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  1. Sonicularity

    The flaws of blind listening tests

    I'm sure skilled wine tasters would make similar arguments with regards to flaws inherent to blind testing. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/jun/23/wine-tasting-junk-science-analysis
  2. Sonicularity

    Cable differences are real

    How can I verify that all of my external cables find their normal spacing layer? Is there anything I can measure to get an accurate sense of the interaction between the cable and components? If not, what would I listen for so I could identify any problems?
  3. Sonicularity

    A case of the jitters

    Can you hear this difference with music?
  4. Sonicularity


    I'm sensing a Thomas theorem.
  5. Sonicularity

    I need some advice on a new DAC

    With balanced XLR outputs or for most headphone listening, the RME is difficult to best. The features of the RME are fantastic and are potentially useful to improve sound quality. (PEQ. loudness, crossfeed, bass/treble) There is no sound quality difference between any of these DACs, you know this, so go with features and build quality. In this aspect, the RME is the clear winner. You can even throw it in a little laptop bag and take it with you to listen on practically any headphone you can imagine. Maybe it is too small and light? ?
  6. Sonicularity

    USB audio cracked... finally!

    Guilty! ?‍♂️
  7. Sonicularity

    USB audio cracked... finally!

    The logical conclusion was that there were potential variables in the test process and/or equipment that were unable to be accurately evaluated given the time and resources available. If someone sees lights in the sky and nobody can explain what caused them to appear, it is not logical to claim aliens from another planet are responsible. You identified a difference. A bit-identical file was played, so that alone could not account for the difference being identified. Yet, I don't recall that a logical reason was discovered why a difference was able to be identified. The project begged to be researched further and for steps to be taken to try and isolate the reason for any difference being found, including verifying repeatability.
  8. Sonicularity

    Digital coaxial cables - crazy prices!

    For a digital interconnect <2m, I would not expect any difference to be heard that would be attributed to sonic qualities, but it might be possible to have errors. I have the tools necessary to observe errors rates in USB connections from my source to my DAC. I have looped 24-bit 192kHZ FLAC files for 24 hours without a single error reported. I've done shorter duration tests for up to several hours to verify different setups and streaming solutions were also error free. I've done plenty of testing that would allow for me to know my own limitations. I have done ABX tests with Foobar to learn how to identify anomalies from differences between a hi-res file and lower bitrate lossy versions. I would start at a low bitrate where I could comfortably hear differences and work my way up to a format that I was unable to statistically identify any difference with any probability that was not considered guessing. I created a simple apparatus that allowed me to use a multimeter to volume match devices under test to see if I could hear any obvious differences. I've wrapped coils around a broom handle with a digital optical cable until I started getting errors and could hear these. I wanted to know exactly what to listen for when the cable was faulty, and this test was something I could do on my own with little effort. In some situations, I could swear I was hearing an obvious difference. This is what prompted me to try my best to verify my findings. I have yet to find any personal situation where there was no logical explanation for why something sounded different or where I was able to hear any difference after making attempts to remove cognitive biases. In nearly all cases, once I was able to convince myself that I was not hearing any differences, what was once a seemingly obvious change was no longer so clearly evident. I would be shocked afterward that I initially thought I was hearing a difference. At this point, I would need a lot of evidence to get me to believe that testing digital cables could be a worthwhile investment of anyone's time. It seems silly to me to point of being absurd.
  9. Sonicularity

    Digital coaxial cables - crazy prices!

    I'm making a funny face, but my head did not explode. The reason this seems fishy to me is that there is evidence in the form of measurements that indicate that no audible difference should be provided under these scenarios, except in some pathological circumstance that probably isn't directly related to the cable quality alone. There is real scientific knowledge with regards to human perception and bias. If I had to choose between known science about bias and insignificant differences in properties between two digital interconnects, I'm sticking with bias as the reason for people thinking they hear a difference. It was never established that any difference was actually being heard by the OP, yet the discussion has already trudged forth in the direction of assuming this is true with a myriad of disconcerted retorts it brings along with this decision. If it can be shown that there is an identifiable difference between two cables, great, but we still don't know if one or both are broken. If one sounds better than the other, and nobody cares to learn why, the discussion is over.
  10. Sonicularity


    I think Santa is a pimp. Really. He rides around in a tricked-out convertible, works at night, wears a flamboyant red, velvet suit, and has been known to yell "Ho!" on many occasions.
  11. Sonicularity

    USB audio cracked... finally!

    I'm thinking about getting a large vise to hold my head perfectly still while listening to music and moving my audio equipment into a sizeable humidor-like room to completely control the temperature and humidity. I mean, these slight changes are potentially magnitudes more significant than anything expected from a USB cable, and I love my music. I'll also need to refrain from breathing, swallowing and blinking, as these actions could also potentially impact the sound. Better safe than sorry.
  12. Sonicularity

    MQA is Vaporware

    I agree though it is entirely possible a different master was used for the MQA version, and that could be responsible for the apparent differences. I remember playing Gorf at the local arcade and "Highway to Hell" from AC/DC started up and the sound nearly immobilized me as I was just mesmerized by the beat. I have not heard any recent mastering of AC/DC from streaming services or a CD that match the album's outstanding intensity from back then. There may have been drugs and/or alcohol involved.
  13. Sonicularity

    Ethan Winer Null Test For WIre

    Paul usually sits in his office when replying to the carefully selected questions he answers in his videos. For what Ethan Winer was demonstrating, he was correct, and Paul even admitted as much. I see similar obfuscations made with digital interconnects and various forms of interference. Those videos are nothing more than smart marketing tools to help sell products, such as their wildly overpriced power cables. Customers had some concerns about Ethan Winer's video and asked for clarification, so PS Audio provided a counter-attack to help calm the masses by revalidating their ideas and keeping their wallets open.
  14. Sonicularity

    Ethan Winer Null Test For WIre

    This appears to be a public relations disaster recovery attempt from PS Audio. I like how he sits in front of an electronics workbench to set the stage and fool people like an actor that wears a white coat to give the appearance of being a doctor when selling pills or some other health gadget.
  15. Sonicularity

    MQA is Vaporware

    I would love to hear my mp3 library on my Sansa Clip with that system. Bet it would sound spectacular.