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  1. Hello @jabbr what are the reasons for your preference of finisar modules? Sound wise? Or other technical reason? Also since you have both SM and MM modules did you compared them soundwise?
  2. Would be nice to try taiko setchi but would be hard to find space in my bedroom system... where is best to try setchis? On terminator makes a difference?
  3. Do you use entreq box on denafrips with benefit? On both unused input and or output?
  4. I was asking the question about configuration tweaks because i have manageable cisco switches. In the same way that NUC or servor config is optimized for lower cpu utilization and needed amperage needed I guess the same rationale could apply to a switch ? Hence the question about network / switch config disabling unused ports creating dedicated audio vpn disabling QoS.... ???
  5. @mourip Is it possible to have the list of these suggestions? Could be useful for other network devices like my cisco switch for setting optimized configuration
  6. Has anyone tried comparing linking 2 FMCs or switches together with: A) multimode fiber and transceivers versus B) monomode fiber and transceivers I remember seeing a japanese article where such a comparison was made and monomode was better but cant find the link again
  7. @Superdad @JohnSwenson I have ISP contract for 200Mbps. My ISP integrated modemrouterswitch is connected to a cisco 2960 switch and from theres to my network audio. I plan to buy etherregen and add it after the cisco. Now my question is the following: By using etherchannel i can aggregate 2 100mbps copper ports for higher speed 200mbps to the etheregen side A. For streaming service use would that be in theory better?
  8. @SuperdadWhat is the rationale for chosing port 1 for the incoming data flow (for example from a router) and port 8 for the outgoing data flow to streamer if any or does the choice of ports indifferent?
  9. I have 4 spare 50cm long each audioquest spiraled hyperlitz sterling speaker jumper cables unused. I was wondering if they could be reterminated with DC connectors ? What do you think? What would be the smarter way to do this given its structure? and size: 10awg in total and a mix of 6 x 17awg wires 4x 19 awg wires 4 x21 awg wires all solid core. 21 and 19 awg wires are silver. 17awg wires are copper. All the blacks will be the --- and the others the +. Each polarity has a total awg of 13.or equivalent 2,62 mm2 can oyaide connectors accept this? Obviously not a starquad but may be worth a try?
  10. Does anyone have a chance to compare Ghent audio 2 ethernet cables offerings: - Belden 1303E Catsnake CAT 6A JSSG360 versus: - Linkway CAT8 JSSG360 They are sold at the same price
  11. I think you need after factory reset to make a BASIC configuration of the cisco switch that includes setting passwords. Quite a few videos on this on youtube. But i just received my 2 cisco 2960L switches and did not do anything yet to install them
  12. Have you created vlans? Where (on which switch) and for which equipments?
  13. Plixir PSU design looks interesting from seetoyou link Any real experience here?
  14. Also Keneth lau PSUs, HK workshop but unfortunately mostly caring for local chinese customers...
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