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  1. streacom fc10 + RYZEN 7 3700X + gigabyte x570 aorus xtreme I am making an audio PC with this combination. I want to use the pink faun SPDIF bridge. Gold-plated Premium PCIE 16X 2U 90 degree rectangular riser card Would it Sound quality okay?
  2. I am trying to create an audio pc. i9 9900k (tdp 95w) vs i9 9900 (tdp 65w) What would be better?
  3. I have a question.> When using the euphony stylus> Is only usb output possible?> I have a pink faun spdif bridge> I want to use it.
  4. 1. schiit FREYA, vidar 2. JohnSwenson - jssg, jsgt 3. Airlink Transformers
  5. I purchased a BPS3000UK (Standard Balanced Power Supply). https://airlinktransformers.com/product/standard-balanced-power-supply-bps3000uk Input Voltage - 230 , Input Current - 13 Output Voltage - 230, Output Current 13 Which rcbo should I use? Please recommend rcbo product.
  6. I want to buy 91002-31 but can not find it. There is one on ebay, but it is too expensive. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MGE-UPS-91002-31T-Used-Cleaned-Tested-2-year-warranty/232295958593?hash=item3615eb0841:g:Y1cAAOSw-5dZ-7wH
  7. http://used-tools-equipment.com/topaz-ultra-isolator-line-noise-suppressor-91005-31-120-240v-5kva-50-60hz-0005pf/# input 240v - output 240v - 2400w(5kva) I want to buy a product. What do you think? bryston bdp2 - schiit YGGDRASIL - FREYA - 2 x VIDAR MONO POWER AMPLIFIER - Revel Performa F32 220v 60hz
  8. What do you think of BPS3110S? https://airlinktransformers.com/product/standard-balanced-power-supply-bps3110s
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