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  1. In youre case if possible i will certainly do that!!
  2. On the bright side you never get that brilliant sounding product for a price like this.and its still innovation to a Class A performance and its growing ever since. most products are what you pay is what you get.. On teh dark side theres are Beta influences and you gotta live with that..
  3. Its advised to always switch with a good working sd card. Take a least a 16gb card . In that case its always possible to go back to a good working exemplary.
  4. Well done M ive got the same problems in the Netherlands although the dealer en distributer is sublime and the sound is faboulous..Perhaps the Kernel is the recent issue; i will try another NUC to experiment with this issue..
  5. Troubles in borrowed time PnL. They are working as hard as they can. Some friends of mine installed it already without problems..But wenn it works it never sound that great until now..SoTM advises btw fixed volume in Roon....
  6. Thanks for your post confused! I cannot switsch to 100t or 1000t but it seems because my Sotm sNH-10G switch it doesn.t allowed so the only possibility is 1000t.
  7. The VO 4.59 made the music comback again! Untill now stable connection. My buffer duration is 0.45 and my resync 0.2
  8. Unfortunally is A new cart not the solution. Complaint stay after 15 min i have to establish A new connection..
  9. Ive got the sotm switch as well. Eunhasu is already playin in 1000t mode.i will try to switch it back..
  10. Thanks guy, at the moment my Roon isnt active so i cannot reach the sytemsettings.
  11. Thanks guy, at the moment my Roon isnt active so i cannot reach the systemsettings. It play for about 15 min. and after that my sms200ultra is down..
  12. Same problem here; bad sq and stuttering at roon rock. Playing timebabout 15 min.Before that it was amazing.
  13. I,ll strongly protest against this! Hans Beekhuyzen is a well respected hifi-journalist in the Netherlands. I,ts okay to disagree. But he,s independant not paid by the industrie or magazines..as well as the remarks about the S. koreans it,s nothing that belongs to this discussion. Hans Beekhuyzen always seeks to a better way to get the best SQ possible for the bucks..
  14. Its easy to make an adjustment to the voltage you want. But be carefull; you have to know what to do. In some countries it can affect you garantie!
  15. Here the mod for the 12v/ 9v settings. You can easely do it yourself..
  16. After the last big Sotm update; ive soon the Sotm 200 indication as well in steat of 200 ultra.
  17. Most of the time if its a mechanical failure; it isn,t covered by warrenty unless its very recently bough. I suggest you ask your dealer what to do next or write to May Park ( SOtM S-Korea) they are very reasonable..Perhaps you can upgrade you Tx usb with better cable at the same time..
  18. Tx usb ultra for sure, compared with the Iso more refined, better musical control. But also more expensive. Please go and cheq it yourself..
  19. Perhaps May Park( SOtM) can react on this issue..
  20. Most of the combinations are sold without the clock connection. Its an opportunity to compere with the dac clock or with rthe external Sotm 3000 dollar one. But the SQ with the sms 200 standaard transfers to high end SQ with a Tx-usb extra as i personally noticed. The SOtM 200 ultra makes a somewhat difference. The clock of the txusb ultra is the same as SOtM 200 ultra although said, it makes a serious improvement to use both of them.
  21. along with the tx usb ultra and later on the sms200 ultra with the tx usb. Believe me no mods a necessary to have a great improvement in sound. its just simple put the usb cable from the sms 200 to the usb txultra and put again a usb cable from the tx usb to your dac. The internal clock works even if you have a standard version without an extra clock input. Exept other clocks cannot easily fitted.
  22. Hallo, thanks for sharing your motiv,s. I understand it compleetly. Yes be aware that de SQ of a SMS200 combined with the TX-usb ultra is already a great upgrade. In my comparason i started with the Tx-usb and a Sms200 witch was recommended by a friend with the same combination. It sounded awsome. After that my dealer advised me to go for the SMS200 ultra only with a SPS500 powersupply.. That wasn,t as musically as the Sms200/TX-USB combination in my opinion (after ive already ordered it at gave it time to burn in for more than 200-300 hours).. At the moment i,m playing again with the extra Tx-usb in the system and my feeling says its slightly better than the first opion. I,m really happy now. Conclusion in your case i think The SOtM 200 is the best opion expeccially combined with the great powersupply. PS Don,t let youre self fooled bij the 12v option. It,s possible but the 9v is recommended by SOtM itself and they a playing in the 9v mode on summits for the right reason. Goodluck with your decision.
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