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  1. After the update to 3.5.13, I get a pretty pronounced "click" between each track, with a simple playback of DSD64 files. It never happened before. DAC plays DSD over PCM.
  2. When exiting Audirvana, Audio Midi settings should return to default.
  3. What is the audio output format, 44100?
  4. What is your setup Audio Midi?
  5. He did not say anything reasonable, except the proposal to format the disks in APFS.🤣 I connected the second T5 to the Mac Mini, do you find that strange? And then added it to the Audirvana library, does that seem weird, too? Audirvana he was named T5 1, I added the music files and she played them back. Which of the above do you find strange?
  6. Looks like only Damien can answer that question.
  7. So I previously did so, you read my message. I have said several times that the problem no longer exists. No one answered the question why the music was played when the discs were offline, back to where we started.
  8. It is possible, no more than 11 characters. For MS-DOS (FAT) and ExFAT volumes, the name must be eleven characters or less. Audirvana named the second disc Samsung_T5 1, can therefore after reset in the name of a disk there was a sign (?) and it was offline? But the music was playing.
  9. Answer the question: I gave you directions on how to fix your problem. I solved my problem yesterday. Without your "advice".
  10. On my exFAT drives, why do I need this link? Like I said, problem solved.
  11. And lose the ability to connect them to a laptop with Windows. Good idea.👍
  12. You didn't answer the question.
  13. I already decided, long ago.
  14. Send claims to Timothy Cook and Satya Nadella, as Finder and Explorer can't rename Samsung SSD drives.😀
  15. Are you trying to accuse me of cheating? Explain the motivational goal. I didn't see two discs with the same name in your pictures.
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