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  1. What a funny paradox by HB, but I can at least confirm those among the club winning best of show in Munich, do not use MQA at all to reach this award. We personally asked several reviewers. Seen in the secret mQa group: I remember the same paradox with SACD vs CD all the way back in early 2000. PS: not convinced about the shift in cross-over point: https://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=19396
  2. Propably the isolator is not fully compliant with USB standards (or the combination of the isolator with his cables) and is messing with bits which will confuse the mQa decoder. I once had something very similar with an iFI USB power plant and a dual USB cable from another brand: with regular PCM there would be not so subtle dropouts, but with their own dual cable it would not occur. From this perspective mQa works as designed. I actually keep a Mytek in stock for this purpose. It's an easy tool to visually confirm bitperfect output of music servers.
  3. Now we need a blue light on record players, when an MQA record is being played .... Lossy++
  4. The fact that this question is being raised ...
  5. The problem with the GPL is that the data processed by GPL tools, is not protected by the GPL. It only protects the software, not the data. Adding MQA to existing open source players is clearly wrong: https://www.musicpd.org/commercial.html
  6. Amir has a HDCD backstory: https://www.audio “science” review/forum/index.php?threads/mqa-bad-for-music.1378/page-2#post-36197 Amir's team got the HDCD light working, but it was actually fake, not doing any decoding: Even more interesting is the fact that foobar has an actual open source HDCD decoder: https://git.lopez-snowhill.net/chris/foo_hdcd which was also used for ffmpeg: https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php?topic=112225.0 https://opensource.com/article/20/7/hdcd
  7. Is Mansr no longer active here? Looking around on ASR, this post is interesting: https://www.audio “science” review/forum/index.php?threads/tidal’s-new-lossless-tier-says-goodbye-to-mqa-but-does-it-really.22968/page-9#post-769891 https://distrokid.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360059827614-How-I-Can-Send-My-Music-in-TIDAL-Master-Quality-MQA- The sausage machine for $17.99 per album ...
  8. 1. why did Apple, Amazon HD, Qobuz and many others chose NOT to implement mQa? 2. a new world which is based on the old world? How is that possible 5. for 1X rate sources such as 24/48 and 24/44.1, the encrypted part of the file does not compress well with flac, so it's actually not saving Tidal any bandwidth, whereas Qobuz would be saving bandwidth serving the non-encrypted 24/48 or 24/44.1 flac 6. MQA CD and those batch encoded Tidal redbooks into MQA CD versions, are using upsampling on several decoders .... To dig a little bit deeper why MQA cannot defeat info
  9. They also tried to remove the GoldenSound video from the wiki page ...
  10. Just found evidence on Wikipedia, MQA is trying to have "lossy" removed and thus hide the truth, and rewrite the narrative: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Master_Quality_Authenticated#Disputed and then their proposed changes were countered by the wikipedia editors: They are also trying to remove the @GoldenOne GoldenSound video from the wiki page:
  11. Something with the time domain went wrong ...
  12. 88.2 MQA decoding includes an upsampling step of the baseband 1X signal from a 24/44.1 distribution file to 24/88.2 and then add the missing ultrasonics to the upsampled 24/88.2 version, recovered using lossy origami. which means that the impulse response should look like test05b in this post, which looks exactly like the plot from Craven's filter In our case we did x2 from 96K to 192K, but doing 44.1 -> 88.2 or 96 -> 192 is basically doubling the samplerate, and the impulse is no longer one sample, but spans several samples. If we just see one pole at 88.2, that can'
  13. When argumentum ad verecundiam has become a religion ... Many responded the HB video did not debunk the claims of @GoldenOne / GoldenSound, instead he admitted he is guessing. He did not even question mQa's answer, or try to peer review it ... just make the BT reply sticky.
  14. There are other ways for "bastardized PCM". http://jpinsoft.net/DeepSound/ Just watch Mr. Robot season one, where he demonstrates the tool "deepsound" which he uses to hide photos inside the noise floor of PCM files. You can imagine the flac encoder having a very hard time encoding non-audio data bits from a bastardized pcm source file to which this garbage (from the viewpoint of the encoder) was added, as the flac prediction algo can't do a good job on predicting the next sample. It will contain more noise, so it will need to store a bigger residual, thus larger files. This is
  15. If MQA is claimed to be end-to-end in the analog domain, please show us the MQA DAC output of an MQA encoded square wave on an analog scope, and originally sampled from an analog function generator. So the MQA version of Monty's video: Please prove that input and ouput square waves in the analog domain are end-to-end. Bet mQa can't do this ...
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