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  1. Ok.. net use x: \\Nas\iso_volume\Audiophile /user:admin PASSWORD /persistent:No exit
  2. I don't understand what path you mean, if it's the net use path it's correct. However I solved (thanks to a great friend) with a .cmd which is launched by Fidelizer which starts up last. Where can I act to prevent the prompt window from opening? I noticed that it is a process when it is open. Thanks Phil and forgive me if I can't understand you.
  3. installed windows installed ao express, dac driver, jr, same error with that string. I had tried the file and it got out after the error restart.
  4. I only want to delay autologon, now new problems have arrived. With autologon disabled everything works. Can you have the procedure step by step? I'm not good with codes. Thank you.
  5. I put this, at startup it opens the "Launching custom shell" window but it doesn't work, tablet connection. I have to open Jriver from server to make it work. In JR I enabled the run on window startup function: media server.
  6. I put this, at startup it opens the "Launching custom shell" window but it doesn't work
  7. do I delete everything in custom_shell.cmd and add this? @echo off ping -w 8000> null net use x: nas iso_volume Audiophile / user: admin PASSWORD thanks for your patience
  8. do I use net use? I need to delay autologon, what command line should I use? Thank you
  9. I copied this shell from my server. Forgive me, Phil, I'm not very expert, where do I get my shell?
  10. This? @echo off REM Created by: Highend-AudioPC REM https://www.highend-audiopc.com Title "Launching custom shell..." @echo off echo Launching custom shell... ping -n 3 -w 1000 >nul start /HIGH "HQPlayer" "%Systemdrive%\Program Files\Signalyst\HQPlayer Desktop 3\HQPlayer-desktop.exe" start /HIGH "RoonServer" %userprofile%\AppData\Local\RoonServer\Application\RoonServer.exe exit
  11. forgive me Phil, but I can't put it into practice. What should I add to the file?
  12. Great Phil, thank you very much, I'll try it now ...
  13. Hi, how can i go about delaying the autologon? I tried various procedures but it doesn't work. I want to do it because it doesn't hook my NAS. With autologon disabled everything works. Thank you.
  14. Hi, someone can help me Thank you.
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