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  1. To follow up, Amarra guy got back to me and gave me the instructions to get the app going again. I think for my purposes if I can use this I will. The problem for me is that these 24/96 high res music files (1) tend to have a sharp edge to them (don't know why), and it makes little difference whether I use Audirvana or DJ software like Mixxx, and (2) they're transfers from shellac records from the 30s and 40s so there's noise. AsQ+ helps to soften the music and make it more listenable, no idea how it does it but it's good enough for my purposes, and the EQ and noise reduction deal with other i
  2. I'm an audiophile DJ. I DJ orchestral music recorded in the 30-40s. I use 24/96 FLAC files which the Mixxx DJ software can play satisfactorily, and I use Dragonfly Cobalt DAC and studio monitor speakers. AsQ+ did not mess up all sorts of things on my computer. When it worked it did the job perfectly as far as functionality is concerned. The problem is that my trial version stopped working altogether. I got a reply from Amarra so I hope I can sort this out.
  3. I get that. But is there really no other company making a similar type of product? It seems that they can't do what they do, but neither can anyone else. Is there no money to be made selling this sort of stuff? Why this apparent gap in the market?
  4. Thanks for the explanation. This is so frustrating. I found that they perfect solution for me would be Amarra SQ+ because I need to use DJing software and it can still go through the SQ+ and I get other functionality that I want like EQ and noise reduction. It looks like the perfect app for what I need in terms of sound and additional functionality. But alas, it turns out that they stopped supporting it. I downloaded it as trial and it craps out on MacOS Catalina because they didn't update it. I just need this. I don't need the Hqplayer or Roon or whatever. I'm using Mixxx which is free and th
  5. Hi, I'm interested in trying this solution but what exactly does "Roon plus HQPlayer 4 (backend)" mean? Sorry, I'm relatively ignorant.
  6. Since there're many A+ users here, could someone tell me how to turn a stereo ouput into mono as I use only one speaker. Cheers
  7. Is it still possible to get a licence for Fidelia? I think my demo's expired.
  8. I tried it and I agree that it's very good for my purposes so will also buy it. Thanks for pointing out the issue with Tube Saturator Vintage. I did find it better than preQursor but still problematic in some way, so that solves the problem
  9. Well, I've been researching the whole issue of saturation and how it works. Amazing. It will even help me understand my guitar playing. Anyway, it doesn't seem to be rocket science, as these saturators apparently distort the music by adding harmonics which had been added previously by the tube amps. I feel I understand better. In the process of this research I found another free saturator: the Softube Saturation Knob. It doesn't look like much but I think it sounds darn good, and if there is a difference with Amarra 4 my ears can't pick it up. Tested on well known trac
  10. Thanks DancingSea for that. I'm afraid the amount of new information is beyond my present ability to process. I guess I need the computer audiophile plugin for my brain. However, I can say that I have a preference for the Tube Saturator as it certainly makes the music I play much more exciting and gives the vintage sound and separation of instruments that I'm looking for. I found that initially I was looking to replicate the Amarra sound, same as you guys, but for my purposes the Tube Saturator sounds even better, perhaps because the music I play was recorded in the 19
  11. Hello DancingSea! I'm trying out the A+ Tube Saturator Vintage combination. Sorry, I'm new to this technology. Could you elaborate what the above means so I can try it myself and why you prefer an old version of Audirvana? I don't see these functions on the Tube Saturator. Cheers
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