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  1. Peter, can you share the Blaxius^2 config with us ? 😉
  2. 2 year old Phasure Stealth Mach 2 Audio PC NOK 10,000, new price NOK 30,000 One of the best PCs on the market for music playback is sold to buy Mach 3. Only the Intel Xeon 2640v4 3.3GHz processor costs more than asking price. More here: http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3621.0 It is about speed and least possible noise that is negative for sound. This PC has a linear power supply, which a regular PC does not have. This is one of the most important things that must be in place when using a PC for serious hifi. Hard drive is fastest SSD 256GB, memory 32GB, expensive ASRock X99
  3. Triode Lab 2A3M-II Monoblocks NOK 25,000, new price NOK 70,000 Better purchases than this is not easy to find. Best amplifier I've had but sold to fund new Audio PC for my system. About two years old, like new. Two sets of tubes included. The blocks are 2 x 9 watts and are based on the 2A3 tube. The monoblocks are completely without noise even on the most sensitive speakers In a class of its own according to tests: https://wallofsound.ca/audioreviews/the-gemini-equation-triode-labs-2a3m-ii-monoblocks/ Website: http://www.triodelab.com/2a3-set-mono-b-locks/
  4. Fridolin, this is not a problem for me. My musicplayer is XXHighEnd. I just paste the playlist-link to the player. Then the player find the playlist and i can download the playlist. Now i can play the list like you play flac or wav files Tore
  5. Fridolin, answer from Tidal : It is not possible to transfer external playlists through the TIDAL app itself, but you can try using Soundiiz: https://soundiiz.com/ Tips: Personally, I like to play album best, when playing playlists you get a lot of music you do not like. I listen through playlists on PC to find artists / albums I want to check out Tore
  6. Fridolin, i will ask Tidal Tore
  7. Fridolin, what is the problem? Is the link not working? Do you have Tidal HiFi ? Tore
  8. This is my Tidal Playlist : http://tidal.com/playlist/925fdce1-22ef-400c-8972-2f881c04d18a The tracks is from albums i think have good soundquality and good music It is very easy to make playlists in Tidal, and playlists from audiophile is a very easy way to discover new musicFine if other members to will make their own playlist and publish them here Tore
  9. HighEnd music PC is sold due to upgrading to new music PC. Review: http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=3130.0 It is built by a hifi and pc freak from England. There are carefully selected parts, including 3 pieces of Dexa Neutron Star Clock (http://www.asi-tek.com/NeutronStar.html) with linear power supply. There is used expensive cabling where it is necessary for the best sound quality. More info: Processor: https://ark.intel.com/products/63697...up-to-3_80-GHz This is selected because it manages many tasks at the same time without affecting the sound
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