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  1. “Jay Leno owns 150 cars...”. I own a collector car as well as my stupid overpriced stereo, I’m proud to be a double wacko! 😂 JD
  2. I found the answer to this problem after visiting my sister last week. Their Sonos boost was too close to their router and it was suffering from interference. I moved it further away and also adjusted the channel on it within Sonos and it seems to have solved the problem. Thanks again to all who replied. JD
  3. @bobfa I just love your blog and think that what you’re doing is wonderful for this hobby. For those of us that might not be as technically versed as most on this site, IMHO, simplifying the whole process is sorely needed and can only benefit the customer and the industry. I struggled for years to figure this all out and while I’ve made my purchasing decisions (and am happy with my choices), I’m still not an expert by any means. I honestly believe that I only persisted due to my love of music and sound quality, while most in my camp would have given up long ago. @boffore I wish you luck and courage to continue with your pursuit of your audio nirvana... it can be a fun journey, please be patient. IMHO, this is how you should proceed for a simple system that doesn’t involve a conventional computer. But please, take everyone’s advice and try to make the best decision for yourself. *Try to get a wired Ethernet connection into your music room for best results. *Get a music server that’s has an internal SSD for your ripped files (e.g., Small Green Computer i5, about $1k, or Salk Streamer III, like I have, or if your budget allows, something like the Innous Zen Mk3 line of servers. Then run the Ethernet connection to it. If your ripped files are also available on your subscriptions to Tidal/Quobuz, then you can skip the internal storage. I rarely listen to my own old stuff anymore, and most of it is available via Tidal anyway. There is just so much new (and old, but new to me) music to explore and enjoy. * invest In Roon, for what you’re doing music wise, it sounds like a no-brainer... you’ll love it for your music discovery... all from your iPad. Only $119.00 a year. Look for a server that has Roon Core installed (Roon Ready). It HAS to be a SERVER for the Roon Core though. * If you’re looking at wireless speakers, you can skip the DAC/Amp search and go WiFi via your router to the active speakers like many have suggested. There are soooo many choices. Some nice ones have already been posted. * For a purest audiophile approach, without any potential WiFi issues, run the server via USB to a DAC, like a Schitt, Mytek, (I went with a Benchmark DAC3), or one of the many dozens more, all at different price points. *Then it’s either balanced or regular RCA cables (Bluejeans, monster, or what ever you want to spend) to an amplifier. Also numerous to choose from ( I went with the matching Benchmark AHB2). Also many choices. Then it’s the best speaker you can afford, (I own Salk Encores), but again, many many choices. Conveniently wired via a quality speaker cable. *Consider used equipment... many audiophiles like to upgrade. Yes, it’s a risk, but most rarely get burned when purchasing used equipment. Again, best of luck in your pursuit, don’t be shy to ask questions. JD
  4. Where do you see yourself listening, is it in a dedicated room? Do you want wired speakers?
  5. Thanks for your reply @bobbmd, I have to admit that I’m still a bit confused about this. I don’t have any playlists in Tidal per se, all my playlists are in roon, where I’m combining my stuff (on my Salkstreamer’s ssd) and also from Tidal via roon’s Integration with It. So after I would presumably make the switch to Quobuz, if a said track wasn’t available, would Roon just say “this track is currently unavailable in Quobuz”? (Sometimes I get that message currently with roon/Tidal). JD
  6. Okay, one more question. Why do I need Soundiiz to transfer my playlists... aren’t they already in Roon?
  7. Okay, thanks Don, that’s what I needed to hear. 👍 JD
  8. Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure if I follow you... if they don’t offer the tracks in my playlist (I’m mostly into Jazz), what’s the important stuff that I’m missing? Do you mind elaborating on the benefits of Qobuz beyond what I saw in the video? Thanks again, JD
  9. Hi Chris, most of us will not pay for both Tidal and Qobuz... so if we make the switch, what would happen to our playlists? would the tracks remain, but show as “unavailable”? I’ve read that Qobuz doesn’t have the amount of tracks available as Tidal offers. JD
  10. Thanks Dave, unfortunately that’s not an option for them... their setup needs the WiFi connection. JD
  11. Thanks for your reply... I had my sister setup her iPad as an endpoint and it didn’t skip. So I now believe and concur with your observation that Sonos is the issue. I’m having them test without the Sonos boost, but I’m not optimistic that the removal will solve it. i will post back if we solve the problem. I’ll probably post something on the Roon community too if the problem still happens.
  12. For $795.00 you can get a i5 Sonic Transporter from Small Green Computer... it’s also a server that will run Roon Core JD
  13. Thanks for your reply, no I haven’t found a solution to this problem yet. Your signing out of Tidal suggestion is the first time that I’ve heard that... I’ll have them try that. Is signing out of Tidal something that you do while in Roon, or do you do that right on the Tidal site? Thanks again, JD
  14. I’m probably going to ask in the Roon community, but I’d thought I’d try here first for (hopefully) a faster/more direct answer, wondering if someone else had a similar issue. I purchased a small green computer sonic transporter i5 for my sister as an early Christmas gift and made the trip to Florida to set her up. The installation went smoothly, using Roon/Tidal only (no internal drive). Everything was playing well when it suddenly started to “skip” through the songs (as if you hit the pause button, then it would start again skipping the second or two gap). This would happen for a period of time and then go away. Before I left to return home, I contacted Andrew at SGC (he’s been very helpful). He suggested that I try again to re-install the current version and reboot. The unit does run very warm, but Andrew said that was normal. He then thought it might be a wi-fi issue. I noticed on either an iPhone or iPad controller, the song would be playing and the countdown clock would stop moving, sometimes the song kept playing, but the countdown “cursor “ would jump ahead to catch up... then stop counting again shortly thereafter. If the stop/catchup was only 1-4 seconds, there’d be no stoppage in sound, but if it got to be 5+ seconds, the song would “skip” to catch up... I suggested that she move her router, or perhaps install a mesh network WiFi (as per Andrew’s suggestion). She hasn’t done either yet, since a speed test revealed 91mbps download speed. It played well for about a week but now it’s skipping again. I neglected to mention that she is using Sonos as an endpoint Wondering if anyone has an idea of what it might be? Thanks in advance. JD
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