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  1. Yeah, they look bad dressing it up this way, but it is obviously nothing more an incentive for upgrading. Anyway, I should have just offered my main point that the customer plays a part here. There is no forcing of anyone to do this.
  2. I think the "in the name of saving the environment" part of the thread title is a little over the top. I don't think Sonos is trying to make anyone believe that is the goal here. I would substitute "for a 30% upgrade discount to the lazy". I think the idea is stupid and I don't feel bad about any bad press that Sonos gets from this. But still, motivated people can sell their old Sonos equipment and upgrade; nobody is being forced to brick the stuff (the controller things excepted, but that is a different issue).
  3. It is working with BlueOS, showing the HR icon.
  4. Some people like privacy. Others like to get a domain of their own name and put up a cringey bio. To each his own.
  5. Really EW should adopt it as her campaign song, which would diffuse the Trump nickname and anyway it's just a great song.
  6. I think his heart is in the right place. It is just too bad that he doesn't seem to have learned the very basics of digital audio. For example the misleading stairstep illustration in his new book. He wants to be a teacher or preacher on this but he doesn't know the material.
  7. Neil's ideas on digital audio would seem to go best with bath salts.
  8. Really? I don't know how you expect to enjoy or evaluate the system with a fixed volume unless you only want to play from one CD. I think it would make a lot more sense and a lot less work to use a source with volume control (something you know to be good) and go straight into the power amp. Then you could take stock of what you have with the amp and speakers. But no, I don't think I will follow this further and to be honest I am sorry to have discussed it here where it seems off topic.
  9. Well you said "every last one" so that would include the volume pot. Anyway at least now we have some idea what you are doing even though it seems you would rather be as vague as possible about it. But I am not sure why you think the jumpers are a terrible problem, but 25+ year old volume pot and power caps would not be suspect.
  10. Oh OK. When you said "in the case of the NAD there were about a dozen switches and pots in the signal path, and every last one of them was eliminated, bypassed" I thought you were being accurate.
  11. Yes I get that, or maybe I don't. So if you just want the power amp part of the 304 just pull the jumpers and plug straight into the power amp.
  12. Most of the NAD integrated amps have external connections to the pre and power sections. If you are bypassing everything why don't you just go straight into the power amp?
  13. Are you able to say whether it has something to do with Meridian being untruthful about being real >96Khz?
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