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  1. Anyone ‘upgraded’ from DS?! I’m curious what is better and if anyone has done direct comparisons. I’ve seen comments that ultrarendu outperforms the DS, but that’s about it. I’d like a big step up, looking at Innuos, Auralic, opticalRendu/Ultrarendu. I use batteries on the clean side, and stock wallwart on the dirty side, wouldn’t rule out trying other power options.
  2. Hi @allo.com, i am using batteries on the clean and supplied 5v on the dirty side. Audiophonics have requested I ship the unit back to their workshop, which I have done today. Hopefully they get it working again, it’s a great product.
  3. Using dietpi. going to connect to a monitor this evening, audiophonics have suggested I ship back to them based upon the green and red lights being on solidly. Trying to avoid going to AURALiC etc, the DS has been a bargain.
  4. Yes, had good support in the past after returning a faulty DS. Tried reflashing the card this evening, no joy.
  5. Not quite sure how to get support from Allo, had no response following reporting this fault at the weekend. Aware that the product is less than 12 months old, considering returning it, can anyone confirm warranty period? Assuming 12 months. @Allo @allo.com
  6. Thanks @dmormerod I will give that a go 👍
  7. yes, I'm using batteries on the clean side. Tried removing and replacing the card a number of times, no joy....
  8. i have the same problem, how was this resolved @dmormerod @allo.com @Allo
  9. Bizarrely, my DigiOne signature has stopped working. I have tried restarting a number of times, and have noticed that the green flashing light that normally indicates the Rpi is starting is not lighting up. It is powered up now, red power light is on constant, green light is on constant on the DigiOne board. Any help/suggestions?
  10. Thank you @InfinitelyBaffledthat sounds like a plan
  11. Thank you all for chipping in, much needed help. Seems like I can’t avoid having another device as the core, as I want to stick with Roon. I have a desktop iMac that could act as a core, but was hoping to not have another computer ‘powered up’ purely to support my hifi. Stupid question, but would the iMac come out of standby mode automatically when I access Roon on the DS, or would I be faced with having to wake it up every time? Probably for another forum! A NUC would make sense, tucked away in a cupboard with a HDD attached, seen a couple on eBay for under £200 so not to big an ou
  12. quick 'computer' audiophile style question on using the DS as a Roon endpoint; I currently use a MacBook pro as Roon core and control device (along with iPhone). The DS acts as the endpoint feeding the streaming signal to my DAC. Happy days, works a dream. I would now like to avoid having to use my laptop for every listening session, but as all my music files sit on the SSD that is not possible. Intention is to use an iPad Pro for control, but wondering if I would merely have to move my music files to a HDD connected to my router, or somewhere else on the network to av
  13. I will explore, I know others are using Roon via Dietpi with the DS and not having an issue. I also have a problem where sometimes with high res files playback stops and skips to the next track, saying that information is loading slowly. Could be my network is slow?!
  14. Well, I am still getting the horrible loud crackle during playback in Roon, when a change in sample rate occurs. Tried using a power conditioner for the connection of the dirty side. Using batteries on the clean side. Don't know what to try to solve the issue. Wondering if it might be settings in Roon, is anyone else using Roon that could share settings for sample rate etc? Can someone from Allo assist?
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