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  1. Thanks RunHomeSlow & pl_svn. I just realized that was iOS 11 issue (since I wasn't able to view my Purchased apps). Now I can download the app to my iPhone.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been using Audirvana for a month, and recently purchased the A+ Remote on my iPad. Correct me if I am wrong, it seems that if I want to use the A+ Remote on my iPhone, I have to pay another 9.99 USD for the iPhone version? I don't see it under Purchased in App Store (on my iPhone). I love the sound and the convenience in managing my Music Library (I am not using iTunes integrated mode). So far my setup is: AIFF/WAV files stored on NAS -> Audirvana (MacMini) -> Audioquest Carbon USB cable -> Cambridge Audio CXA80 Amplifier -> Cambridg
  3. Thank you! In this case I can forget about Cambridge CXN for now - will buy the A+ remote
  4. I have been using Audirvana 3.1 on my Mac Mini for a while. I do not use iTunes integration, and all my AIFF/FLAC files are stored in Synology NAS drive. My Mac is connected to Cambridge CXA80 and my speakers. I was tempted to get the CXN (Network Player), but it seems to be that A+ Remote will do the job? Please advise if A+ Remote will be connected to my Mac (via Bluetooth?) and I can manage my Music Library (over 1TB) via my iPad? Furthermore, is there a view option for Artist List (instead of Album List) in Audirvana? This is one feature I missed from iTunes. Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone! I'll go with CXA80 for now. Maybe later, I will look into CXN Now I ripped all my CDs and stored them in a Synology NAS and access it via Audirvana + Just out of curiosity, does CXN replaces the need of Audirvana? I understood CXN can connect to NAS or External Harddisk, but do you view your Music Library on your phone/tablet?
  6. I have been using Audirvana+ Player (Mac OS) connected to my KEF X300A (Active Speakers) for years, playing mostly AIFF and WAV files. Recently the KEF speakers are no longer working, and I plan to replace them with my Cambridge Audio speakers. Since the new speakers are not active speakers, I will need an Amplifier for it and I am looking at Cambridge Audio CXA80. The question is, it seems to be that CXA80 has USB audio input and a WM8740 DAC chip, I believe I can connect it to speakers directly. Using Audirvana as player, do I still need to buy a DAC, or a network player, like Da
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