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  1. Oh I get it, you're from the government and you're here to help us. The story gets weirder and weirder http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/light-harmonics-source-pro A review of vaporware, read the comments - truly sad. BTW your post changed several times. I mean changed from denial to - oh those Sources sold to retailers years ago.... Now you guys are polluting my favorite website 🤬
  2. Damn, I was finally right about something, they are in the mail. No worries, we'll still love you in the morning ❤️
  3. Well thanks for the informational update. I guess this means we'll be getting our Sources & Waves soon, or perhaps they're already in the mail?
  4. Please use the Light Harmonics moniker. LH Labs is a non-entity (IGG scam only) and Light Harmonics still exists in a viable form for very very expensve DACs. Thankfully we don't read about their DACs here anymore. Let's make sure Light Harmonics gets the well deserved negative attention when Googled. As per the Source, please go to Head-Fi and check out their forums for the Wave & Source. There are many posts regarding the Source being actively sold in Asia and @stuck limo would have us believe there's a legit reason for this. I'd post a link, but I get sick when I go there thanks to Light Harmonics. I can afford the loss, it's the ongoing lies that get me angry. Light Harmonics and Larry Ho are corrupt. Incompetent too, but corrupt to the core. https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/berkeley/profile/laboratory-research/lh-labs-corporation-1116-878014
  5. A couple more: Love this rendition - sounds better on Tidal tho Could probably do a whole thread on his live performances of this tune.
  6. Life lesson #1: If it sounds too good to be true.... Why couldn't we just accept the sage advice we already knew and not have to learn the hard way ? No doubt IG has some answering to do - this was a record fundraiser at the time. But even they seem to be avoiding their customers on this one. @stuck limo is over on Head-fi making excuses for Light Harmonics & the gutless Mr. Ho is using him as a dupe. If you want the most up to date lies, check out the Wave post there. Maybe someone will make an appearance here and try to convince us the goods will be delivered 6 years late and will be the world's best DAP (2014 standards of course).
  7. They're still pretending to care and making excuses about software delays for the Wave. There's still some who never got their Pulse. Source is for sale in Asia and I think a handful were delivered to backers. Otherwise it's a charade - consider it vaporware. And a hard lesson that crowd funding is no guarrantee for getting delivery. At least ADEL found a reasonable subsitute for their IG backers.
  8. Sounds like solid advice. I guess it presumes that you already decided to buy a dedicated NUC like device for testing. I think you could also start with existing PC/Notebook or even an old smartphone for a Roon endpoint or try trials of Roon/JRiver or LMS, then upgrade hardware to dedicated server/renderer appliances. You could also use existing gear to run the $49 AudioLinux before deciding on your hardware upgrade path. Too bad AL doesn't have a trial version, I'd like to try it on my ROCK Server but $49 wouldn't be my biggest mistake in this hobby in the last year. I basically started with notebook and added a Allo USBridge. I had very little previous experience building or setting up Linux devices but never had problems finding answers or help online. I even had problems setting up Roon ROCK on the NUC as there was a software incompatabliity that was sorted quickly by Roon (I wasn't the only person who couldn't install and Roon stuck with us till we were up). After that, things quickly got out of hand and expensive..... better sounding and funner too 😊 I'm still basically a begginer with more dollars than sense.
  9. and I make that mistake all the time myself. the 's' is next to 'a'.
  10. Does this count as post 2000 rock??
  11. I would offer up Roll Over Beethoven as a lark, but otherwise Classical is serious music even when it's fun. I was raised on the Peter Ustinov version of Peter & the Wolf - my Dad called it "work" music and was usually followed by hand splitting firewood or some other laborious task. I've both the Ustinov & David Bowie versions and my wife won't listen to it on the home system, she'd rather the Blues or Country. 😐 Google "fun classical music" and it's pretty serious stuff. 😊
  12. Basically unobtainium for me, but enjoyed the read. Good to see the designers are willing to push outside the box with the new AC connector & interesting choice of I/O switch. Makes it appear they're open to new ways of doing things - even if it's routine components.
  13. "hopefully Boulder ceases this opportunity to become a class leader in this regard" Think you mean "seizes"? (damn spell checker 😉)
  14. Ok, let's try again, more in the mood of YMCA - Canadian style: I think kitchy tunes are best served just before last call!
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