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  1. Hi Peter, if you continue to have problems finding compatible ram, I can send you 2 x 16gb Samsung modules from UK. Send me a PM. It would be great to find a cooling solution. Generally they need to be registered dimms, ecc. When using new ram there is a clear rtc jumper on the board which helps.
  2. Sure no problem. I used it with 2 x 8gb Corsair Vengeance, I suppose if it's not in the manufacturers Spec there is some risk. but it works fine here.
  3. There is a single CPU version of this board. https://www.asus.com/uk/Commercial-Servers-Workstations/Pro-WS-C621-64L-SAGE/ Its supports both Xeon Scalable and W3200 processors. So HQPlayer users can use it with an 8 core 3.7ghz processor with 4.3ghz Turbo. Dont see why the Dual board does not support W3200 maybe it could do with a bios update.
  4. https://diyaudiostore.com/collections/chassis/products/deluxe-5u-ultimate-amplifier-chassis?variant=12212123204 This might be a good case to mod - it has giant heatsinks. Its made by modushop and can also be bought from Italy. They are able to replace the back panel with one for a computer board, ie cut out the openings for the board faceplate and vertical PCIE slots. They could also cut the grooves for heatpipes but they need cad drawings. I suppose they could also mill the cpu heatsink from the drawings. It also has more space internally and the height aids passive ventilation. The alternative is to provide them with a drawing for a case from scratch, but I suppose you already have access to such facilities in Greece.
  5. Hi Peter, thanks for taking the time to look into this. The H5 case for this board would have ideally a slightly thicker base plate. The standoff holes don't all line up with the Asus C621 board so some extra drilling is needed which is simple enough. Its a very tight fit in this case theres only a cm spare at the front but its fine if your power supply is external, theres some space left at the side for cabling. Ideally the height would be taller, so you could get some full height PCIE cards such as the Asus m.2 x16 storage cards. Well since this the only case currently available and most of us already have one The main problem everyone is facing is the cooling of the 2 CPU's. If using only one of the heatsinks then a solution would be to use better quality heatpipes attached to a copper heatsink of a good thickness which in turn would then be bolted to the existing heatsink and off couse make a cooler suitable for the xeon cpu which on this board is the square type. Alternatively if using both heatinks then a cooler using 6mm pipes of a good quality something like what Nenon has done.
  6. Try Audirvana 3.5 on your Windows setup, it plays from ram like euphony, way better sounding than Roon.
  7. I'm stuck here looking at 2 giant Noctua 14 inch fan coolers, so if you could provide us with a solution you'll have a customer here. The good thing about Nenons solution is that it used the hdplex coolers to raise the pipes above the heatsink (1 side) on the Asus c621 Sage motherboard. I'm not sure that Larry of HDPlex will sell the coolers seperately, meaning the need to buy another 3 cases. Also you can adjust the heat pipes horizontally which make bending them easier, if you are a few mm out you can move the pipes to suit your case before clamping the top on. The Taiko extreme cooler seems designed for that specific case.
  8. Hi Nenon, Have you tried the board with a single Xeon processor? It would consume a lot less power and would use half the ram. Not sure if euphony needs the extra processor power, would be interesting to here of any sound quality penalties.
  9. Yes that's what I was thinking of and its a year old not one month. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. This was quoted as $500 on audiobacon review last month. I guess that was wrong or just a small increase in price
  11. The new version supports upnp/dnla you could connect via ethernet to your Aries.
  12. Hi Bob, Thanks for all the information. How does the Allo USB Bridge SIG + power supply compare with the fanless NUC + HDPLEX 200 both as endpoints.What are the sound quality differences? Both running Gentooplayer and using the Xeon machine as a roonserver. That would level the playing field and give us a picture of the differences. Regards Alec
  13. Try: yaourt -R hqplayer-embedded hqplayer-network-audio-daemon Maybe disable ramroot and re-enable again
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