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  1. I'm glad that I jumped off of the crazy audiophile train long before it reached a destination with no available return ticket.
  2. Are these ripples linear or non-linear?
  3. 80 proof vodka would not make for a successful Molotov cocktail.
  4. Give me sharp (filter) or give me deaf, at least with a 44.1kHz sample rate. Though, I can't find any reliable evidence to suggest a higher sample rate is even needed.
  5. When I did listening tests between mp3 and lossless, I would convert the mp3 file to the same format as the lossless version. Both files under test were technically the same bit depth and sample rate. I would not call the version converted from the mp3 to be high resolution or lossless.
  6. I definitely get a kick out of perusing Wikipedia about the musicians and bands while I listen to them play. Especially in the 60's and early 70's, there were a lot of associations and collaborations, some more obvious than others, but I usually come across surprises and something interesting. I forget more than I recall, and enjoying a few drinks while I conduct this research doesn't help my memory, so I typically get to enjoy the information I discover over and over again. 😀
  7. If I go back and look at which comments you have selected the "Disagree" button under, I'd say you are obviously in strong support of MQA.
  8. In the near future, 50Gbit/s will allow us to stream multiple 32K video streams...with audio channels using 192kbps.
  9. Now I'm getting thirsty. How about this one?
  10. I stream via Roon with a Tidal and Qobuz subscription. I have a few ripped CDs to FLAC 16/44 when I can't find a streaming version of the album, like Trout Mask Replica from Captain Beefheart. My system is a late generation Windows 10 HP laptop with 16GB of ram, i5-8250U cpu, and 512GB SSD. This laptop is my Roon core and it is only used to play music. I have an Intona USB 2.0 hi-speed isolator between my laptop and an RME ADI-2 DAC (with RME ASIO driver) using some generic 2 foot USB cable between the laptop and Intona device, and a 6 foot Belkin Gold Series USB cable from the Intona to the DAC. Roon shows that I have a lossless signal up to 24/192 with Qobuz files. I have run RME test files through this chain to verify that it was bit perfect up to 32-bit 768kHz. I've also checked overnight to see if I was getting any errors with USB, and after 12 hours of continuous music streaming, not a single error was reported. It sounds great, too. My weakest link is the room and/or transducer. Nothing else will improve the sound quality in my set up at this time in any significant manner to me and my ears.
  11. I was so busy with work that I had missed this one until I opened Qobuz today in Roon and saw a couple of HiRes albums at the top of the list. Woo hoo!
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