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  1. Hallo, you’ve made a great step in ultimate performance. The question is hard to answer. Ive tried them both and i endend up with a sms 200 ultra. Thats also a fine match to look at. Its also somewhat better than the sms 200. But the sms 200 is great value for the money. And it,s sure coming close...
  2. OK i understand it. There can be lots of reasons to change your equipment. Somtime you feel the need to buy something good and simple like the Naim unit. But after a couple of years lot of people come back to the things and music they liked once before...Gook luck to you Sir!
  3. I think you do; unless you want to spend a lot of extra money. Perhaps try a extra SOtM usb tx ultra first
  4. No problems here with V4.22; and no SQ difference as far as I noticed.
  5. Thats the reason you better wait for at least a month before you install the latest update..
  6. It weekend now but you can be sure you get your answer on monday; please try today de new microcard with eunhasu on it!
  7. But just in case go out to buy a fast 16gb card ( not a 8gb, that isn,t enough) and install the new image. Be sure youre sotm is out for a couple of minutes before take out the old card and install the new one!!
  8. Dit you treid chrome already to reach unhasu? And did you control your internet with a laptop? In my personel experience May gives a great support. ( in my case with teamviewer)
  9. Octaviars, a blinking orange light is a indication that you don,t have internet. Try to connect a laptop to see if the problem stay,s. And try to reconnect the cable or use another one..
  10. Thanks for you quick reply tedwoods; the keyquestion is what sparepart is it and whats the value?? I think its a power capacitor but whats the new value??
  11. I,m curious what sparepart(s) is changed. I believe you kept your old version?? Ps a Sms200 or sms200 ultra??
  12. Agreed with tedwoods Blade! Or is the modification that simpel that it doesn,t even justify the 30 dollars mod costs..?
  13. That will be very intresting. Please keep us informed!
  14. Congratulations dbq, a great choice! In 12v the burn in time will be fast! 5-6 hours of playing time. After that you wont hear the difference between 9 or 12v . Simple reason SOtM it selves demonstrates with 9 volt at fairs etc. Though a extra power supply is recommended! I suggest SOtM own sPS500 because of a trifecta with the tx ultra b is you want this in the near future. A cheaper considering is the Sbooster 9 or if you insisted 12volt. Have a happy music listening!
  15. Thanks For sharing the same opinion in this topic Confused; at the SOtM stand in Munich i was told that if SOtM sounded better in 12volt they didn,t think twice to change their powerserup to 12v. But the electronics is getting warmer en some say there for it sounded better. Nonsense of course, only the burn in time is shorter.. You did a smart thing there! Enjoy the music! Tom
  16. I dont believe in the 12volt txbultra or sms 200 ultra issue, for the only reason that SOtM demonstrated in Munich with 9 volts..they didn’t do that is the SQ was worse; They also advise 9 volts for the current power. The only reason to set up the 12v possibility is A. you wanted your sms /tx ultra burn in faster. Or B. Youve got already a 12v power supply. Then there is no need to buy an other one. For sonic reason or reliability just stik to 9 volts..
  17. My point is the NEO sounds different but it depands of the combination/ room situation..
  18. I,ve bought a couple of days ago my sotm 200 ultra. In my gear it really sounds perfect. According to May Park the neo has more mid and extra low bass. But less highs and dynamics. In my set thats the perfect combination with the mytek brooklyn+. In my room extra bass leads to acoustiq problems so im happy with this combi together with the sps500 power supply. A better match will be the tx bultra thats a step forward i will take in a couple of months..
  19. One of the advantages is a Y cable to drive Mytek brooklyn and a SotM 200ultra together with one power supply of 12v. It s a way to spare a dime..
  20. Ive treid them both. The combination with a SotM 200 and TX usb ultra is a great update. After consulting May from Sotm she advised me the SotM 200 ultra because of a cleaner performance and the possibility with one power supply with Y connection cable so you can feed them both. Ive got the SotM 200 ultra now for onlu one day.. with the power supply of SotM it had to burn in for at least 200 hours..
  21. Ive recently changed my Dac de Nad M51 into de Mytek Brooklyn+ version. After the update of the Mytek is very good! Ill even stream 356.4 kHz on a 2L recording bij Tidal with AES/EbU unbelieveble sound quality. I though this wasn,t even possible because the specs of the M50.2 limited the AES/Spdif till 192khz.
  22. Anyone compared The M50.2 with AES/EBu vs HDMI on a M51 dac??
  23. Hai again all of you. Im dutch so the alpha artikel is well known to me. Ive spoken to the reviewer it self as well. There was only a very short period of testing the m50.2 there was a short burn in time possible. But after awhile it sounds very good, even better as the M50. Although some critics is Jaap very enthousiastic about BluOs. Also was he well informed about future updates of Nad company. that was compared to some other brands in goods hands! Overall rating was very good! I ve made a comparasing about the aurender a 10 with a nice Dac but with no CD transport in it. And only 1 toslink connection on it. Sounds were pretty equal. Together with a nice Dac is the Nad in the Netherlands more expensive but it comes with a lot more possibilities..
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