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  1. @happypappy I would probably use an UpTone power supply myself. But just to be clear, the Modius includes "Unison USB" which is a $200 add-on for other Schiitt DACs, and which they claim provides "complete electromagnetic and electrostatic isolation" as well as "low-noise re-clocking".
  2. I've recently seen several on eBay for well over $500 (and €500 too). Of course, those hadn't been bounced down a flight of underground steps, lol. What an emotional trauma that must have been!
  3. The Walkman, Forty Years On The gadget that taught the world to socially distance. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/the-walkman-forty-years-on
  4. Thank you. I found it on the US and UK websites: "Family members in the same home can share up to 6 Qobuz HD streaming accounts with 1 subscription. Try free for a month, then only $24.99/month." https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/music/streaming/offers/household → £24.99/month in the UK: https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/music/streaming/offers/household
  5. Thanks @dmackta! We appreciate you taking a look at those meta data and ingestion issues. As for the rest, last fall it sounded like many of those albums were likely to appear soon, but I'm sure since then Covid has slowed down even the biggest labels.
  6. Hi @dmackta, is Qobuz still adding 10,000 albums a day? Thought I'd check back on these two examples, as I'm often challenged on whether the Qobuz catalog is growing. I know these are edge cases as neither artist is American, but I believe they ought to be in there. Radka Toneff: two albums from Odin Records are now there, Live in Hamburg and Fairytales, but four others (from Polygram?) are missing including two compilations. Fairytales may have been there all along — it was at the center of a bit of MQA controversy here a while back, then seemed to disappear — so perhaps it was just hard to find until search was upgraded. Only Steve Dobrogosz is shown as the primary artist on that album, even though on the cover Toneff is listed first. Also, in the new search results, Lifelines by Arild Andersen is listed as one of her releases, even though she is only credited as a composer on one track and did not perform anywhere on that album. Bruce Cockburn: Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws was fixed, thank you, and two more albums were added. But 18 are still missing, including a couple "deluxe" versions with additional tracks, but all should be in the catalog too. Are any more on the way?
  7. Just received this e-mail. Click for more info.
  8. Yeah but then I'd also have to upgrade from my Magni amps.... oh, wait... [Rubs hands together with evil glee.]
  9. I love those guys. They really are batschiit crazy. Too bad I already have three of the Modi 3 and one Modi 2 Uber.
  10. Interesting! So the remaining problem is: when you rapidly change album selections in the Qobuz plug-in, after the tenth query it goes way off. Michael was very responsive on the previous issue. If you post this new bug in the Qobuz plug-in support thread, I'm sure he or Pierre will look into it.
  11. @davidovada I've been following your conversation on the slimdevices forum. The problem was a limitation on the number of Favorites, and after you pointed this out to Michael now all is well. Yes?
  12. Agreed, not a significant tragedy, but an annoyance nonetheless. I suggest you also post more about this in the Qobuz streaming plugin thread instead of the Material thread.
  13. Since the problem appears in two different interfaces, it sounds like an indexing error by the Qobuz plugin for LMS, or by LMS itself. You'll likely get the best replies to your post on the slimdevices forum. I suggest you post screen shots there to help everyone understand the specifics, with circles and notes if possible. I don't use favorites much myself.
  14. @Miska's nailed it: Exclusive Mode should be ON. Also Force Volume should be ON; you've got a hardware volume control.
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