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  1. Not personal, only talk on credibility of writings. Work product, not person. So not allowed to dispute ideas with logic & facts here?
  2. Thread officially over with talk of guns. now officially toxic waste dump where bored trolls go to play. Reason - 0 Stupid - 1
  3. My practice (not perfect) to credit source of great design ideas, like @PeterSt crowd-sourced experiment. Honest & honorable & small price for thievery . Good for you too, best steal from best. right?
  4. Where is moderator to discourage/stop/remove juvenile Off Topic posting?
  5. Sorry, you just been trolled You reply to OT stock objectivist tropes used to avoid responding to content of my post to him Distraction complete. But not quite-
  6. ?? Ok, not for people- who reject subjective data because of objective dogma who auto-react with negitive emotion at sight of 'subjective' anything 'Sheldon's who reject 'soft' sciences Otherwise not big problem with proper education & tools
  7. Mini with music is 'server', Mini connected to DAC is 'endpoint', 'renderer', 'NAA', & other, too many, names. Most listening reports say both server & endpoint computers benefit from better power, but server is small improvement, endpoint Mini is best place to apply limited resources for bigger SQ improvement. I also have 2012 Mac Mini, now as single server computer. Has MMK kit & 100VA low noise LPSU. Improvement to SQ of those two mods very large, very welcome. SQ also benefit (also large degrees) from boot OS from SD card & use 'optimized' OS (CAD script, u
  8. Why? What audiophiles have equipment for measurements? What standards for measures across tiny market manufacturers? Also would be nice for comparative hearing tests. Where are any? Can you help? I only know one isolator company show measurements - Pneuance Audio (review) WTF? Much can be learned from writings of Barry Diamont & John Swenson on theory of operation of roller isolation & more. Much good discussion here if search older posts! I soon look at recommended Sistrum documentation. Have mental model of roller isolation as mass of supporte
  9. Anyone see this like- "Your hearing wrong, because I just can't understand how can physically happen" ?
  10. Also poor correlation to hearing tests.
  11. IMO - agressive distraction & dissension.
  12. My system both main speakers & subwoofers float on rollers for isolation, with confirmed positive SQ results. Refer theory to Barry D. (maybe John S.), but in my mind & ears, isolation is effective & relatively easy/cheap. Recent upgrade of some parts resulted in significant & welcome SQ upgrade, very big gain in soundstage precision & live-ness. Upgrade replaced some broken cups, but significant change used smooth glazed ceramic bathroom tiles on subwoofers (replace acrylic plates). Mains already had similar tiles. So configuration of isolators (bott
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