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  1. Hello I need a little help : i try to source a usb stick SLC type online to buy but unsuccessful search so far ... can somebody help? 32 or 64Gb ideally or even 16Gb Thanks
  2. Just a little feedback about cablematters ethernet cables. I put 2 of them for the wifi leg of my system (separated normally from my audio streaming system which is ethernet not wifi). I realized a little experience using exceptionnaly wifi 5ghz from my ubiquity unify AC Pro Access Point to stream audio (instead of streaming by ethernet). The AP is PoE and needs 2 ethernet cables one from the second Cisco switch (connected to main router on a specific separate from audio LAN)) and one to antenna. Big surprise was the vast improvment in SQ over standard no name ethernet cables. Quality may be better than ethernet even with ER but still burnin... and not yet optimized (PSU and its fuse, vibration control) Thanks @Imitche for this recommendation.
  3. Could the Startech SFP recommended by Emile be used between an optical module and an ether regen Aside fiber input ? To isolate from router ? What about this auto negociation thing ?
  4. Waiting for an old NBS black panther power cord to experiment with and tame the soumd🌟
  5. For folks who prefer streaming to endpoint with wifi, has anybody tried put the etherregen just before their wireless access point? For experimentation sake... Untill know my streamer is connected by copper ethernet but when i receive my etherregen i will experiment putting it before my ubiquiti unify AC pŕo AP which is untill now used for non audio purposes and cut down normally when i have serious listening
  6. Any suggestion for ethernet in wall cables ? I have to renovate an appartment before my next move...
  7. Hello Can these cables be used for inwall? Then you need to remove the rj45 termination plugs and do correct connection of sshield to wall plugs that may be tricky? What would be your recommendation?
  8. I plan to have one of their clock modules installed in my ubiquity edge router 6P next year... Can somebodty share experience on their clocks?
  9. I am afraid though this thread will not be very populated yet since I understand Peter has just sold a few untill now... hope this thread will increase number of config testing volunteers😎
  10. I too have an ET^2 cable replacing a gotham jssg360. More musical in default config but have no time playing with configurations yet and wait further improvments in my ethernet audio system preceding the DAC so that such variations are esaily heard
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