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  1. I fixed issue with the two pops when upsampling to DSD 512 on Audirvana. Buffer issue. Removed preamp and quite happy with the analog volume control on the DSD 8. PCM 384 is really nice but DSD 512 brings music to a different level. I need to use the volume control on the DAC when pushing music to DSD, the volume control on PC goes away with Audirvana. I started to play with HQPlayer 4, need to find an app to add Qobuz to it. All integrated in Audirvana.
  2. Just received the DAC. I am streaming Qobuz from PC, and it happens sometimes switching from one band to another singer for ex. In this case, it happened a few times playing DSD 512 for one hour I guess. I assume the PC is OK: AMD Ryzen5-2400G 3.6Ghz, 16 MB RAM. Upsampling SoX to DSD512 with filter type B 7th order SoX filter parameters Bandwidth at 0dB = 99.5 Filter max length = 30000 Anti-aliasing = 100 Phase = 66 Might try HQ Player, love AV+ simplicity though. This Bricasti M3 has been calling me ;-)) Thank you.
  3. Having two pops sometimes when songs start using Audirvana Plus DSD512, DSD256 as well on Windows 10.
  4. -Tidal takes several minutes to load. Very long to start songs (ethernet/downloaded) -Running Tidal to my Oppo 105 player, can't adjust volume on Tidal desk (bottom right corner/speaker icon) when click on it, it opens track page with artist/song info. Volume control on PC can't be adjusted. Force volume is grey. -Works fine with PC speakers but volume goes all the way up when a new title starts. Removed/installed.. same issue.
  5. Thank you revand. It works. Have to uncheck all three boxes then choose exclusive and make sure passthrough is not activated. I use it only with the Meridian Explorer ( dac/renderer)
  6. Hello, Using AQ Dragonfly Red with Tidal /Windows 7. Can't get over the blue color, no access to magenta using Masters. Three boxes checked in settings, DAC used as renderer. Last version 1.06 on AQ.
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