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  1. I think the MQA team has made a decision to trim off non-musical data and preserve the hjrez content in order to reach a smaller file size goal. I know we differ on how important that file size is for streaming but I think the MQA team finds it valuable. Apparently so do the label execs I have talked to. So MQA is about optimizing goals. Given that no one will hear the bits they chopped off, I think it was a reasonable decision.
  2. Past history has shown that my attempts to move forward in a positive direction have only resulted in many personal attacks and snide comments from Steve. I would apologize if it would make a difference but it won't.
  3. You accused me of being unethical. What do you expect one to respond with? You can disagree with my viewpoints and my opinions on MQA, but to imply I am unethical is going over the line.
  4. The bank records are not a good analogy. In that case even pennies count. In the music world, things below the inaudible level don't count. As for the needledrops, I hear the same thing. But you just use 24/176 or 24/192 and everything is fine. But it's not just the things above 20khz that hirez captures better, it's the extra detail and timbre in the midrange and other areas.
  5. Steve, it's clear you are an idiot and an asshole. Welcome to my ignore list.
  6. To be fair, MQA is not removing musical content. The triangular encoding is just removing stuff below the audible level. I suspect you like the deblurring of the filters. There is no boosting of volume. All the tests I've done have been level matched.
  7. This is how unserious your forum has gotten Chris. You are equating having a positive opinion of MQA with the anti-vaxxing crowd. And you are specifically stating that my opinion is not "believable". There are many professional engineers who favor MQA but I guess these opinions don't count either. There's really no point in debating this anymore here. Everyone's mind is made up and you are using a mob mentality to ridicule every point I am trying to make.
  8. Steve, how are you determining sound quality for the normal distribution? Are you using resolution? What is your source?
  9. That's not my experience Steve. In my listening tests, MQA versions are noticeably better. And yes, we volume match so the test is fair.
  10. John, I politely differ. MQA is not degrading any of Peter's recordings. It's making the instruments sound more natural. You're not being fair to different opinions expressed by people with deep experience in recording.
  11. That's a straw man argument. MQA differences can be heard on modest systems. But like anything else, the more resolving the system is, the easier the differences can be heard. Same thing applies to the CD vs. hirez debate.
  12. I appreciate the thoughtful reply and different perspective Paul. Thanks.
  13. Paul, people who run streaming businesses are telling me that the smaller MQA file sizes matter from a business standpoint. Since I don't know your or others expertise in this area, I tend to give those comments some credit. These same people tell me that streaming businesses are extremely difficult to make profitable which further places emphasis of the bandwidth and storage issues. Third, space on the phone is limited. If we get people saving hirez files to the phone, then MQA has advantages there.
  14. Two points: 1. Based on the Chesky test with engineers, the compression scheme is at least audibly lossless which differs from the mantra here around "17 bits", "lower quality than CD", etc. 2. I do find MQA files to sound better based on listening to files that I am familiar with that I can A/B with identical mastering. I know you probably disagree with either or both of these points but that's my honest opinion. So we remain with the value of MQA as I see it: 1. It offers better sound quality. 2. The compression scheme is a
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