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  1. first thing is to determine how you handle the GX16 side of things, it is a 4 pin connector, are you planning to use 4 wires? in that case you cannot use 4 mundorf on the oyaide side. central pin of oyaide is 1.8mm internal diameter and mundorf is 15.5 awg, so I dont think you can put 2 mundorf wires on the central pin of oyaide, do you? alternatively you can use only 2 mundorf but you have to check the internal diameter of GX16 connector, i dont know... Farad uses 4x2 wires of 26 awg in its silver version so it gives you 20awg for the +
  2. so many cables above 2500 usd omega line of shunyata and meda and above models from dalby audio, vertere etc...
  3. yes i know... Those are litz wires i dont have soldering pot to remove isolant , fuse the wires and tin them, so i will buy them already prepared redy to solder with a simple iron
  4. Topic on Lessloss bulk wires: I want to use these cables to make DC cable with oyaide DC barrel connectors Any suggestions how how to do that ? The lessloss wire is interesting because of its geometry, cotton as dielectric (no plastic), awg of the 192 strands is 13-14 awg, cotton fiber also used inside to damp microvibrations. I plan to use the already tinned version ready to solder since I dont have a soldering pot. My intent is to use one wire for the + and one for the ground in parrallel (difficult to twist if at the other end appears a difference of length). Do you thi
  5. @JohnSwenson hello John, do you think this isolator would work for cable modem (it is from Jensen a famous name in audio for transformers): https://www.jensen-transformers.com/product/vrd-1ff/ it says has a bandwith of 2MHz to 1300Mhz would it work also for a (magnum dynalab) tuner?
  6. I posted my experience on double stacking ERs a while ago: I received today à second etherregen which is intended for à second source, à double PC configuration, to be received later. Meanwhile I have in my bedroom system with TV thé Nvidia shield Android TV box streamer, with farad super3, which I use also for looking you tube videos. There is behind it the first etherregen clockéd by SotM master clock and follow éd by isoregen just before Terminator DAC. I was thinking why not try it à double stack of etherregen clockéd by 10M master clock? Master clock and New Etherregen are
  7. Hi Nenon, Have you tried them on the master clock or on a buffalo switch power supply? regards Richard
  8. Thanks! so L-5DFB is best for this appliaction. Do we have an idea about Cybershaft cables specifics along those lines? Do audiophile clock cables give their specifications? I guess no...
  9. What does it mean to tag traffic and what does it entails?
  10. Thanks for your efforts to explain, but it remains still esoteric for me... What is the difference between broadcast traffic and routed traffic?
  11. For 50ohm clock cables, Canare has these references: http://www.canare.com/ProductItemDisplay.aspx?productItemID=190 Difficult for me to have an idea on which one should be the ideal candidate among these 5 products...
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