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  1. No updates yet regarding Wave or Vi DAC or Source.
  2. Hopefully the update will be next week. Larry is waiting on the photos from the factory.
  3. Upcoming hopefully soon. Larry has talked about it with me and the factory situation very recently.
  4. https://support.lhlabs.com/support/solutions/articles/13000063738-wave-update-4-26-2019 https://support.lhlabs.com/support/solutions/articles/13000063712-wave-chassis-photos https://support.lhlabs.com/support/solutions/articles/13000063306-wave-update-4-16-2019 These are 3 updates on the Wave that the community has been discussing over the past week. They were posted over at IGG and people have been commenting on them there and around the various internet forums. @bc2112 aptX is a big deal to those who paid for it to be included on their Waves. @noshortcuts the software turned out to be buggy and not very polished on the Source, so they held back shipments and are working on fixing it. Wish I had better news on that front. We did hear back from the people who got their Sources that they sound great, regardless of the poor user experience.
  5. We literally just put out 2 updates on 4/18 and 4/26 showing actual work and progress.
  6. Those are not edits. Those are audio files from WeChat and you have about 1 minute each "recording" before you have to start another one or the program splits up the audio. No edits were done. Included is the exact conversation I recorded the audio from (see screenshot). You're welcome to time the beeps to the time stamps in the audio as you're listening. Bill is a backer who has been across the forums demanding refunds and generally loudly expressing his displeasure with LH Labs and Larry.
  7. Let's give full context (see screenshot): Also, this was part of a conversation I had with Larry that I recorded (with his permission) in an interview style, asking him questions that people had posted on the forums. The exact question this was in regards to was: "Jarek, you stated that "campaign funds stayed within respective campaigns" and Hercules then queried, if that is the case, why have other campaigns (eg Vi Dac, Source, remaining Pulse, etc) stalled along with the Wave campaign. " This question, along with a variation, about why the Analog campaign hasn't moved along since it has its own money. AS WELL AS why the campaigns are all stalling, in regards to the idea that there is one singular grand reason. (there isn't) ---> which is why he said "it's funny"...because the idea that there is one singular grand reason isn't true. At no point in my time knowing him has Larry ever laughed or made light of the campaign issues or money issues. As I pointed out in the screenshot to Bill (who WAS laughing), no one else besides (apparently) Bill think anything about this is humorous. In fact, on MULTIPLE occasions, Larry has expressed a lot of distress over the matter. Larry, has, however, struggled with the English language and uses broken English and perhaps "wrong" words to formulate his thoughts on a frequent basis. (or used words which the internet people can jump to twist out of context unfairly and maliciously)
  8. 1. What I think has or should have no bearing on what backers decide to do with their time/efforts/resources. 2. Whatever I think about "helping" vs "enabling" I am sure will have no bearing on what others who have a pre-existing disposition feel, so that's a pointless conversation to have. Whatever I decide to do or not do has little to no bearing on LH Lab's continuing operations as the current situation stands. I could disappear tomorrow and LH Labs would continue on doing what LH Labs is doing, except I'm unsure who would be giving you updates on the status of the campaigns or when, regardless of the content contained in those updates, or who would be interacting with customers or when or where those interactions would take place (if any continued to exist). Some day that day may come, sooner or maybe later, and then we'll find out how that works out for all parties (still) involved.
  9. You misunderstand the situation. I'm not in a hole. That information I posted was already public. The information you're discussing is common, public knowledge, easily verified by a search through IGG. There are no "holes". But I suppose this is where the conversation has devolved to: name calling.
  10. Of course I have. In fact, we posted an IGG update on Sep 9, 2017 • 11:36PM regarding the TOS. (see attached photo at the bottom of this post) Larry is aware of the TOS, but when there's no updates to give, there's no updates to give. We could always update everyone by saying there's no update to give, but that would just annoy people as much as actually giving an update does to some people. 1. We give an update. It upsets people because they ONLY want a ship date. 2. We give an update. It upsets people because they assume it's all lies. 3. We give an update. It upsets people because it contains information they don't like. 4. We give an update. Sometimes it pleases some people. OR 1. We give NO update. It upsets people because we aren't updating. We post updates when available, almost or exactly immediately. It's not all the time and it's not every month. I am fully aware of that and Larry is too. (and yes, I know the real-life situation has not worked out according to what the attachment states) If IGG has a problem with LH Labs breaking TOS, they can always take it up with LH Labs and we'll adjust accordingly. On that note, we have at least one member of this forum actively campaigning for IGG to shut down the LH L pages and campaigns; effectively making it impossible for us to send updates to anyone...so updates may indeed become a thing of the past if this individual gets his way. TOS won't apply at that point. On that note, a Wave update is coming soon (hopefully by this weekend) and when I get more information over other campaigns, those will be posted as well.
  11. Thank you, you too. I appreciate the thoughtful letter and while I have thoughts on it, I will not discuss them here. Thanks again.
  12. Post your questions you'd like to see answered in a Q&A session. Keep in mind: Any questions you submit may or may not be edited (or included) for brevity, clarity, and for civility.
  13. 1. I didn't badmouth SBAF due to "you believing that consumers should be informed and, as a community, we need to continue to explore what we hear and why?" I was a member of SBAF loooooong before I was EVER associated with LH Labs. Your reason as to my reason is wrong (and I previously stated it here and it was ignored by you) 2. I was never an asshole to anyone over there, and there were 3 contradicting reasons given to 2 different people as to why my accounts were banned. I could go in-depth but it's really not worth it. In fact, the guy who "kick-started" my ban actually APOLOGIZED to me over it and regretted it getting that far. This is the second time you've personally attacked me out of nowhere in public. At no point have I ever publicly trashed you personally. 3. SBAF is known as a joke, a hive-mind, and a cult, and a Campfire Audio shill place amongst the high-end audiophiles I personally know. The forum is discussed quite a bit in depth in our inner circles. (note: this is not to say CA is bad at all, CA is generally highly regarded by myself and others) There is virtually zero moderation, members are allowed to openly attack other members, and calls to violence are ignored, amongst many many other problems in the discussions. You try to be an audiophile 4 Chan, except you're not as clever. [you're welcome to use that as your tagline] Your close friends are bad company, as is your community. I honestly used to like SBAF a LOT more than Head-Fi until I actually REALLY began to understand the culture at SBAF (after LH Labs). 4. The irony is: if I hadn't been banned, I would have contacted the member who drove (to the wrong address) BEFORE he had driven and given him the RIGHT address so he didn't waste a trip (because I honestly didn't care if he drove out to the new office, as I stated here). Unfortunately, no one bothered to check the address until AFTER the mistake. 5. Anything else you posted about LH Labs I won't deny, as you would know better than I would, and we all appreciate you letting us know the story. I certainly hold no ill will towards you sharing your LH Labs experience and I've heard similar stories from other employees. 6. Anything else I have to say I'll PM it, unless you decide to drag out personal things into the public again.
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