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  1. Is it possible with daphile as OS to bridge server and player as Austin pop thread intitled "a novel way to ..." describes for windows /30376-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-computer-audio-streaming/#comments Richard
  2. One question from a network audio beginner: On JCAT link: http://jplay.eu/ml_post_slider/jcat-net-card-femto/ there are 3 scenarii for use of a JCAT NET card femto. In scenario 1, question 1: do you NEED to bridge the 2 ethernet ports on the JCAT card? question 2: Is bridging possible if you use DAPHILE on the server as an OS? In scenario 3, called dual PC setup, especially for JPLAY users (but only?), there is a "control PC " and an "audio PC". To my understanding, this is a 2 box solution like scenario 1 where you have a "server" and a "player". So what is the difference between the 2 configuration (dual PC versus separate server and player)???. In scenario 3 diagram there is no connection of control PC to a router so only local playing, no streaming?
  3. I see another concept is "DC OFFSET" a) How does this relate to what you are explaining? b) How to the traditionnal approach of the ISOLATION TRANSFORMER Are these 3 things remedies to the same problem OR complementary remedies???
  4. What is the interest of bridging if you use audio switch like sotm?
  5. @ausstinpop What does mean bridging a server and how To achieve this?
  6. To improve audio out of usb when listening to video content but in stereo. Surround disabled. CPU run compatibility mode not performance mode. For audio only streaming i will have another component, not nvidia. I am looking for hardware mods. Will try to send pictures of the inside of nvidia if that can trigger recommendations for mods. I can see 2 possible easy ones : disconnect the led and power the fan separately with battery. Beyond that ? Same questions than in my first post
  7. Alan I think there is misunderstanding. TV receives only video signal through hdmi direct and i dont care improving it is already good for me. The audio signal goes out from the shield on USB to the stéréo system I only want to improve the audio signal BEFORE it goes out from the shield After it is already taken care of...
  8. Alan I use usb out of the shield to DDC singxer su6 (soon...) to terminator DAC then naim 500 series and audio physics speakers I use hdmi out for video to tv I use the second usb for grounding to entrq box I plan to use uptone etherregen before the shield when available So weak link is the shield... Magnahifi took a cheap circuit board from rasberry to make a streamer out of it so i was thinking improvments should be possible and worthwhile... Singxer has master clocking possible from it to another device so if there is a way to import clock signal from it to the clocks on shield usb output that should be great..
  9. Hello I use high end components for hires audio but want to upgrade the shield Android TV box which i use for video in the same stereo system. Any experience here for hardware mods? Lps, regulators, clocks ? I guess the internals can be put on a custom case to allow such mods. The shield DC connector is special though and not of the usual barrel type. Regards Richard
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