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  1. Thanks for the review! Any comment on how the SRM-700T compares with the SRM-007tII in terms of sound?
  2. I've had Tidal for a few years now, and just recently added Qobuz, spurred by its US debut and Roon integration. So far as SQ and ease of use in Roon is concerned, the two are identical. But there are two other reasons why, for me at least, Tidal wins out: First, its US catalogue is vastly superior to Qobuz's for indie rock and obscure rock issues from the late 1960s and 1970s. It really isn't a contest--almost none of the dozen or so albums that I liked most from last year are on Qobuz--e.g., Ty Segall, Oh Sees, etc. And, so far, there have been zero albums that I couldn't find on Tidal that were available on Qobuz. (Spotify has a better catalogue still, but no lossless and no Roon integration.) Second, I use Tidal's Mac app at the office, and it really outshines Qobuz's in terms of speed, ease of use, and possibly SQ--Qobuz's app is glitchy and doesn't support taking control of a sound output. (Listening to some Big Star the other day, I was shocked by how much fuller it sounded through Tidal, to the point that I could only wonder whether I was listening to different version--the apps do not make it easy to figure this out.) The Qobuz app does look better, though, and doesn't bury reviews and other information. But, for listening, for now, Tidal reigns.
  3. Perhaps worth noting that, in addition to Chromecast, Roon also supports Airplay, which is integrated into many devices--e.g., Devialet Phantoms. That said, the ease of adding another endpoint with a Chromecast Audio or Raspberry Pi is just killer. For less than $100, any DAC becomes a superb streamer.
  4. Sangean has been making various versions of this classic design for years. It's sounds great for the size and has digital tuning, a line in, digital radio support (in the US, at least), and a dimmable display. I've not found a better option. This one looks similar, but also has Bluetooth and some kind of USB input. Having not tried this model, I can't say much more about it.
  5. Dear Mr. Atkinson, I really appreciate your participation in this thread and others on CA. As others have said, your measurements and analysis are simply invaluable. Whether here or in Stereophile, I'd be very interested in your thoughts, or those of another person with appropriate technical expertise, on @Archimago's findings and analysis here. Subjectively, MQA may be the bee's knees, but many of us doubt that a product can excel in listening if it fails at the technical aspects of reproduction--which is why I always read your Measurements sidebars before equipment reviews. Maybe MQA is different, but even so it would still be good to have additional people considering the accurate reproduction (versus, say, FLAC) question. So, how about it? Best, AMG
  6. I'm late the party, but you might try wireless streaming to a Raspberry Pi running Roon Bridge right at your DAC. Inexpensive (~$70), easy to set up, bitperfect streaming through Roon, and no wires strung across your room.
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