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  1. Temporary, of course. Not suggesting the DI's will be your new reference.
  2. Chris, While you are searching for your next transducing amore, I suggest calling Tekton and requesting a pair Double Impacts for review. Pearl Jam will sound bitchin'.
  3. Interesting electrical-network noise article from a ham-radio operator. http://www.w5zn.org/files/Slaying%20the%20Grim%20Reaper%20of%20Internet%20Router%20Noise%20on%206%20Meters.pdf For the EE nerds...referenced article. http://audiosystemsgroup.com/RFI-Ham.pdf
  4. Comparable articles. https://bgr.com/2018/08/13/ios-app-store-moving-to-subscription-model/ https://venturebeat.com/2018/08/13/apple-reportedly-asked-devs-to-adopt-subscriptions-and-hike-app-prices/ https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/08/13/apple-met-with-developers-to-2017-to-push-app-subscriptions
  5. You should be able to run the Rotel's coax out directly into the Gumby, bypassing the Bluesound and leaving the toslink open for the chromecast.
  6. If this is true, then why not have Tone Audio choose the summary option or simply disable RSS?
  7. If your desktop includes a PC and your budget is $300... Speakers: Tannoy 402, $99 each https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1024204-REG/tannoy_8001_7680_reveal_402_4_50w.html https://www.guitarcenter.com/Tannoy/Reveal-402.gc DAC: Audioquest DragonFly Black, $99 https://www.amazon.com/AudioQuest-DragonFly-Black-Headphone-Amplifier/dp/B01DP5JHHI Speaker Stands: Audioengine DS2 Speaker Stands, $34 https://www.amazon.com/Audioengine-Desktop-Speaker-Stands-Pair/dp/B005STCILC
  8. My father is in his mid 80's and his hearing is declining, even with hearing aids. His left ear is shot and his right is not far behind. After a bit of research, i came across bone conduction headsets. I purchased a wired AfterShokz headphone for testing. https://aftershokz.com/collections/wired/products/sportz-titanium-with-mic With the AfterShokz headphone, he can hear with each ear fairly well. The sound travels down the skull to his cochleas, bypassing his worn out eardrums. After plugging the headset into a Roku remote control, he can hear the TV. When plugged into my mom's cell phone, he can have a conversation. They are not perfect and definitely not 'audiophile' grade. However, they do provide a bit of hearing relief. I have called AfterShokz requesting a hearing-aid model. They do not seem to be interested. Something about the FDA and medical device regulations. Hope this helps.
  9. My dreams are pretty 'out there' sometimes. Last night, I dreamed a Linn CD player was transmitting its music/signal to all of the other Linn audio components around the globe. No one could figure out how the CD player was communicating with the other Linn components and transmittng it's signal. Eventually, the government located the CD player and took it away, never to be seen again. I'm not sure why Linn was involved. I have never owned or even seen a Linn product in person. Weird.
  10. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/mcintosh-c52-solid-state-preamplifier/ About the only standard digital format the C52 doesn’t support is Master Quality Authenticated (MQA, about which McIntosh’s engineers prefer to take a wait-and-see position, finding the format too lossy, with distortion that doesn’t meet the company’s high standards).
  11. Stevie Ray Vaughan Little Wing
  12. From Business Insider article today... http://www.businessinsider.com/spotify-early-investor-northzone-cut-out-labels-2018-3 (login required) Record labels will be the preserve of mega-artists like Coldplay. Tabitha Fireman/Getty Spotify revealed its financials in its filings to go public on Wednesday. The numbers show that Spotify bleeds a huge amount of cash by paying out to rightsholders — and most artists don't see a lot of that money. Northzone partner and former Spotify board member Pär-Jörgen Pärson said Spotify's long-term goal is to cut out record labels to benefit artists more. But more niche artists could use Spotify's platform to reach paying consumers directly. Artists will soon treat Spotify as a kind of DIY record label, uploading their music and having a direct financial relationship with customers.
  13. My audiologist says I can't hear much above 9k and extended exposure to the lower registers sets my tinnitus off like the 1812 Overture. So, I'm saving a ton on upgrades in search of more air, bloom, minute details and crickets chirping. I will suggest that a Chris Jones recording @ 320kbps sounds better than your average lossless Allman Brothers album. However, not being able to hear Gregg's roadies rolling a fatty in the wings doesn't minimize my enjoyment of their music.
  14. It will be interesting to see if MQA enabled portable devices/phones come with a .25¢ DAC or a $25 DAC.
  15. No. I'm pretty sure our DNA is different.
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