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  1. Edward, i,ve acted the same as Hans advised me too. But after that i,ve missed my Tx usb ultra. But you have to decited for yourself. . There no one truth in this. Perhaps start with a Sotm Sms200ultra and ask your dealer for a trial period at home.In both cases you play on a very high level wich increases with a special PSU SPS500 (you evently can feed them both with a Y cable).

  2. 12 minutes ago, bmoregnr said:

    As I know very little about all this stuff I am curious if you have any info why after is better, just to learn mind you.  As I did it before this update I suppose I should do it again for any effect correct, or am I good as is at the moment?  Thanks

    This is the official SotM reaction from May Park:
    The latest kernel version is  4.18.19-214, you can do the kernel check afterwards, but actually it is not the matter when you are doing it. You can keep updating the kernel version to the latest version.

  3. 47 minutes ago, Mikaell said:


    Of course that depends on your entire system but I'd say: Definitely KEEP it (if you can afford the expense).


    I use the SMS-200 Ultra with the Bryston BDA-3, and compared to directly feeding it the USB output from my mac mini - the soundstage is deeper, the sound more natural, it cuts a lot of the harshness and overall I get a more natural sound with the SOTM (fed by a linear power supply - seems quite important). I would have never imagined this before listening, but yes, the source is very important;





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