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  1. Before you send your money to China to buy from Denafrips watch this video from the former US importer Mike Powell.
  2. Mike Powell no longer distributes Denafrips and posted these comments about the company worth a watch if you are considering buying one.
  3. Torq has as much experience listening to the SR1a's through the Jotunheim R as anyone and it is becoming his preferred amp, besting speaker amps costing more than $3000 in sound quality. Sure if you can afford the SR1a you may already have a powerful speaker amp. But it is a gift from Schiit that Jason loved the SR1a so much he built a direct drive amp for it that is outstanding value at $799 (amp only, no DAC card.)
  4. We seem to be in one of those objectivist cycles where ASR has become very popular with millennials just getting in to audio. Amir is telling them that all that matters is measurements. If an amp or DAC measures better it has to sound better. Anyone who believes otherwise is dismissed. This lets someone just getting into the hobby feel good when they can only afford to spend less than $500 for a DAC and headphone amp. It has to sound better than a Yggdrasil and TOTL SET amp because Amir says so. This race to the bottom has even caused Schiit to come out with a $99 Heresy amp that m
  5. My favorite Emmylou Harris song, from the concert video "The Life & Songs of Emmylou Harris". Alison Krauss in top form. Great pedal steel by Greg Leisz..
  6. Neil Flanz was and still is a great picker!
  7. Ha! I started using Audirvana a couple years ago when Qobuz on Windows was not as stable as it is today. My only complaint with Audirvana is the metadata is limited and it is not as pretty as the Qobuz GUI. On the flip side Audirvana can use VST3 plugins for EQ.
  8. We need to support Qobuz with the Amazon behemoth breathing down our necks. If you are annoyed at an occasional error on playback suggest you give the 15 day free trial of Audirvana player a go. It has always worked flawlessly with Qobuz for me.
  9. A post on another forum claims that Amazon Music HD latest version can autoswitch sampling rates on the new Windows 10 1909 update. Anyone upgraded from 1809 yet and confirmed? I unsubscribed from Amazon and don't want to upgrade to 1909 until a few months have passed so can't try it myself.
  10. One of my favorite Patty Loveless recordings. The legendary Russ Pahl on pedal steel.
  11. The chances of getting exclusive mode are zero. Amazon cares for the bottom line, not the quality of the music served. You won't ever see Roon integration either as Amazon likes to work with their business partners in a closed system. They can afford to break even or even lose a little money on Amazon Music HD as long as hardware sales more than make up for it. After a year with the experiment they might just pull the plug if the bean counters don't like the numbers.
  12. @Nikhil I just ordered "Buck 'Em!: The Autobiography of Buck Owens" from Amazon. By chance have you read it yet? If Don Rich had not passed on so early from that motorcycle accident I always wondered how Buck Owens' career might have turned out. He was one savvy artist on the business side, keeping his publishing rights and master tapes.
  13. If you are in to guitars, Buck Owens and the Bakersfield Sound Vintage Guitar had a great article. Worth a read!
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