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  1. Great review. I'm very interested in Boulder 866. How was its internal DAC vs the high-end DACs you have? I'm sure there is a difference, but I wonder how much of difference. Happy Holidays!
  2. I was interested in BDA-3.14, but passed on it for the outdated interface. It felt like it belongs to 20 years ago, and just looking at it made me feel old. I hope Bryston launches a new dual AK4499 DAC just as Roon endpoint with DSD 512, but without too many other features.
  3. They look amazing! I don't even like McIntosh sounds, but I still want to try them out.
  4. In my experience, low to mid range (who knows what is the actually boundaries in terms of price but let's say under $3k) preamps were better without. Pretty much all my DAC's (even $300 one) with a volume control provided me with a better results without a preamp for my ears. But, with higher end preamps - they still loose some resolution/micro details to my ears, but they usually had a great synergy with their own brand power amps. So, to me it was a toss up between a better tonality vs micro details. But, I have turntables. So, I just needed a preamp at the end of the day. That being said, I
  5. Kudos to Ayre for supporting a discontinued product. That being said, it will be great if Ayre decide to relaunch QB-9 with Twenty upgrade. Love to buy it brand new!
  6. I can understand Danny's 'Amazing'. I mean I get it that this preamp can be just that for many people. But, I will also like to share my opinion for some may share my musical taste. I love the details and transparency and just slightly dark tonality when it comes to a preamp. For me, personally, C53 (or even higher McIntosh preamp) lacked the micro details and transparency and was overly warm. Again, different cup of tea for different people. But, I totally agree it's physically a beautiful equipment. The build quality is so desirable. I always wanted a McIntosh, but none worked for me so far
  7. Thanks for great review! The rest of your system looks fantastic! Hope you will post your experience with R2R listening as well. Thanks.
  8. I cannot wait to hear your comparison between May and T+A Dac8.
  9. Transistor vs resistor - it's the same thing. Per EVGA website, they used Audio Note resistors and caps. https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=712-P1-AN01-KR Do you work for EVGA or Audio Note? Audio Note - however awesome they are, they are not responsible for this card crashing. Sure, they are to have provided input on the sound and analog components such as the transistor - but we are not talking about the sound here. We are talking about the bugginess of the driver/firmware, which is solely responsible of EVGA in my humble opinion. So, will you please tell me what else
  10. I believe not. If they did test thoroughly, it would have played nicely with all major players using various music format. It's safe to assume they did not test it thoroughly - otherwise it won't had all these crashes and bugs. Give it to an engineer who only used itune and WMP in MP3/wav files entire his life, he would said - Yes it's working perfectly fine. Give to this community like here, where we use Roon, HQP, Qobuz, Nirvana, Jriver, Linux, ASIO, WASAPI, DSD 64, 128, 256, 512, they would had ironed out the bugs before the release. Also, Audio Note has nothing to d
  11. Wow, awesome reference materials there. Thanks, Miska!
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