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  1. Rafa, good on you! I am happy to report that I deleted Audirvana for Windows thankfully prior to buying the thing. Glitch after glitch, problem after problem. I had been delighted with the mac version and am frankly appalled that it is legal to charge good money for what is clearly an unfinished unreliable product. I researched alternatives in bit perfect pc software, jplay, roon, hqplayer, etc and settled on jriver 25. Running that with Fabfilter pro eq and matrix xspdif 2 into my dac I am delighted. I have one suggestion for Mr. Plisson, take this p
  2. All is right with the world! Well, almost. Progress is made on my new build nuc i7i5bnh. I have taken the matrix audio spdif 2 out of the chain and now have sound and upsampling usb direct to 851d. I have downloaded the vst version of Fabfilter pro3 eq, which I used (au) on my hackintosh, and this will open in A+. When I have more time I will paste my license in and get that running. Now, I found the matrix spdif 2 improved my sound on my mac A+ and for mac users it simply displayed as the first link in the chain post USB cable and allowed through put to my CA dac via XLR. I cannot get th
  3. Having a terrible time switching over to the Windows version. I've installed Windows 10 on i7i5bnh nuc and canmot get my synology Nas shared folder to be read by the programme. Now have USB ext. drive as my music source. USB out from nuc to matrix spdif 2 converting to XLR into Cambridge Audio 851d dac/pre amp into two Schiit Vidar power amp. The Audirvana software tells me the Intel 'sound card' on the nuc is using the matrix as speakers - no pass through to the upscaling dac which is pumping out 88khz not 192! Advice welcomed!
  4. That's great! Thank you so much. It's really helpful to be able to draw on the experiences of others.
  5. Hi all, I have a matter of months experience with Audirvana previously using a network audio player via hardware eq to dac and amp. What I am struggling with, I believe, is assessing accurately replay gain for each album I want to listen to. I know replay gain can be tagged in Audirvana but to my ears gives a poor sound. Also I am using the eq plugin and have bluecat gain plugin for some adjustments. What the software does not offer ( I believe) is any visual metering plugin to accurately render gain. I have had a bit of a search on our site and s
  6. Thanks WAM much appreciated. Reading around I see a collection may be forthcoming!
  7. Many Thanks! This amp is a new name to me. I am going to check it out. Today's experiment will be with a Beresford Gaiman Gatorized dad/phone amp which I was using with a squeezebox touch before my current setup.
  8. Greetings from the UK! My first post to you all and I seek your advice on a headphone upgrade potentially requiring a headphone amp too. What I would like to achieve one day is to be able to hear a strikingly revealing sound with clearly defined instrumentation in a spacious soundstage. I listen primarily to rock and pop, occasionally to classical and am drawn to artists with high production values: Gerry Rafferty, Mark Knopfler, Amy Grant, Karnataka, Don Henley, Rush, Dream Theater, Dan Reed. My Grado sr80's were bought some years ago as a first
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