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  1. hi bob, still winning? do you mean this thread: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/30376-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-computer-audio-streaming/?tab=comments#comment-613370 ....if yes(?) .... I have been on and off that thread all the way through for quite some time now. Unfortunately though I did ask questions and like you now suggest - I wish I had just READ like you say in hindsight it would have been better that way infact! But too late now, I've already made that mistake, sorry! I know that dCS are expensive items, like £20,000 per box
  2. Thanks for pointing this out, I will check it out soon! many thanks!
  3. hi ralf, please forgive me if I misunderstand you but do you mean room acoustics please? and I'm not quite sure what you mean by "source material"? the speakers are in my profile, audio system section: https://audiophilestyle.com/profile/32749-the_doc735/?tab=field_core_pfield_3 "wait for an optical setup"? ....the only optical thing I am using is the FMC's (and a while ago I used the optical output on a PC motherboard > to DAC input). Very grateful for your input, hope you're having a nice day? Cheers!
  4. many thanks for your further explanation/elaberation! Good Day!
  5. hi bob, regarding moving the needle: sonic transporter will be investigated. Tried microrendu 1.4 (AKA ultrarendu) which isn't quite as good as my one box DIY PC was. TLS switch is unknown to me at the moment. I have LPSU's on everything now. Don't trust USB toys in general (regens). My speakers are on granite plinths that I had custom made. (w/spikes). Is NUC/AL doubtful in your opinion? My budget is as cheap as I can get "period" (LOL). Please don't worry if you are inexperienced with tweeks, nobody can no everything! It's perfectly OK. Just
  6. Hope you are having a nice day so far? Argh yes! - the NAS fan could be a problem I suppose. I have upgraded the fan to the latest offerings from noctura with a slow speed resistor, it has extremely efficienct air flow and is practically mechanically noise free, barely a whisper! On the electromagnet side of the fan I have fitted a SOtM fan filter. Both SSD's have SOtM sata filters. Also see 'above', quick thought. Yes it does sound like I have quite a bit invested in the setup, but then again I try to get used/shop soiled/ B grade stuff or things that need an easy fix, and I often h
  7. Quick thought: Although many say NAS isn't powerful enough for this audio business, my NAS has a 2.5Ghz CPU + 6GB RAM and even roon help said this was enough resources? On the NAS resource monitor I noted when music plays that the memory usage is only 10%, and the CPU usage between 7- (28 bursting) %. So it looks like it can cope on paper, but maybe I'm missing something here? thanks in advance for ideas and suggestions (if there are any?).
  8. Oh thank you! I thought on one of them that had the lid off in a picture I could see a whole bank of screaming tiny fans all the way across the front/back? Is the one I put up what you have called a data centre please? And also they have built in PSU's? (redundant?) One more possible thought/solution! What if you have a data centre but stick a FMC channel in the ethernet cable path, as the fibre apparently doesn't allow electromagnetic noise to pass through? Many thanks!
  9. many thanks for your comments. I didn't like Roon, nothing extra for the price. Trial ended. Now using squeezelite + LMS (again). Ironically, the first thing I did was to plug the laptop into the DAC via a COAX converter (M2TECH) and it sounded very nice indeed! But I wanted to know if there was MORE to be had, and started to explore at that point. Box upon box was bought and sold, over and over again sometimes. The only thing I haven't had a go at is 'clocks'; it appears to be very expensive route to follow and from what I've read certainly doesn't offer the biggest ba
  10. Thank you for your comments. I tried roon but didn't think it was anything special, considering it's not even free! Trial ended. Software would now be squeezelite + LMS. DMS 6.2.1. on the NAS. MS windows 10 pro/64 O/S on the laptop and foobar. Please note: just underneath my diagram 'above', I wrote: "....all LPSU driven". (i.e. everything with LPSU's). I am thinking of getting a QED Reference USB A-B Cable . Also some IBRA ethernet cables based on advice from the Roon Forum thread: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/validity-of-audiophile-ethernet-cables/30251 ?
  11. Thank you for interesting information bob. Much appreciated! Those server ideas are more like HiFi solutions and look interesting. I was thinking more of a computer/networking solution e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-Poweredge-R610-1U-Server-2-x-Intel-Xeon-Quad-Core-X5570-2-93GHz-96GB-Ram/382826224500?hash=item5922389b74:g:gR0AAOSwEp5cUaya, is there any reason why something like this cannot be used to feed the rendu? I am assuming that this 'monster' would be superior to a NAS? NAS software hasn't been a problem for me and also makes clear sense. I don't mind playing with b
  12. ....do you have any suggestions as to what could be a commercial (audio) server please? There are so many out there, the choice is bewildering and used ones seem to have decent low prices; something better than a NAS? thanks in advance!
