coverage for older gear, and that'll limit things to USB 1 and 24/96, so it's always a good idea to check with the manufacturer before you buy, especially 2nd hand. If you feel like they don't care, feel free to be as mean as you like, there's really no excuse.
  6. Well, try pricing Qobuz in Europe, it'll put things in perspective 😉 (for the curious, it would appear that the Amazon-competitive pricing is just for the US. The lossless tier of Qobuz is between $30 and $35 a month elsewhere. Yeah...)
  7. Credit ? Allowing republication for credit / linkbacks is what you'd do with a friendly, good-faith actor. In this case, I'd say screw that, payment. Unless he's made a deal with the other publications and authors (both writers and photographers) whose work he's lifting, that's infringement as well. If that's the case, it's beyond "surprising", it's disgusting, because he can't argue he doesn't realize exactly what he's doing.
  8. That's not a shout-out, that's copyright infringement.
  9. Well, there's a software update if you change your mind. How a signal path of "1st unfold" => room correction dsp => "2nd unfold", which to my understanding is possible, would, in the mind of the true believers, compute with the whole BS marketing line of "pure unadulterated sound from the musician to your speakers, guaranteed by the magic blue light" is beyond me, as is the logic of any other cult.
  10. That seems like quite a bit of trust to put in an institution that also hosted a conference about the fundamental importance of power cords.
  11. May I suggest spending a bit of time with (real) 7 year olds ? 😋 More seriously though, and back on topic, maybe that instead of engaging in pub psychology, @John_Atkinson could instead heed Chris' suggestion, and use his superior command of the English language to write a kind request to allow for the use of a snippet of that recording that he appears to purport holds evidence of the birth of a new world, especially given all the embarrassment he could spare his luminary friend of 20 years by providing such evidence... think of the kind of person one must be to refuse something that simple to such a dear friend...
  12. And to quote a more patient mind than mine:
  13. Well certainly, technology isn't yours.
  14. Should one understand that the senior technical editor of Stereophile doesn't know that you can fix a simple annoyance like this when you go to the top right (username), then scroll down to "account setting", then click on "edit settings" (on the right of the overview) one can selectively pick what to follow, or not. Including alerts when someone mentions your name. And that, to top it all, he's bitching about it ?
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