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  1. Wondering if anyone is connecting MacBook Air as a one computer config so one usb port is connecting to dac, and internal ssd as boot drive - whats the best sq solution in your experience: 1. Use another usb port for external hdd - ssd, or just a regular drive? I play mostly dsd; 2. Use the SD card slot and better sq or not? 3. Use thunderbolt external hdd, better sq? Audirvana manual recommends making sure the high speed usb port are dedicated to usb connection to dac, not sure if the 2 usb ports on macbook air is on same circuit thus shared, therefore am wondering if using the other connection options may imprive sq. Anyone can chime in on this? Thanks.
  2. Anyone is using lks's new DAC 004 with usb100? How did it sound with and without usb100? Would like to hear your experience, thanks
  3. Anyone tried i2s thru connecting with LKS's own USB interface? Is there any sound improvement?
  4. Its my 4th day with this new dac, at this point, what impress me is the bass control and bass extension. In my old dac sometimes bottom end notes was distorted (i thought it was my room problem), now its much better. Second, stereo images at the far left/right of the soundstage is now more solid. Third, a little more air and details. These are the obvious ones to my ears. There are a 'tad' better improvement all around (transparency/transient/timbre..etc), depending on how good the recording is. For most classical 44.1k recordings which are good but not 'audiophile' the difference is there but not night and day, except bass control as mentioned. What frustrated me is the noise I keep experiencing with this new dac, i keep getting these static like noise at the beginning of a track, and flushes of white noise for a few seconds. I have to adjust the 'bandwidth value' or turn 'deemphasis' on to make these go away, its most stable if i choose the 'dsd over pcm' mode. But then i cannot control volume with a usb volume control knob which i have (pic atttached), and the remote of the dac doesnt has a good feel to use. My old cambridge dac, cannot decode dsd and thus no fiddling of pcm/dsd signal and what settings at audirvana. Maybe some other software would be easier to use or i just need to get over the learning curve. (Designer/owner of lks audio uses iriver, he does not know or use audirvana). I am going to try i2s connection through LKS's own usb interface with separate power supply. @beerandmusic Btw, anyone can enlighten me how to properly set up 'auto detection' on audirvana with 004? When mine is set to auto detection, audirvana only send pcm to 004 even if its dsd. Thanks.
  5. @MINORISUKE I looked up the amanero oemtool117 it seems to be for windows, I am on Mac, maybe i missed something. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, first post here, I just got the 004 yesterday per positive feedbacks on this thread and also being in china myself its easy, so i decided to give it a go over my cambridge 840c that i must have bought for 10 years! Never too excited about computer audio (LPs was my main source), until i started experimenting Tidal and Hi-Res files on A+ since a couple of months ago, and was very pleasantly suprised on the SQ. I now use A+ 3.1 on Macbook air i7 playing tidal, both pcm and dsd files on an external drive and connecting 004 thru USB. So much to learn here. My problem is the 'auto-detection' mode on A+ doesn't seem to recognise between PCM and DSD. When I play a DSD file, the screen on 004 reads 'PCM..k' so it looks to me that the DSDs are being converted to PCMs by A+ before passing to 004, and that regardless of what file types they are all converted and fed to 004 in PCM? Does that mean for the DSD files, by being converted to PCMs they were actually 'diwngraded' in SQ in anyway? If I choose the 'PCM over DSD 1.x standard' modes, on the 004 display it saids 'DSD 64/128k'. question 1: to get the optimal SQ out of all the pcm and dsd files, should i still select 'auto detection mode'? Or I did not get the settings right somewhere? question 2: in my setup, what are the particular settings i should be using? (Some of the settings on 004 will create white noise and I changed the bandwidth (dllp i think) settings to a higer value the problem goes away. question 3: on certain setting there are increased bavkground noise sometimes, and I have to turn on 'de-emphasis' to make them go away. On the 004 user manual this is not recommended, any thoughts here? Thanks in advance, sorry about the mixed logic in my question as I yet has to figure out how these pcm/dsd stuff works.
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