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  1. Not at all. Speaker discussion is an important part of SBAF. Many of the senior members listen to their vinyl and speakers as much or more as phones. Changstar morphed into SBAF in late 2015. SBAF is definitely not another Head-Fi clone. In fact, because of a dust up years ago any mention of SBAF at Head-Fi is removed by moderators:)
  2. I would not mind owning a Matrix X-Sabre Pro but not enough to sell my Yggdrasil for. It is a lovely piece of kit. I have preferred and owned DACs designed by Mike Moffat since the Thetas. I spend more time on SBAF than other forums because, well, I agree with Marv most of the time and I appreciate AtomicBob among others and the absence of noise. Troublemakers are banned rather quickly:)
  3. If you VPN to London the price of Qobuz Studio at the /gb-en/ store is still £24.99/month. That is what they were charging me for the US beta. I had to cancel my subscription and sign up again at the US store to get the $14.99 price I got tired of waiting for customer service to get back to me.
  4. Thanks, nice to have confirmation that Qobuz needs to improve customer support. You would think they would respond faster than this.
  5. I have had a customer support ticket open 4 days with Qobuz with no answer to this. I will give them another day then cancel my subscription. I have been over paying in British pounds all along when I should have been charged in dollars. I may register a new account from the US or switch to Tidal for a while.
  6. Unless you want to set up a home network to stream audio to multiple rooms with something like Roon just buying a second hand laptop and extra Dragonfly for your living room might be the cost effective solution.
  7. As long as you use the Tidal desktop player with audio output of the Dragonfly connected to your Klipsch you should be able to use this guide to get MQA playback and automatic sample rate changing. Buy a more expensive DAC if you aren't happy with the Dragonfly. Even if it is not MQA certified the Tidal desktop player can do the first unfold to 24/96. You don't need Roon or Audirvana unless you want one of them.
  8. You are comparing apples to oranges. It would be more useful to compare the Qobuz app on the laptop to streaming Qobuz through Audirvana on the same laptop.
  9. Does not work. When I log in from that link I am automatically redirected to the GB shop and my account shows I am associated with Great Britain even though I signed up for the beta from the US. Letting customer service sort it out, they will have to manually change my country of origin looks like.
  10. You may have to uninstall then reinstall, make sure you have your credentials so you can reactivate.
  11. If you did not get an email about the new Studio Premier $14.99 pricing it means you did not sign up on the US website and are getting charged 24.99 pounds or euros for Studio. When I signed up for the beta even though I live in US they assigned me to the Great Britain website. Contact customer service to get your country of origin changed and price lowered. Look at the URL when you are logged in to your account to see if there is a GB in it, if so @ShawnC's method won't work. You have to be on the Qobuz US shop.
  12. @MikeyFresh I have the same problem. It seems the beta testers were signed up on the Great Britain Qobuz site even though they live in the US. When you are logged in if you check the URL you will see you are transferred over to the GB site when you log in. I opened a customer support ticket to get it sorted out. It looks like the lower pricing is only offered to US residents right now. Your other option would be to cancel your plan then sign up again on the US site using a different email and credit card. I would give the customer service option a try first.
  13. I have definitely noticed new posts on the decline since the name change. Perhaps it is time to go back to Computer Audiophile. What does Google Tag Manager tell you?
  14. I am not familiar with the iOS version but in 3.5.0 for Windows 10 there is no sort option in Qobuz > Favorites. In the Qobuz app Releases can be sorted by artist, releases (albums) or added date. That option would be welcome in Audirvana so I don't have to search all my favorites for a particular album.
  15. In the new 3.5.0 there is an option to turn on software volume control. Click on the Audio Devices icon at the bottom right of the interface to specify the playback system for Audirvana. The drop down menu will show all systems visible to Audirvana. The arrow next to the selected system takes you to the configuration settings of that device where you can configure VST plug-ins and enable the internal volume control.
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