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  1. Unfortunately, few mention the MiND by Simaudio Moon. One of the precursors and well-sounding devices! I also point out the new Belcanto eOne stream.
  2. Thanks so much for the eBay link... but some questions remains
  3. Well, thanks... I don't understand what does it mean ""a lot of less" because I see 160 USD! Anyway, (sorry for my totally ignorance about this) one device only like that one you quote, will be enough? And... where insert it? The chain audio I own is: NAS to Router; RENDERER/STREAMER to router RENDERER/STREAMER to DAC via 110 Ohm XLR cable (AES/EBU)
  4. EMO systems... they look interesting to me, to my sys. (Steaming over Ethernet, with no PC and no USB) Do you think these isolators should improve the sound without changing the existent ethternet (inside wall) cable? Thanks.
  5. Hi; this is my first post (after the loosin' Bio data from... that time...) (Sorry for my English and... thanks to all of you) Well, after many digital sys over PC, I -finally- found the sound I like, with no differences (and if there are, they are better listenings than... CDs) from any other digital front end, I mean my transport/DAC Simaudio Moon 750D. My goal was to put away PC from the audio chain, so... NAS (QNAP TS251 fanless)... router (Fritzbox)... renderer (MiND 180 by Moon, Simaudio) and through AES/EBU_XLR 110-Ohm cable (Apogee Wide Eye) to DAC. All cabled with Ethernet CAT 6a shielded. Because "the game" to improve the sound but without spend (so much) money on other gears, even changing "the tonal balance", I was surprised when I add the "linear power supply" to router/NAS/renderer. Very good for my ears! But... "more": I want "more"! Waiting for MQA (Moon website writes... 1st quarter '18), I wrote to "iFi audio" to know if there are in their big catalogue some "good stuff", some "iSilencers" and so on: they gently said to me that over Ethernet there is nothig so significant at the moment because Ethernet is a very good place to stream direct to DAC! I also read this very interesting article about, on SoS: https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/ethernet-audio So, my "QUESTION", without talking about PC's and USB's, is: what do you say about? Is there only a chance to change devices to improve the sound over Ethernet? And... What about the UPnP AV music server??? I use the "MinimServer" and it flows very good, but I heard about Roon Sever just few days ago: is this a better choice? The only way? Any advices for me? (Are you informed for something like Roon Server competitor? Free?) Thanks and sorry for the long post: I will read you. Bye, Luca from old EU
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