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  1. This is may related to a problem being discussed over on the slimdevices forum. The issue is in the communication between mysqueezebox and Tidal. Michael is looking into it, but key contacts at Tidal may be away for the holidays. https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?111098-Tidal-App-on-my-squeezebox-com-Invalid-phone-number-or-password&p=958244&viewfull=1#post958244
  2. The MQA software decoder built into Audirvana and the official Tidal app may be all you need. Then you could use the Rega if you prefer. I've stopped restricting myself to DACs that can decode MQA because that limits my choices, and the final "unfold" is seldom worth the effort.
  3. No worries, the Deezer plugin for LMS moved on from IckStream to mysqueezbox years ago, and probably works entirely independently by now. I don't use Deezer myself, but I've also read that third-party apps can't access Deezer Hi-Fi, which is a shame, but other than that it seems to work well. The Qobuz plugin for LMS works at all resolutions supported by that service.
  4. And by that, I mean hashtag search in the desktop app, on the website, and in a third-party app (LMS/Squeezelite-X with the Material skin).
  5. It's a small subset of the audiophile market, but partnerships with exaSound and whoever else makes multichannel DACs could help pull in another four or so every once in a while.
  6. I don't know that I'd say it's too much to ask. Maybe too much for the Qobuz dev team's to-do list right now, but certainly something I'd hope would a possibility, someday. It couldn't hurt to mention this on the feature request thread.
  7. @Talisman what you are reporting is normal, and it seems to me you are making a feature request not a bug report. If you have selected "Allow applications to take exclusive control" and "Give exclusive mode applications priority" — which are the correct Windows system settings — then music apps that can do so will normally not release control until they are shut down. It's great to hear that Audirvana will release control when Stop is pressed. That is a unique feature of Audirvana, and proof that you get what you pay for with an app like that. The Qobuz and Tidal apps, and all or most desktop music player apps, do not release control until you exit. So basically what we're talking about here is a feature request. Yes? (Wow, it's getting harder and harder to find the old control panels via normal navigation...)
  8. The RP Android app now includes the Main, Mellow, Rock, and Eclectic mix "channels". I've just received the update via Google Play.
  9. Excellent review! I'm a big fan of this company and their creations. It appears the module pricing has gone even lower: Multi-bit DAC module, add US$200 AK4490 DAC module, add US$100 No phono preamp card listed https://www.schiit.com/products/asgard-1 The black finish is available only sporadically, in limited production runs.
  10. That was probably a mistake. Either they announced it too early and Qobuz isn't yet ready, or more likely they engaged in some wishful misunderstanding. I bet someone was handed the US press release, added UK prices themselves, and posted it without fact-checking. #FakeNews
  11. Sorry that did not resolve the issue. It still does not jump to last three posts on this page correctly, though it did land close enough to the post at the bottom to fool me at first. When I go up four posts (to the one with your video) it lands perfectly.
  12. If the right column advertisements extend further down the page than the posts, I wind up looking only at ads. And in general, because most often this problem takes us to the bottom or top Doubleclick banners, I'm guessing it has something to do with those ads or their containers. Turning on an ad blocker doesn't fix the problem, but that may be because even when the ads are blocked, their containers still do something to knock the page around.
  13. No ideas, sorry. After adjusting the buffer of ASIO4ALL, the only problem I've encountered is an occasional skip at the beginning of a track, at which point I will hear a click too. But this is a known problem in which the whole app seems to reset within the first 10 seconds of a track and skip ahead a few seconds, only on some albums and not on others.
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