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  1. yes you are right. on this image using apt-kernel, 4.19.73
  2. on RPI RTL8xxxu driver available , but its blacklisted by default in dietpi. comment the line on /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl8xxxu.conf #blacklist rtl8xxxu
  3. to update the driver manually version follow this link.
  4. with ROON you can see all the available audio devices like USB DAC and digione ... , can select any one of the audio device on roon and play the audio. Hq player + NAA plays the audio through the default audio device configured on dietpi . Only one device enable at a time.
  5. to work on Raspbian, Asix ethernet driver has to update. Not only speed , Audio playing from NAS or network streaming drop-outs (noise in frequent intervals) noticed with default asix driver, especially with Gigabit router networks.
  6. Thank you for your feedback. preintsalled OS with APT kernel , so opt cancel on these step. if opted for <ok> then Ethernet driver needs to update manually. for info : 3) UsbridgSig ethernet driver version check using modinfo : run below command , correct version is v0.1.4 modinfo ax88179_178a | grep version version: v0.1.4
  7. source available below link. https://github.com/allocom/USBridgeSig/tree/master/ethernet
  9. can you do re-flash the Allo web GUi version and do update to v 6.25 ? https://dietpi.com/downloads/images/DietPi_SparkySBC-ARMv7-Stretch_AlloGUI.7z did you tried install netdata using install command ? dietpi-software install 65
  10. DSD playing hardware volume setting should be 100% , check it in volumio GUI or check through alsamixer -c 1
  11. did you tried with the updated USB audio driver ? refer below link. https://github.com/sparky-sbc/sparky-test/tree/master/dsd-marantz
  12. My Sparky is burnt when I accidentally applied 12volts instead of 5volts. The jumper to the Bridge is removed as I was powering them independently. Do I need to order just the Sparky board? 

  13. On sparky other than USB 3.0 port 2 more USB 2.0 bus available , bus 3 and bus 4 bus 3 connected to the hub chip and providing 2 usb down ports on sparky. bus4 routed through 50pin connector of sparky and then conected to the USBridge -> Host port. to connect SSD or USB drives connect to the USB 3.0 port of sparky for better read/write speed.
  14. as per MS6si spec its supports up to 96k , you need to configure the dac usb-dac-1.1 on allo web GUI ->system settings ->sound card
  15. you mean the RED led on USBridge not lighting ? using single power or dual power ?
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