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Audio System

Digital Sources PS Audio Memory Player and DirectStream DAC, Benchmark DAC2 HGC, iFi iDSD Micro, Audioquest Dragonfly, Sony SCD-777ES, LH Labs Pulse Infinity X

Analog Sources VPI Scoutmaster, Lyra Cartridge, Audio Research Ref Phono 2, Furutech Silver Arrow II phono cables

Amplification Audio Research Ref 5SE & Audio Research VT100 with KT120s/Mundorf EVO 

Speakers: Wilson Audio Alexia 2, Magnepan 1.7s 

Cables Synergistic Research Galileo and Atmosphere UEF Level 4, Various Black Cat, Shunyata, and Audioquest USB cables, AQ Carbon HDMI

Power ConditioningSynergistic PowerCell 12 UEF SE, SR & Furutech NCF outlets, various SR and Shunyata ac cables, Shunyata Denali 

Recording AKG 414 BULS mics, Sound Devices 722, Korg MR-1000

Streaming Tidal HiFi

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