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  1. A .1dB (SPL) difference would equate to just over a centimeter in distance from the reference source. In what context is this difference very noticeable?
  2. What is digital done right? Is there any technical descriptions, or is this purely a gut feeling?
  3. The B&W Nautilus? https://www.bowerswilkins.com/net/home-audio/nautilus
  4. The empirical evidence provided in these forums and at @Archimago's site from the work of @mansr left no room for any logical counter. I'm embarrassed for those that tried to blindly support MQA before, and disgusted by those that still try and support it now.
  5. It's crazy like a third "fold" improving sound quality of an MQA file.
  6. Reminds me of the time an expensive establishment would not allow me entry to use the restroom. I said that I had little to lose and could perform my duties anywhere. Deny me the facilities at your peril. They let me in.
  7. I'm sure many of us have listened to music where we were confused about the lyrics being sung. Most of these instances are complete accidents as the singer or the recording quality is responsible for any misunderstanding; though, a few artists seem to intentionally blur the words in the song with an alternate meaning. A couple of examples from one artist that truly needs to have their work remastered better is Rotary Downs. In this first song ("Anthony's Odyssey") they loosely conflate "I see God" with part of the song title "Odyssey".
  8. My HOA handles everything except the front door to the sidewalk.
  9. These probably won't play music loud enough to overcome the noise from the snow blower. https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Beanie-Headphones-Built-Microphone/dp/B076C82TG3
  10. I'm shuffling albums in my library that are a mix of Qobuz and Tidal. Just had a Qobuz 24/96 ELO track cut off abruptly and jump to the next song, which happened to be another Qobuz track, but I started the track that skipped over again. So far it has made it about 3 minutes into the 4 minute track. It initially cut out after about a minute. Lots of changes made behind the scenes to buffer, network, memory, and cpu utilization. Definitely something to be aware of in the next few days. The ELO song finished the second time through without issue. Now playing anot
  11. Since this album has mixed quality tracks, maybe this is causing an issue? The Qobuz version is 24/44.1 through track 13 (WTH Roon, why default the track numbers to off on album view?), than beginning with track 14 it was 24/96.
  12. Thankfully the update went off without a hitch for me. I have a basic setup with a laptop used as the Roon core that I use in one room to manage streaming of Tidal and Qobuz with a smattering few ripped CD's and Hi-Res files with stuff that mostly isn't available to stream. I do make use of a display with a Chromecast to show the lyrics and general track info. What would really be convenient for me would be the ability to edit the Now Playing queue to pull in additional information about the track. I typically go to the albums section and Shuffle. Sometimes I will look at th
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