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  1. I sent you a PM, but I do not see evidence of it in my Messages, so please let me know if you received it.
  2. I am selling my bundle because of the characteristics of my new server (and its USB card) and my new USB cable. Purchased October 2018. Price new $695. For sale at $480. Seller pays shipping and PayPal fee.
  3. With my new server, I am directly connecting to my DAC and am using an expensive USB cable (Synergistic Research Galileo) and an expensive USB bridge, so my Tx-USBultra has become surplus. The Special Edition has eABS 200 EMI absorber sheet, 7N-UPOCC silver wires, and EVOX caps. 75 ohm master clock input. 9 volt. Cost me $1,470, bought Oct-2018. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee. For sale at $750.
  4. I am selling my JS-2 DC power supply. Previously used with my Uptone-modded Mac Mini, my new server has six DC inputs and the JS-2 has become surplus. It is in excellent condition. $725.
  5. I have a Sonore Ultrarendu for sale. I've owned it since July 2017. It is in excellent condition and works flawlessly. In October of last year, I bought a new server & NUC endpoint, and then after that bought a newer server (again) to take better advantage of Euphony Stylus, and don't need the Sonore any more.I updated the card in it after I purchased it, but do not know the version, unfortunately.Preferred payment is PayPal, and I will ship for free USPS priority mail at my asking price. Buyer to cover PayPal fees unless they choose to use friends and family.It will come securely and cust
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