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  1. This is the official SotM reaction from May Park:The latest kernel version is 4.18.19-214, you can do the kernel check afterwards, but actually it is not the matter when you are doing it. You can keep updating the kernel version to the latest version.
  2. Did you guys release a Kernel Cheq. First or after a v4.81 upgrade??
  3. Thanks for your information! It,s very important to read your reports. A Question for anyone what the best place to connect a harddrive flac,s with Roon. The NUC or better straight to the SotM SmS200ultra??
  4. They sure have a very good quality performance on service; May is Amazing!!
  5. Update process is stopped bij SotM . Latest version is now 4.7 again Instead of v4.8.
  6. I,ll better have a Tx-usb ultra with a Sms 200 ultra . But in case you feed youre dac directly from a computer a tx-usb ultra transforms it in highend in stead of stereo.
  7. Of course an improvement is possible; but before spendings shiploads of money on an endpoint you better try the tx-usbultra first...guaranteed an improvement in any situation..
  8. Absolutely the SotM txusb ultra is an improvement in any DAC situation. Though its worth while to try it first after a 50-100 hours burn in..
  9. for an additional improvement it is worth considering purchasing a SotM TX usb ultra instead of replacing it with another streamer where you will unfortunately get little sound profit ..
  10. You will be very glad! The Farad,s are great PSU though they need a burn in time and the connection DC cable is one of the vital parts; take a level 2 cord!
  11. I,ll have both cables. The standard one and the Level 2 silverwire. The last one sounds more owerfull and refined. The tops are smoother. Definitely a solid improvement.
  12. I,m referring to the brandnew 11-03 dated firmware upgrade VO 4.7
  13. I know but with a NUC its noproblem at all; it regulates the real power inside of the Nuc..
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