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  1. That's what I own also. It is amazing, but but but .... Galileo. Ready to sell my LP collection to fund this purchase. Still wondering if the metal connector is compatible with EtherRegen but.... 🦗🦗🦗
  2. Highly suggest you seek one out. Mine has been tracked down so I'm going to have to ship it back out ASAP which is a shame since I wanted to try it on the EtherRegen. It's the first time I've had another Galileo in my setup and its effect seems to be additive to what the SR does well. In fact what it's doing is so similar to what folks in the other thread are describing when they install their EtherRegens it's a bit uncanny.
  3. Jud - good advice but because it was sent to me accidentally I have to send it back before the EtherRegen comes in.
  4. This may be slightly controversial here - not sure but I was accidentally sent an Ethernet cable Friday that I couldn't resist to install in my system... I couldn't believe what I heard when I put it into the system (explosion in all the soundstage dimensions, layering, pace, another octave of subjective bass, crazy transparency and realism) since I had one from the same company only a couple levels down from it. Now I won't say I cannot live without it but right now with my Nighthawk switch I most certainly would say that I cannot live without it, at least until my EtherRegen arrives sometime next month (I hope). My question after researching this cable on the SR website is that it appears much of the design around it is about *surprise surprise* digital noise reduction. Now my longwinded question is - would keeping this cable be additive to what the EtherRegen will be doing or would it be obviated by the NR in the EtherRegen? Is this an example of a metal connector that you're not supposed to use with the EtherRegen?????? (see attached pic). TIA!!!
  5. Maybe a silly question. So what does the clock output connect to? How important is it to use to get the most performance out of this?
  6. Getting my ethernet card on Bricasti M1SE so RARE opportunity for some lucky CA'er to acquire basically new, carefully curated SOTA USB performance components. Everything is only 1-3 months old with manuals all the DC cables and USB connectors and Uptone Link so like new other than small scuff (not scratch) on the LPS1 which is not even visible in the pics! You will need nothing more to have computer audio SOTA performance! Move fast - will not last. UPDATE 11/12: Breaking apart the bundle so feel free to make offers SOLD MicroRendu with latest 1.4 board, 2.5 OS 899/510 SOLD SOLD UpTone LPS-1 Linear Power Supply 395 SOLD UpTone ISO Regen 325/250 SOLD UpTone USPCB A>B Adapter 35/25 SOLd SOLD Sonore DC-4 DC Cable 140 SOLD ONLY $1160 for this basically new Bundle! Price is firm Please Add 3% for PayPal plus actual shipping.
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