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Audio System


Fanless Intel NUC7i7DNHE running Roon Server over AudioLinux (HDPLEX 200W 19V rail)

Local library stored on external WD Black 4TB drive (HDPLEX 200W 12V LT3045 rail), USB to server



Arris SB6190 modem (SMPS + iFi DC iPurifier w/JSGT) 

Cisco Linksys E4200 router (HDPLEX 200W 12V rail)

Netgear GS108 switch (HDPLEX 200W 12V LT3045 rail)

Ghent Belden 1303E CAT6a (JSSG) cabling throughout


Endpoint:DAC chain

Fanless Intel NUC7PJYH endpoint running Roon Bridge over AudioLinux (LPS-1.2), USB output

USBPCB into ISO Regen (LPS-1.2)

Lush^2 into modded Singxer SU-1 DDC (LPS-1.2), I2S output

BJC Belden Series-FE HDMI cable into Holo Spring KTE, balanced output



Zu Event Mk.II XLR into Jensen PC-2XR isolator

Zu Event Mk.II RCA into Melody p2688 preamp

Straight Wire Virtuoso R2 RCA into Pass Labs XA-25



Zu Event Mk.I LC into Zu Druid Mk.V w/Dueland caps

Zu Mission Mk.I LC into Zu Undertone Mk.II subwoofer



Topaz 91018-32 1.8kVA isolation transformer

Ghent Gotham DC (JSSG360) cabling

Herbie’s isolators


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