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  1. Better to use a stillpoints ultra 6 under ER with a mapleshade micropoint brass megafeet on top
  2. can the emperor be customized to implement this marvel clock: https://www.nelfc.com/email/NEL01201.html
  3. What da u say? New what? You keep us panting 👀📯📢
  4. Adrian Thanks! But in your description of the master clock you said that you use duelund silver wire 0.4mm or is it only for 75 ohm application? can't the duelund wire be used for the 50ohm cable with hubert and sooner 50ohm bnc connector?
  5. how are the clock outputs isolated on your 3 output version? Is it galvanically? doesn't it add jitter?
  6. for the clock cable made of duelund wire to you offer it in 50 ohm or 75 ohm version? which connector do you use? Amphenol? I find audiograde bnc connectors like oyaide (75 euros each...) or furutech but they are 75 ohm do you have a link to good quality 50 ohm BNC connector?
  7. are the BNC connectors 50 ohms? why only one clock ouput? do you plan to make an external clock distribution board which could be externally powered like Cybershaft?
  8. ETHERREGENs and ENTREQ grounding boxes two possibilities are offered: - on A side, plugging an entreq eartha grounding cable on an unused RJ45 port connected to an Entreq ground box - on B side, plugging an entreq eartha grounding cable connecting an Entreq grounding box Any experience there to share?
  9. For users of doubles stack or triple stack of etherregens: beyond masterclocking the last etherregen, do you notice also an imprvment masterclocking the first one or two ERs?
  10. Hello There is an SE version of TxUSB Ultra involving Evox caps change, since you have also this TxUSB Ultra any idea what kind of caps inside could be upgraded?
  11. @JohnSwenson The MUTEC Ref10 has galvanic isolation between each clock output (at least SE model) so I guess this comment does not apply for that case ???
  12. pretty much cheaper than these ones: https://www.analogueseduction.net/isolation/tungsten-grooves-d70-h33-vibration-isolation-feet.html 1400 euros each feet
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