  13. hi bob, you seen this for ideas? https://www.pursuitperfectsystem.com/building-the-ultimate-music-server---hardware.html there is a lot of talk about PPA & JCAT stuff there, these are supposed to enhance audio quality, but not cheap! Cheers!
  14. the music is stored on a dedicated SSD in the NAS. I have 200-300 albums. I do rip CD's on the laptop. I like to listen through stereo speakers w/sub, mostly. Occasional headphones. prog rock mostly. Anything except country & opera. The tube amp is fantastic, won't go back to solid state. What am I missing. Well I think the NAS is the problem? It maybe under powered for this operation.? I accidentally connected to the laptop with a music memory stick/USB plugged in to it, and this domestic general purpose laptop sounded better than with the dedicat
  15. HP Pavilion G6 - 2382sa D0Y14EA ABU (Web Controller) snology ds218+ singxer SU-1 Sonore microrendu 1.4 FMC's (2x) TP-Link MC200CM VMG3925-B10B_1.00 router LKS 004 DAC. 'ONT'. I also have a DIY PC "On the shelf". MY HTPC: MSI Z370i GAMING PRO CARBON AC mini-ITX + Intel® HD Integrated Graphics 630. Intel Core i7 Coffee Lake 8700 SE Gen.8 2.9GHz LGA1151 TDP 35W CPU. Pink Faun i2s Bridge PCI-e (expansion/riser) Card. Samsung (250GB) 960 M.2 (2280) Evo PCIe 3.0 (x4) NVMe 3D V-NAND SSD MZ-V6E250BW (x1). Pa
  16. .....this is a basic picture of the digital end as it currently stands: ...all LPSU driven
  17. I much appreciate your response! Please take a look at my "ABOUT ME" section in my profile, thank you. To give you a basic insight into my character. I appreciate any time you are able to assist me, and am thankful for whatever you can bring to the table? Kind Regards. Take Care!
  18. @bobfa "I am trying to think of the best way to help you. I had suggested that you start a thread on the forum here for just that purpose. That does a couple of things. It keeps my work in one place. It shows others what I do while directly helping you. I am willing to try to give limited time help for free on the forum. My main worry is that your system does what you want it do. I do not make assumptions about things like the microrendu. If powered properly it is a good tool. There may be better ways to build your system for you! What I need
  19. @The Computer Audiophile @austinpop disability discrimination on this site is totally unacceptable! why do you allow this? Last evening I was subjected to an horrific barrage of comments from forum members when I once again explained my unfortunate memory incapacitation because members where becoming intolerant & impatient of my ‘method’ of questioning and answering in threads. They interpreted my behaviour as demanding and hostile which of course could not be further from the truth! I am a kind & gentle spiritual person who donates to charity even t
  20. In the spirit of experimentation in finding new and novel ways to achieve better sound quality: ....would this be better as a server than a synology ds218+, W/LPSU,... MSI Z370i GAMING PRO CARBON AC mini-ITX + Intel® HD Integrated Graphics 630. Intel Core i7 Coffee Lake 8700 SE Gen.8 2.9GHz LGA1151 TDP 35W CPU. Pink Faun i2s Bridge PCI-e (expansion/riser) Card. Samsung (250GB) 960 M.2 (2280) Evo PCIe 3.0 (x4) NVMe 3D V-NAND SSD MZ-V6E250BW (x1). Patriot Viper 4 16GB Dual Ch. DDR4 3000MHz PC4-24000 DIMM PV416G300C6K. Streacom st-fc9b-opt-alp
  21. More detail, more depth, more width, deeper bass, cleaner trebles, less noise and distortion, things like that I suppose. Yes all recordings. I only use PCM, flac, MP3 etc. No DSD. MANY THANKS!
  22. this is novel or weird ? somehow the roon crashed? I couldn't install albums on my NAS/SSD via a memory USB stick either. I had played an album BEFORE this happened and it sounded rubbish! I gave up and unplugged everything and rebooted and re-installed roon to the laptop controller. I still couldn't get any albums on the NAS from it's USB input! So, I gave up for a while. I then plugged the USB memory stick into the laptop controller and loaded an album to roon via the USB memory stick. The controller laptop is linked to my router/access point by
  23. I am using a laptop to control my microrendu, router & NAS via a google chrome web browser page, nothing to do with the actual music reproduction. In this scenario, is the stock PSU that came with the laptop OK? (OR NEED A lpsu).... thanks in advance!
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