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  1. I know but with a NUC its noproblem at all; it regulates the real power inside of the Nuc..
  2. Yes , you can easily play from 12v-20volts. It wil establish the power inside of the nuc..
  3. By this expression I mean that the Keces sounded a bit more colorful. a bit more Bass and less tight bass and a bit sharper high. Al under some nuance.. I liked the Farad 3 the most.
  4. I have now compared 2 farads extensively with various other power supplies such as S-booster, Keces P8-8amp version and Keces P8 double version 12 and 15 volts and the SotM SpS500 SMPS power supply. I tested them on the Mytek Brooklyn + and the Sotm SmS200 ultra and the SotM tx-usb ultra. At the Farads I opted for the version with Highend Fuses silver and Copper Level 2 cable. The Farad is obeying the winner with a nice tight low and open high. The Sotm comes close and has the advantage that the voltage is switchable. The Keces is the most powerful of the 3 but slightly less balanced in my opinion.
  5. I had the sotm 200ultra and now have the neo version. a slight difference between both devices in sound quality. If you have a handy technician in the area, he can modify the existing one for 5-50 dollars.
  6. The fact that a product can be improved sometimes has to do with changed insight. sometimes also because external fans discover things. Every product, including Uptone, comes with upgrades; it is up to the consumer to consider whether this is worth the investment.
  7. P.S i,ve you have a ( watch out only)standard version of the s nh-g10 there,s no need to adjust it works both on 9 and 12volts.
  8. Not to mention. connect a good power supply such as SpS 500 or Farad 3 to your Switch. even then you make clear steps ..
  9. The Sotm Evox version is absolutely more beautiful than the standard version; I have compared them both. The Evox version also had the clock and silver cable internally. It is a big step. But you could also take 2 standard switches for the same money. even then you make a big step musically.
  10. Sorry i wrote it in original English i didn,t know googler translate did the job ill look for it..
  11. Dear Austinpop, thank you for your long review and comparison between other PSUs in my opinion and I also tested a lot, only the SotM sPS500 came very close. My test case was a Mytek Brooklyn + It made a world of difference between some PSUs. Although I have never experienced the Paul Hynes. The Farad3 is sofar the best i, ve ever tested.
  12. Mourip in my opinion the farad3 lps is one of the best affordable ones one the market right now. Top highs; tight lows and believe me ive compared a lot. Another good one is the sPS500 Sotm a SMPS very good and adjustable voltages..
  13. Here you are! Wachtout adjustment is a specialist job; then its easy..
  14. Sure in my opionion the Farad3 is the best at this moment. Sounds smooth with very good top high,s but the Sps500 is also very good! If you don.t have a shipload of money better stick to the SpS500. In my opionion a top Powersupply. And ivm compared them among others a long time..
  15. Did you know that the BASIC sNH-10g also works on 9-12volts..Wachout only the basic version; the other ones needs an adjustement..
  16. Please buy a sPS500 powersupply from Sotm if you can spare a dime. Sell the ifi or use it for your router if possible; great upgrade!
  17. Compared the prices and see whats going on. I ll say without hearing please buy a Farad3, it's also possible to order it with highgrade componends..or better dc cable. Coz he 700p for a Sean Jacobs is a lot of money for a realitively simple PS. Compared to a Farad or SotM.
  18. I,ve used it a couple of weeks from a friend who use it on his SotM sNH10g. I owned a Keces and a Sotm sPS500 and we borrowed the hdplex 200
  19. Thaks Austinpop foryoure great review! I,vehad for a couple of weeks the Farad3 and compared them with some other powersupply,s The SotM sPs 500; the HDPlex 200; The Keces P8 8 amperes. All sounded different. If tested them in nearly the same equipment like the Sotm sNH10g and the Tx usb ultra (sotm) as well on the mytek brooklyn plus. Al the powersupplys had their advantiges; that concluded was that the performance of the HdPlex didn,t catch up with the rest.The Keces had more power, a nice display. Was switchable in 9and 12v but sounded a bit darker with more bass. The sotm was also very good and came close to the farad3. Tight bass and rythm, very clear and detailled in the mid,s an good focus in the highs. Big advantige was switchable in 7-9-12-19v. De Farad though wins in a clean spacious highs, Wich was unique compared to the others.. please note that its very important to keep the power cable as short as possible..
  20. Perhaps your switch isn’t suitable for it. Try a direct connection. If the problem stays try another switch AQVox had some issues along with netgear..
  21. The only thing that can confuse the 100t setting ia a switch. One off my frieds had a aqvox switch who doesnt alloud you without problem to play with 100t. Try another switch or connect it directly to your router..
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