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  1. I placed an order last night and the receipt was sent to me by PayPal, not Kitsune, immediately plus as was said earlier it is on the Kitsune website under your account. If it didn't come in your e-mail look in your account under orders.
  2. All you need for a wired connection is an inexpensive WiFi Extender then hard wire from it to the Lumin.
  3. Type in Conversdigital it's there bottom of the page on the right.
  4. If by local you mean it is now a Lumin playlist then yes. At least that's the way I understood the explanation.
  5. Gus If I remember what Peter told someone on another forum correctly it was to open that imported playlist in the Lumin app and then save it as a Lumin playlist and see if you can add to it then.
  6. Bob If Spectrum has followed Xfinity's lead and you are using their supplied router or gateway the ability to change the DNS in their setup menu may have been removed. I discovered this a couple of years ago when mine needed to be replaced and the ability to go back to an independent DNS had been removed.
  7. Gus I just put my hand on top of the G1 which has been on continuously since the first of June and playing music for the last six hours and it is barely warm. One unit has two linear power supplies inside and the other a SMPS and the temperatures I would guess are within a degree of each other. Not a concern for any streaming device that I am aware of.
  8. When I first settled on the Aries Mini I had both it and the Node at the same time as did a friend in another state. We both kept the Mini and sent the Node back. I then bought a used Aries Femto and that was an improvement over the Mini even though the Mini had an outboard LPS too. The G1 is a huge leap over the Aries Femto to my ears so yes either one of your choices will sound better and give you more choices.
  9. The main difference between the two is the software design and some like one better than the other. I started out with the Aries Mini years ago so when I bought the Lumin I just had to adapt to the different way of doing things but it wasn't a big deal. Even now I have the G1 in one system and the Teac NT-505 (which is based on the Lumin architecture and runs on Lumin software) in a second system. Now that I have had both a while I move between the two without thinking anything about it. And though they can't call it MQA as they are no longer a member of the consortium the Aries does do so
  10. Qobuz is working on all of those things. As to the Aries vs Lumin I have owned both and they are both great just different. The model comparable to the U1 Mini is the G1 the G2 is double the price.
  11. Can you give us some idea which of the major labels there are still no agreements with. At this point the missing catalogs are the only reason I have kept the Tidal subscription at all. Also seems they have better coverage with some of the independent labels.
  12. Left Channel is correct, if an individual track or even an entire album is "grayed out" then the streaming rights have been pulled by the label, publisher or artist for some reason or the streaming rights contract has run out and not renewed. This has become a common occurrence on Tidal in the past few months. What was true in the past is not relevant.
  13. Peter It's an Arris gateway/modem manufactured for Xfinity.
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