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  1. Yes indeed i have another routed port on the router for a cisco switch with a ubiquity unifi AC pro AP which i desactivate when listening music
  2. Better to habe 3 dedicated switches linked to each server nas streamer on one side all sws connected to a router non wireless like ubiquti edgerouter 6p . One of the switch is etherregen for streamer. 2 other cheap cheap pro cisco 2960. Use sfp port on router reconfigured as lan port to link with etherregen with startech 80km sfp module monomode fiber See i have my plan...
  3. https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006567467-EdgeRouter-Hardware-Offloading
  4. I want to add that with ubiquiti edgerouter you can offload processes fŕom the CPU when configuring in their edgemax OS very easily. My CPU usage is between 2 to 4% and ram isage 10%... More difficult to configure will be i guess to use their sfp cage as a lan and not a wan port to connect to etherregen with monomode fiber and Startech SFP1000ZXST SFP Single Mode 1550nm 80km modules as recommended by taiko audio in whatbestforum...
  5. I just installed an ubiquiti edgerouter 6P with my ISP one box bridged to the router in modem only mode. Nice upgrade in sound. 2 separate routed ports one to a cisco switch 2960 with only one port used for an unify AC pro AP and another 2960 soon to be replaced by etherregen for the streamer. I changed the power cord on router by a 30 years old NBS signature i had laying around and was utterly surprised by the positive impact on sound (even greater than the change of power cord on the cisco, lessloss dfpc standard, or on the streamer, acoustic revive reference). Etherregen and streamer have a farad super3 psu. The ISP box has a uptone audio JS2. I now wonder if replacing the 24v 2.5A SMPS of the router by yield similar benefits? I was looking at sean jacobs DC2 or may be DC3 but that one may be too much for a router... @Blackmorec? In addition i have entreq boxes with eartha rj45 or usb cables plugged on the switch router and streamer. There is another possible upgrade on the router, changing the clock as offered by a UK company named fidelity audio for 200 pounds
  6. @vortecjr If I remember right you planned to test this rj45 sfp cable, if u did how did it compare soundwise to a basic or gotham copper lan cable?
  7. Can somebody provide reference to John Swenson post where the issue of no metal connector or if metal then no connection to shield is tackled?
  8. @Superdad Any picture of the connector on B side available please? I need to order a short solid core lan cable so I want orientation of the rj45 plugs right... BTW any rj45 adapter foreseen like what you did for connecting iso regen to dac? DC barrel is 2.1mm right?
  9. Any experience to share on using an audiophile power cable on this supercap PSU ?
  10. A new product from Nordost waiting to challenge DIY DC cables (source AudioBacon fried) at a price 260usd ; no details though: Nordost’s new QSOURCE is the first Linear Power Supply designed specifically for hi-fi audio applications. The QSOURCE provides a stable, clean output of DC power at select voltages, while maintaining extremely low noise levels. The QSOURCE uses a top-of-the-line transformer with a unique circuit design to convert AC to DC power, while an internal QRT module smooths out DC output and removes electrical anomalies and noise artifacts from the line. To complete the transmission chain, Nordost has designed the purpose-built QSOURCE DC Cable, so that the new QPOINT, as well as any other DC-run components in your system, can be run by your QSOURCE unit. Whether used in conjunction with Nordost’s QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer, or as a standalone power supply for DC-dependent audio components, Nordost’s QSOURCE Linear Power Supply will bring new dimension to your sound system, allowing you to enjoy richer and more nuanced musical performances. The QSOURCE will be available at select Nordost dealers, worldwide, late this summer. The suggested retail price is $2,499.99 USD. The accompanying QSOURCE DC Cable will have a suggested retail price of $259.99 USD for a 1 meter length. Additional half meter increments are $50.00 USD.
  11. Hi Vassil Looks very interesting! to compare the 2 prevailing schools of thought: go for gaming board (VRMs etc...) OR go for professional server (Xeon or AMD, single or double; ECC RAMs...). Are they price wise comparable?
  12. @imitche What are u calling "interrupt" source ? What is cause of thisnoise ?
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