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  1. I am selling my bundle because of the characteristics of my new server (and its USB card) and my new USB cable. Purchased October 2018. Price new $695. For sale at $480. Seller pays shipping and PayPal fee.
  2. With my new server, I am directly connecting to my DAC and am using an expensive USB cable (Synergistic Research Galileo) and an expensive USB bridge, so my Tx-USBultra has become surplus. The Special Edition has eABS 200 EMI absorber sheet, 7N-UPOCC silver wires, and EVOX caps. 75 ohm master clock input. 9 volt. Cost me $1,470, bought Oct-2018. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee. For sale at $750.
  3. I am selling my JS-2 DC power supply. Previously used with my Uptone-modded Mac Mini, my new server has six DC inputs and the JS-2 has become surplus. It is in excellent condition. $725.
  4. I have a Sonore Ultrarendu for sale. I've owned it since July 2017. It is in excellent condition and works flawlessly. In October of last year, I bought a new server & NUC endpoint, and then after that bought a newer server (again) to take better advantage of Euphony Stylus, and don't need the Sonore any more.I updated the card in it after I purchased it, but do not know the version, unfortunately.Preferred payment is PayPal, and I will ship for free USPS priority mail at my asking price. Buyer to cover PayPal fees unless they choose to use friends and family.It will come securely and custom packaged but with no accessories - I didn't order the stock power supply and always used an LPS 1.2 with it.I have perfect feedback on audiogon (gererick), usaudiomart, and eBay (gererick). $575.
  5. Sold through a different listing elsewhere.
  6. This is a lmitche / Larry / Nucklehead Audio build installed in my home 10/12/19. The server is powered by an HDPLEX 200 watt LPS, which is included. The server has an 8 core AMD Ryzen 2 processor and mini-ITX motherboard. AudioLinux headless ramboot is installed on an Optane drive. The Nvidia GPU is usually disconnected but is easy to connect and use for bios access. The build included a HDD, but this not included in this listing. The Roon Endpoint includes a 1.9 GHz to 4.2 GHz turbo Intel Core i7 Quad-Core processor and motherboard. It’s case is an Alaska Plato X7D Fanless Case. 19V stock SMPS power supply. AudioLinux headless ramboot installation and license. Includes 32Gb flash drives enabled with Roonbridge. Both are OS and bios configured for best SQ based on CA best practices. I am selling this because soon after I bought it, I saw a Sean Jacobs power supply for sale that put out four different voltages and discussions with that seller led to him not only selling me the PS, but a server that was a better fit for that PS as well. That went into service in late January, so this build was only used for 3 1/2 months. Feel free to PM with requests for additional details. Asking $2,000. Would consider selling them separately, server for $1,500 and NUC for $1,000.
  7. For sale is my gently used Mutec Ref-10 Master Clock 10MHz oscillator with 6 x 75ohm and 2 x 50ohm BNC connectors. This was bought new from Crux Audio in November 2018.. I bought a new server from Nenon and give n the nature of that build I no longer need the Mutec Ref 10. It is in very good condition and was lightly used. Comes with original box, materials, manual and power cord (so good is the on-board linear power supply that I and many others have noted that upgraded power cables make little difference). These don't come up for sale very often and not in this immaculate condition. Asking $2,950. New is $3999. Buyer to pay shipping and fees. Please see my feedback on audiogon under gererick. Thanks for looking.
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