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  1. ...are there any all in one router solutions with built in optical 'ONT'? At the moment I have a VMG3925-B10B_1.00 zyxel router + KCOM 'ONT' i.e 2 boxes. (using WAN socket/ethernet cable connection)... Are there any one box solutions available yet that combine the all in one router with 'ont'? thanks in advance!
  2. many thanks for the 'heads up'/'wise up' ....I never thought of it like that before i.e. design glitch rather than faulty goods! Well they do light up on three LED's but don't transmit (MC220L with my chosen cable and SFP's). Different sfp's and/or cable may have solved it, but I just thought I would get a 'proven solution' instead. FOR SALE: 2 MC220L + optical cable + 2 wall warts. £39. You can pay £39 quid for just one MC220L alone and it's like getting the rest FOR FREE!
  3. back to topic please! what is the best audiophile switch? ..thread hijacked!
  4. yes that is correct! no conclusions for MC220L (other than faulty secondhand goods). Cheers!
  5. fancy ethernet cables; that's a whole other contentious issue too! At the moment just using standard cat 6/7 myself. cheers!
  6. It is in use all the time, wired, wireless & internet (LOL) Cheers! ...just wondering about those audiophile OCXO switches?
  7. I have a Zyxel VMG3925 B10B router with built in 4 port switch. Is this good enough for audiophile usage or should I consider a separate (cisco/tp link) switch? thanks in advance!
  8. Right! ...finally got the brand new FMC replacements (to the faulty secondhand ones)! Plugged it all in (MC200CM's) fired it up on 'FIXED' and everything is 'fine and dandy' All is working well and sounds nice. I also got hold of a used SBOOSTER LPSU for the Microrendu 1.4, and this too is quite a large upgrade from the £5 SMPS, nothing technical here, it just sounds better to my ears! Next I may try my home built PC in place of the synology ds218+ as a server with audiolinux instead of windows. Got the singxer SU-1 to take the RENDU USB and convert to i2s > DAC. Can't try this though until I get the 5v input socket sorted out on the back. Currently it;s just plain WRONG! Still on the verge with the NUC experience though! Cheers!
  9. my server: (not NUC but quite powerful).... MSI Z370i GAMING PRO CARBON AC mini-ITX + Intel® HD Integrated Graphics 630. £220 Intel Core i7 Coffee Lake 8700 SE Gen.8 2.9GHz LGA1151 TDP 35W CPU. £400 Pink Faun i2s Bridge PCI-e (expansion/riser) Card. £370 Samsung (250GB) 960 M.2 (2280) Evo PCIe 3.0 (x4) NVMe 3D V-NAND SSD MZ-V6E250BW (x1). £135 Patriot Viper 4 16GB Dual Ch. DDR4 3000MHz PC4-24000 DIMM PV416G300C6K. £135 (expandable) Streacom st-fc9b-opt-alpha PC Fanless Chassis. £200 Seasonic Prime Ultra ’80+’ Titanium 650 Watt ATX M-PSU. £215 ...please note I have 3 projects on the go right now!
  10. I have rearranged my PSU's so that they all comply with the voltage requirements. So, I don't need any voltage drop devices now anyway.
  11. It doesn't matter any more as I have re-juggled my PSU's in another configuration were they are all compliant with the required voltages.