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  1. Amazon certainly knows that both Tidal and Qobuz offer exclusive mode playback. Who enters a market without checking out the competition? Considering they aren't addressing complaints on their own forum they may feel that the current product is "good enough" at the price. I think the best chance we have for bit perfect playback on our computers is if they open their API to Audirvana or Roon, and I don't believe we will hear about that until it happens.
  2. There is a thread commenting on Amazon Music HD active for one month now at the Amazon forum. Posters have been complaining about sound quality on Windows 10 and lack of exclusive mode from the start and Amazon keeps posting the same polite canned responses thanking for feedback with no indication they are actively addressing the problems we have with the service. It looks like posting has slowed down as readers are realizing Amazon does not appear to be really interested in correcting problems audiophiles have with Amazon Music HD.
  3. Did Hi-Fi choice comment on the lack of exclusive mode playback using the Amazon Music HD app?
  4. I have spent time listening to both Amazon Music HD and my preferred Qobuz using the Audirvana+ player on Win 10. Qobuz sounds noticeably better using my Yggdrasil DAC. The same tracks on Amazon Music HD sound less involving and dynamic, with loss of sound stage depth, width and imaging. The music is less clear and when I switch to Qobuz a veil is lifted. I blame the poorer sound quality on Amazon routing sound through Windows mixer in shared mode so there is up and down sampling. You can't trust the sample rate and bit depth displayed in Amazon Music HD for a track. Everything is resampled to the user settings in Windows Sounds as shown by the display on my DAC. Sure there may be some limited 24/192 files on Amazon but when I play them they are down sampled to the 24/96 I have set in Windows Sounds. We can't really tell how good the masters Amazon is using sound because, unlike Tidal and Qobuz, Amazon Music HD has no provision for playback in Wasapi Exclusive mode. Will they add it? Who knows, I suspect their is a greater chance that instead of improving the app they may open their API for a fee to Audirvana.
  5. On the subject of Roon integration with Amazon Music HD see this link
  6. I have been listening to the free trial and glad I am not paying for it. Amazon Music HD is providing sound quality inferior to Qobuz at a discount price. I don't have a problem paying Qobuz more for better quality sound. I don't see Amazon getting better until/if they enable Wasapi exclusive mode.
  7. Since I am a long time Amazon Prime customer I took advantage of the 90 day free trial to see what the fuss is about Amazon Music HD since the mainstream press is going on about how good it sounds at a bargain price. I imagine Qobuz is too polite to criticize a competitor so it is up to us. Amazon Music HD launched without even having Wasapi exclusive mode integrated into their desktop app. I imagine that is the main reason sound quality is inferior to Qobuz. And having to go into Windows mixer and set the proper sample rate and bit depth for each song? Makes me think Amazon rushed to market or just does not care about ultimate sound quality and definitely is not targeting audiophiles.
  8. Amazon Music HD does not allow your external DAC to exclusively control the stream like Tidal or Qobuz does, everything is going through the Windows Sound Mixer. As a result you are not going to get bit perfect music until Amazon makes some changes to their desktop app, if they ever do.
  9. I had both Tidal and Qobuz at one time and eventually dropped Tidal for Qobuz. Sound quality of both was fine, definitely better than Amazon Music HD but to my ears Qobuz was slightly better than Tidal, also Qobuz had more of the music I enjoy listening to.
  10. If you follow the kickstarter updates they are only shipping about three a month. I would avoid Mag Lev like the plague. If you have the turntable itch just get a Sol and enjoy it.
  11. Schiit is into Norse mythology for product names. Sol refers to a Norse sun goddess while the phono amp Mani is a reference to the moon.
  12. Torq has good ears and he uses Chord Dave at home and Yggdrasil at his office. The only DACs he feels equal or perhaps best Yggdrasil are Chord Dave and the Linn Klimax system. Both are extraordinarily expensive. I would get the Unison USB board for your current Yggy when it is out this coming January before making any expensive decisions. Frankly I would only consider buying a Chord Dave if I had the ability to borrow it from a dealer and audition it in my home (then I would buy it used:) Same goes for any DAC over $5K. Considering how close Yggdrasil is to Dave and the Klimax system you might get greater enjoyment from your system upgrading your speakers or amplification. Yggdrasil is one of those great bargains you run into once in a while.
  13. Schiit has been very busy this year releasing new products. All the new amps and preamps, Bifrost 2, Asgard 3, Ragnarok 2 with Sol turntable expected soon. If the CD transport is made I don't see it coming until 2020 and some months after the Unison USB cards are shipped for Bifrost, Gungnir and Yggdrasil projected in January. Maybe mid year for the CD transport we'll see.
  14. I don't see that happening it would require a redesign of the entire line. It would be much easier to add USB pass through on the CD transport.
  15. Following threads on HF and SBAF the upcoming CD transport will output by USB to the Unison USB receiver on Schiit DACs for low jitter and transparency and will probably also have S/PDIF out for other DACs. Since there will only be one USB in on Schiit DACs there is speculation the CD transport itself will have a USB in with bypass switch so you can still stream from your laptop but I may be wrong.
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