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  1. Ah always the salesman eh. 🤣 Yes it is on my radar and the usbRegen was used so that my old USB dac could be powered by a separate LPS.😊 My new USB dac has it's own power supply. Great news. Cheers Gn
  2. Cool. Curious was from uRendu to usbRegen and A>B was from usbRegen to dac. I think you are saying that output from uRendu no longer requires usbRegen? Cheers Gn
  3. Hi guys I was wondering about proximity to other equipment and any associated effects on the system. I am going to use the etherRegen with an UltraRendu and expected to have them, if not on top of, then very close to one another. In the interests of keeping cables short, I intended to connect uRendu to USB dac using Curious regenlink (200mm), usbRegen and the adaptor that came with the usbRegen. So, etherRegen, uRendu, usbRegen and dac all very close together. Hopefully not too silly a question, but if I need to provide greater separation, where do you think it would be best to provide this? Best wishes Grant
  4. Well I am now enjoying my old CD collection via the LSX's. Having used the microJukebox to burn my CD's to the Hard Drive in the machine, I am now using it as a UPnP/DLNA server, using MINIM Server and mconnectLite as a controller and the LSX performing its duties as a DLNA Renderer etc. I can now swap seamlessly between using MINIM Server and Spotify over the network and the service provider "basic" modem/router is up to the task of running audio by either source. Still disappointed that the Kef supplied Stream App really struggled to get past about the 3rd minute before loosing contact with the speakers. I hope it works successfully for anyone with a serious modem/router, however for those of us that don't get through much more than 50GB of data a month and therefore cannot justify a fancy network system, then the combination of Minim Server and mconnectLite is a great alternative. Cheers Grantn
  5. Yes, well skilled in the fine art of peeling away the layers just enough to reveal the important stuff...
  6. Cebolla You are a Giant on the computer scene👏 Player Lite sounds great and it JUST WORKS!!! I will pay the $10 for the adless version. Thank you for helping me through this. Kindest Regards Grantn
  7. Hi Cebolla Your last sentence is correct, however the only advice I have received from Kef is to spend a further 25% of the the value of the speakers on a modem-router, because my current one, which happily works with Spotify and Netflix is not good enough to run Kef Stream. I am guessing it is a truly grotesque and inefficient bit of programming from a big organisation whose primary business is not in computing. Anyway what happens is the App looses connection with the speakers part way through a song, the mJb finishes playing the song and awaits further instruction from Kef Stream, which has already gone AWOL. I will try to find a third party App that avoids Kef Stream, like Spotify does and use that. The logical thing to do is get Roon, but that apparently places too high a demand on the computer in the mJb. Although I should ask SGC if that is only relevant where the mJb is feeding a usb DAC, rather than feeding an end point. Guessing it will be the same, although no harm in asking them. Cheers Grant
  8. I have had help over here: but will add information here as my time and journey with the LSX's continues. Regards Grantn
  9. Okay, proof of concept, it worked briefly so will now focus on burning my CD's and getting a 1/2 decent wireless network sorted. The hard part will be going through the process of figuring how best to move seamlessly between Spotify streaming and the Private Library. We will call this "solved". Cheers and thanks for your help. Grantn
  10. Wooo that is weird, no MPD / DLNA switcher but for a brief moment, 3mins, I had Adele playing from the microJukebox through the LSX's. It stopped and after 10mins cannot get it going again. Guess it must be a poor wireless network using a internet service provider supplied modem/thingy. Will keep trying. 🙂 Cheers Grant
  11. Okay, I have now installed MinimWatch and it is "seeing" the microJukebox. I will go to the Sonicorbiter link above and try to work through this, although the first hurdle will be figuring out why the only option I have when I go to Audio App Switcher is "Squeezelite" and none of the others shown in the first picture above: MPD / DLNA RoonReady HQPlayer NAA Shairport Cheers Grant
  12. Hi Cebolla This is getting messier. Apparently there is a known problem with computers not knowing what to do with .jar files and I think why MinimWatch is not working on my PC. The story: But my computer does not like the "fix": Okay just seen your message and will find JRE. Cheers Grant
  13. Well I downloaded and installed MinimWatch and it said I had to download File Viewer Plus, which I did. Now when I click on MinimWatch all it get is this: So not sure what "MinimWatch" is supposed to look like on my computer, but this screen is DOS like in appearance. I will delete minimwatch off my computer, along with file viewer plus and re-download MinimWatch and ignore the recommended/required download of File Viewer Plus. I will update hear when I have reached the stage where "MinimWatch" is working, although not knowing what it is supposed to look like makes that interesting. Thanks and appreciate the help. Cheers Grant
  14. Hi Cepa Most appreciated for getting to the true heart of my problem, my lack of knowledge of computer audio, despite owning a bunch of such components. You are correct in your other post on where I should have posted, I just didn't know enough to understand that I had a "networking problem". Thank you also for the above carefully stepping through the issues I have created for myself. Now, yes Minim Server is an option on the microJukebox and the road block I ran into with Minim was not understanding how "File Viewer Plus" fitted into the puzzle of setting this up. Knowing that Minim is most likely my best option, I will now go back and read carefully what is available about Minim and more carefully follow this. I will come back to this spot once I have done this. Hopefully reporting success, or back for some more of your sage advice. Kindest Regards Grantn
  15. Sorry to hijack/revive an old thread, but your advice sounds relevant to my current efforts trying to get a SGC microJukebox to talk to Kef LSX's. I am merrily burning CD's to the mJb, in the hope that one day it will see and I will be able to control playing of my CD library from this device to the LSX's. I can see my CD's in LMS, but not sure what I need turned on to both send stuff to the LSX's, or select and play the CD's. I have loaded and turned on Sonore UPnP Bridge and it identifies our LSX's as an available "renderer" so having selected this, I then turn on LMS and look for a "media server" with the Kef Stream App with no luck. I had thought Minim Server might be the way to go but that just leads down a rabbit hole of Minim this and Minim that, which confuses the hell out of me. This became a dead end when it became essential for me to load "File Viewer Plus" on my computer and no idea what it does and when I need to use it. So any examples from the world of LS50's used with "Media Servers" would be appreciated. I currently use an iPhone to run Spotify on the LSX's and have used Soundirok on the iPhone to play a few CD's burnt to a hard drive plugged into the back of a SOtM sMS200 in a previous set up. Kind Regards Grantn
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