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  1. I hope Amazon pays attention this wonderful article. The findings here would have taken Amazon at least 1.5 years using its own staffs.
  2. Interesting.. The log mentions about the Spy tool.. Well.. it sounds like a spy tool. * New: added latency reported by the device latency control to the Spy tool statistics
  3. This looks better & cheaper to me. SMSL M500 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000085198125.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.1.399b3cf605M0ay
  4. Or, perhaps we have a super hearing. For others, Audeze planar isn't any different, but for us it maybe missing something completely. I think an easy test for you is to try another Audeze LCD line up. For my experience, Audeze LCD 2C was uber completely lifeless - complete lack of emotion. But, I'm sure that so many raving reviews are also true to their ears.
  5. Audeze planar is something for somone. From my own personal experience, I just could never agree with most of the people when it comes to Audeze sound. To my ear, they were a complete a true complete crap. I think it's because that some of us like me and perhaps Sonis cannot hear certain frequency from Audeze's planar drivers. It never happened to a dynamic driver to me, but I just could never see a reason how anyone say Audeze LCD line up sounds good. Because to my ears - and I tried - they were completely off. I think it's just that some of us cannot decode Audeze's planar driver sounds like others. Well.. just that's just my guess.
  6. Great to hear HQP4 is more transparent.
  7. Thanks! I suppose the benefit is that you can use a dedicated streamer without a PC.
  8. My 6700 non-k and 2080 non-ti have all the horsepower needed for DSD512. But, I actually regret not getting 2080 TI..
  9. Does it sound better to play a converted/up-sampled DSD file using HQP Pro vs doing on-demand up-sampling through HQP desktop to feed a DAC? I only skimmed through this tread, so I apology if this has been already answered.
  10. With HQP non-pro, I'm happy to report my old i7 6700 with RTX 2080 has no problem up sampling to any of your wonderful DSD 512 formats.
  11. Finally, I was able to free up a PCI slot and thinking of buying this Nu audio card. I read some good reviews and also some not so good reviews. I'm mainly interested in as a DSD DAC when used with HQP. I have a sense this card just may be the best option for DSD/HQP under $500, but let's see..
  12. Which Tellurium USB cable do you use? It has gotten my interest lately.
  13. Hi Danny. Thanks for the great review. How was the resolution or HD ness? On my other Mac auditions, I always loved how hard and smoothly (such an irony isn't it?) Mac amps grab/control the woofers. But, I always left wanting a bit more resolution. Most of my auditions were done using Mac fronts, so it could be just their preamps. In your opinion, how was MC611's resolution compared to other high-end amps in this price bracket? Thanks.
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