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  1. A new product from Nordost waiting to challenge DIY DC cables (source AudioBacon fried) at a price 260usd ; no details though: Nordost’s new QSOURCE is the first Linear Power Supply designed specifically for hi-fi audio applications. The QSOURCE provides a stable, clean output of DC power at select voltages, while maintaining extremely low noise levels. The QSOURCE uses a top-of-the-line transformer with a unique circuit design to convert AC to DC power, while an internal QRT module smooths out DC output and removes electrical anomalies and noise artifacts from the line. To complete the transmission chain, Nordost has designed the purpose-built QSOURCE DC Cable, so that the new QPOINT, as well as any other DC-run components in your system, can be run by your QSOURCE unit. Whether used in conjunction with Nordost’s QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer, or as a standalone power supply for DC-dependent audio components, Nordost’s QSOURCE Linear Power Supply will bring new dimension to your sound system, allowing you to enjoy richer and more nuanced musical performances. The QSOURCE will be available at select Nordost dealers, worldwide, late this summer. The suggested retail price is $2,499.99 USD. The accompanying QSOURCE DC Cable will have a suggested retail price of $259.99 USD for a 1 meter length. Additional half meter increments are $50.00 USD.
  2. Hi Vassil Looks very interesting! to compare the 2 prevailing schools of thought: go for gaming board (VRMs etc...) OR go for professional server (Xeon or AMD, single or double; ECC RAMs...). Are they price wise comparable?
  3. @imitche What are u calling "interrupt" source ? What is cause of thisnoise ?
  4. New game in town soon for psu for servers to replace hdplex https://faradpowersupplies.com/shop/en/content/12-future-developments
  5. A lot of praise has been given to lush usb cable by eminent members of this forum. I wonder if any experience has yet been gathered on ethernet and I2S versions of it: https://stordiau.com/collections/cables-and-more-snakes-oil/products/ethist-2-ethernet-cable https://stordiau.com/collections/cables-and-more-snakes-oil/products/hdmi-2-i2s-cable Looks exciting for extra tweaking hdmi i2s with ground box like entreq
  6. Has anyone tried the hdmi I2S and ethernet versions of these cables? I expect to find similar rich sonority musicality and body as i find in original lush design for usb cable. Especially since i have a terminator dac which can benefit from that tuning...
  7. Still available? How the 4 rails congiguration can be changed?
  8. @Energy Where did u get these caps from? Any perceived SQ increase???
  9. @rafa I think you experienced capacitor change on su1 can you advice me on modifications on a singxer su6. May be you can tell from the picture which cap is for what usage? The 2 big blue are supercaps no change needed. There are 3 dark blue caps and another 3 smaller black ones. I favor tonality and body above clarity. Usual suspects are aufio note kasei nichicon fine gold and cerafin silmic II, i guess a mix can do but for which caps?
  10. Even with your su1 with sclk board clocked by 10mhz master clock??? That tells a lot about new board performance
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