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  1. Hi Danny. Thanks for the great review. How was the resolution or HD ness? On my other Mac auditions, I always loved how hard and smoothly (such an irony isn't it?) Mac amps grab/control the woofers. But, I always left wanting a bit more resolution. Most of my auditions were done using Mac fronts, so it could be just their preamps. In your opinion, how was MC611's resolution compared to other high-end amps in this price bracket? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Miska! Sounds like there can be different versions for U.S. and Europe.
  3. For those who has T+A DAC 8, could someone please check for me if the label for the power in the back says 230v or 110v? I'm trying to figure out if I can buy it used from a guy from Europe or not. He thinks it may not work with 110v in U.S. Thanks!
  4. I'd love to try it but I have to change my WIFI card in order to empty a PCIe slot..
  5. I'm not sure if anyone posted this already. But, this card looks very interesting to me. Too bad I don't have any empty PCIe slot anymore. Still, it looks like a good contender vs Schiit Eitr.
  6. Hi Bimmer100, So, I suppose the DAC between PCM vs DSD versions are bit different. I haven't read any impression on DSD version yet, of which I'm interested. Can you please share a little about the sonic characteristic of DSD version? I'm also interested if DSD version XLR outs have lower voltage than PCM version. The spec on your webpage was not clear to me. Thanks.
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