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  1. Try whichever you like! The main point is that in a very high resolution system you can hear that it makes a difference. And carefully positioned you can accomplish that with just one foot! But to do so it has to be rigidly braced. I do use a hard very slightly compliant puck in top under the brace to prevent any extraneous extra vibration being added. And finally I shim till it's as tight as I fit as possible. Just saying...it's worth trying! Photo showing system and music ssd drives done this way with a Mapleshade brass footer and the other a blackpod tc nano! Happy Listening
  2. On another 1.2 tangent. Vibration isolation. Does the 1.2 benefit from such? Yes it does. With a brass Mapleshade original 3 pt brass under the 1.2 that powers my JCAT Femto USB you can hear a bigger difference than running a silver occ/ oyaide 2.1 mm DC cable! I have already done similar things under my computers System boot SSD drive and my Music files SSD. They are braced in the computer chassis so that they can sit on a single foot or cone. I have found the Mad Scientist TC Blackpod Nanos to work best. The difference on lps 1.2' is about 1/3 of what I heard on the SSD's with same brass footer. Those differences easily doubled with the Blackpod footer in each instance. I don't have another blackpod to run under the 1.2 at the moment but expect when I get another the same level of improvement. It's all about squeezing every ounce! Happy Listening James
  3. Your most welcome and I am still happily enjoying the Black Magic USB Cable! jgwtriode
  4. And there ya go my point is proved! But you were one hell of a rider back in the days of U.S. Postal!
  5. And there ya go my point is proved! You were one hell of a rider back in the days of U.S.Postal! Those were the days when following the Tour was truelly exciting!
  6. I appreciate the science but after 35 + years, and some high frequency loss; of listening to and playing with high end I do have a very good sense of what sounds right and a decent grounding into why it does. There are a few knowledgeable individuals out there with more resources and time than I have who relentlessy listen to STUFF! I call, text, and occasionally borrow equipment. Studying and arguing the science rarely results in allowing me to chose better equipment. Reviews help, but recommendations help more. Yes subjective evaluations from audiophiles I trust. One individual who completely modified my DAC has been invaluable and is the most thourough, driven and relentless in terms of just simply listening and trusting his ears. By following and working from his base of experience my system has been transformed significantly at least eight times over the last 3 months. Following, reading and debating science has only seved as a basic starting point! Some faith, trust, risk, and expectation has to be acted upon and implemented. In the end it either improves it or it doesn't. You can ABX it all you want, but that is neither reasonable nor practical in my system. I have found many odd things that aren't supposed to make any difference that do in fact make a difference. For example; I am right now learning how much of a difference proper isolation of components can make. That includes all the way up the chain to even solid state drives, within the computers case. Seperate from that of the case isolation and coupling. I would have just said humbug to most of this 3 months ago! Properly isolating SSD drives is far more significant to SQ than improving the power supply. I wont argue it I will simply state it easy to hear the difference it makes! I just don't understand why people who claim to be interested in the quality of sound are so unwilling to open their ears. Skoff, snicker, smirk, belittle, demean, condescend, and arbitrate the facts. 'Just the facts Ma'am,' says Joe Friday! Happy listening(LISTEN!!!!!!!) Bye!
  7. At the risk of being politically incorrect the black magic sounds better, at least in my system then the iso regen/lps 1.2 with said cable; or for that matter any other cable I have with or without the Isoregen/ lps 1.2. The isoregen/lps 1.2 is noticeably better than using an Ifi Galvanic 3 with iso switched off. I even found prior to about 20 hours of burn in the black magic sounded best with an uptone PCUSB into the Isoregen followed by Black Magic! Yes tried it both into and out of. Out of Iso Regen was better. Cables compared. STD USB printer. Ifi blue USB 3. Ultra HiFi peyreasude, probably spelling it wrong,. An older hand built silver wire USB. Audioquest Carbon and my DiY Neotech 6/9 OCC silver/gold. That is also order of preference least to most prior to Black Magic. Unscientific, of course but I knowy system and trust my ears. In my system they each sounded different. The Blackmagic on it's own was the clear winner. As a note my USB port is a JCat Femto/uptone lps 1.2! Pardone me for creating a hornet's nest. But I trust what I hear and I listen to music not science. All facts are spun. Left, right, alt or maybe on a turntable or CD spinner. Happy listening!
  8. And there we go...full circle! Try it...that was all I was suggesting! I have no affiliation other than I find some of Mad Scientist's products particilarly effective! Simply sharing my listening experience with them. And of course suggesting there is a cable out there which doesn't require extra isolation and reclocking to acheive maximum performance! Happy listening!
  9. The cable is simply better without the iso Regen/ lps 1.2 after it burns in. This is based on running it with and without! Not just comparing to another cable with the Iso Regen!
  10. Since when has high end audio been about proving. It's about enjoying and blatant subjectivism. Much like religion and politics. Your trying to prove things that most people aren't open minded enough to acknowledge exist anyway. How do you objectify the subtleties of Human experience. You share and let others come to their own conclusions. And occasionally you find someone with similar sensibilities and you find new aspects to consider. Or you do not. That's my reasoning! Happy listening!
  11. In my situation that's not possible. I trust my ears and perceptions. It may not be entirely scientific but then I don't entirely believe in their validity anyway. I only have to please myself and no need to prove it to anyone. I share my experience and enjoy improving my system as I am able to. If others further validate it that's great. If not so be it. I'm more than happy with my current choices and have spent the last months taking my system to levels I have not previously experienced. The Mad Scientist stuff created significant improvements which certainly justifies their inclusion in my system! But get one of their cables and try it. If you don't like it send it back. Good luck!
  12. Whatever!.. But the cable has actually improved with burn in and the footers clobber the Mapleshade Megafeet at their own game. Their is a money back trial but closed is closed. If your open minded enough to try you won't be dissapointed... Just saying!
  13. I am not going to even bother detailing differences between them. Iso regen is better having owned both and sold both. Compared them with Regen function. Meaning ran Galvanic with Regen funtion switching iso out. Used an Uptone PCUSB to do that. Uptone iso is noticeably better. Ran it with an LPS 1.2...! I sold both and the LPS 1.2! Why??? Black Magic! Mad Scientist Audio Black Magic USB cable by itself burned in outperforms either. Really! After reading about their cables decided to purchase one. Bob offered me a Black Magic a few weeks before announcing them in his site. Simply best USB cable I have tried! Read site info for better understanding! Brand new it sounded very slightly better following an Iso-Regen/LPS 1.2. At 20 hours of burn in it was a toss up! At 50 it was better without. At 100 it was obvious the Regen was degrading the cables performance. Mad Scientist suggests the cable will allow USB to outperm SPDIF! Not going into it here. But the improvements are stunning. I run the JCAT Femto PCIE USB card with an LPS 1.2 in my PC. Also been playing with their footers...that's another subject! Happy Listening!
  14. Everything makes a difference with digital. With that in mind. Not only try better DC wire. .it makes a difference. Again I do the Zenwave Audio Silver OCC. They make a quite noticeable difference. Also try brass cones under your lps1.2. its subtle but if your system is resolving enough everything is slightly cleaner, more relaxed and a but more intelligible! Just saying Happy Listening!
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