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  1. I have the same situation. Last month I hear hum from 30-50 cm. I thought it caused by the DC in 230v.
  2. I play with different Linux settings and priorities. please help me to determine what each interrupt is responsible for?
  3. according to the ASIX https://www.asix.com.tw/products.php?op=pItemdetail&PItemID=131;71;112 Supports Jumbo frame up to 4KB I want to play around MTU to decrease CPU load, but when I try to set anything above 1500 then get an error
  4. gentooplayer right now one of the most problem-free build if you want to find no any clicks and pops. there are more preferable builds from sound point of view like picoreAP, yoctoap, dastereo edition, especially if you choose Aplayer as output, but a lot of clicks and pops there. The problem of clicks and pops of usbridgesig is certainly need to be resolved from allo side. and as I've understood it lies in the ASIX driver fixing for Linux kernel team.
  5. yes it does, but through roonbridge only. I was not able to get roon sound via Squeezelite. unfortunately, almost all real-time kernels are playing with cracks to hugo 2
  6. Thanks What about backward compatibility with pi 2 and pi3? And even more interesting what about pi4 compute modules in the future? I mean, Ramroot with 4gb ram does good sq improvement on pi4, current pi3+ module seems not able to have ramroot due to a lack of memory.
  7. What's about to clocks? For example, Sotm used advanced clocks to improve their devices. What type of clock did you use in the usbridge sig?
  8. What about AC ? I mean, could i use starquad cable for AC transmission?
  9. Had a chance to assess the combo 200ultra + SPS500. It really amazing !! Huge and massive improvements from what i have had before. Clocks are made a result and it seems that a good clocks is much more important than PSU. Btw, it is easy to receive root(admin) rights of 200ultra. From inside 200ultra looks like very simple and non optimized linux based on Fedora distribution with standard kernel (not Real time).
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