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  1. Just got mail from them it should be ready to ship shortly and I’m hoping to get it soon. And sure will compare with the TLS DS-1 and sms200-ultra as soon as I get mine. Until than has my finger cross.
  2. New Ryzen support ECC memory but need the right motherboard. Start with Asus.
  3. Just like Hqplayer, JRiver can act as an endpoint if roon I’m ok with that.
  4. I still think TLS OCXO switch still sound better, but won’t hurt to give catalyst a try.
  5. Those as card seem to died every other months. I had 4 dead one over the year.
  6. That’s mean there’s still rooms for improvement.
  7. Ben2300

    HQ Player

    Hello, I been using HQPlayer for a while, and would like to try convolution, I currently has a j1900 fanless. will this enough for me to run convolution? if so 2CH or multi-ch? if not, what do i need to look for as an upgrade? Thanks for the help. B
  8. I totally agree, since not too many purpose build OS available on the market just yet. within 10K is totally reasonable.
  9. Just by looking at their spec , my guess it probably be well about 10k .
  10. +1 I’m interested too.
  11. First before most, you need to get a second ISP for what you want to do.
  12. If you are seriously about sound quality should check out those upgraded switch especially the OCXO upgrade. That’s the first step to improve network audio streaming.
  13. I only heard their SE model and sound really nice.
  14. I would suggest stealthaudiocables if for power cord. Supreme sound and quality.
  15. @TheAttorney base on your situation the only options are power line and wireless bridge without drilling or outside wire. So I do believe LS suggest the router over switch is correct and that’s only case by case not over all in general. and it also depends on the distance in your home. I believe Power line + switch might be the best solution for you.
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