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  1. I’d replace the snowflake with a butthurt emoji .. now you can all think about what that might look like and just what implement will be causing the butt to hurt.
  2. If you put #fact after your post this should disable the ‘disagree’ button #fact
  3. If your into audio and enjoy records that are more likely to be mastered for your home hifi and can deal with the buggering about I think vinyl is a excellent choice and you get to go record hunting in some fantastic shops that are full of music lovers . The only exception here imo would be classical where the benefits of digital are more regularly exploited. Although I don’t have a TT ( can’t be trusted with something so needy and delicate lol ) I can see the sense in having a good DAC for streaming and combining that with a TT. Best of both with all the holistic advantages of both formats too.
  4. Hi am just shamelessly fishing for opinions on this , preferably direct experience related to the thing. I likely going to buy one second hand but thought I’d seek some advice first. Cheers
  5. This is a intresting contradiction, there’s a few tools you have in terms of moderating and I’m guessing your probably unaware of some of them as they definitely do involve a type of filtering and certainly do involve a deal of censorship. Even soft moderation (preemptive intervention using diversionary tactics) is a type of filtering . It mostly goes unnoticed because folks don't realise your doing it intentionally. What your basically doing in that Specific instance is manipulating people ( or influencing them intentionally lol), behind the scenes and/or in public and if that fails or a situation is more urgent then yes you will be censoring people. What happens is the folks who feel your on their side think its moderation while the folks who feel on the wrong end of it think it’s censorship. As soon as you infringe on the expressed will of a poster (no matter what the reason, or tact ) you are seeking to influence their choices , you are seeking to prevent and control their contributions . Before or after the fact , well that just comes down to timing and circumstances. Id suggest moderation to you is merely serving your values and in your eyes that can’t be censorship but it very much is especially when you go beyond just abusive and unpleasent behaviour ( as your asking for ) . .... and when folks report posts or message you asking for stuff to be deleted ( happens often) that’s asking for someone to be censored and if the reason goes beyond just bad behaviour ( often the case for me) that’s bloody definitely requesting censorship.
  6. I find it useful to not lose sight of how throughly ridiculous I am / we all are. levity is a great tool and if you stick to taking the piss out of yourself ( a fantastically familiar target) you can’t offend any one else ( unless you over share lol ) and just might build a little bridge of humanity between yourself and others. A rare achievement on the Internet . Have fun, have a laugh , share a passion and connect with a massively diverse set of people this all in the safe knowledge you will never have to see them in real life so no awkward small talk and no having to feel bad about not wanting to have them round for dinner or working out how to get round that drink you promise to have with them. And its all freeeeeeeee
  7. It’s not a job I enjoy so no and tbh I would not recommend it to anyone. Anyway someone on this thread mentioned you needed to have a high IQ for moderation so I’m out the running on that account.
  8. Because it’s useful to have a person in another time zone ( as I think I mentioned before) , not forgetting the sites already under moderation. So a vote for ‘continued’ moderation in the spirit of the current regime. Its not easy to bring someone onboard though and i can understand Chris being reluctant. As iv mentioned the dissatisfaction here can’t be solved by stronger moderation, it’s a far far more complex situation than the binary choice recognises. Then theres layers or strengths of intervention,possibly there could be a 3rd way.. maybe appointing ‘ ambassadors’ a group of reasonable minds that defuse tension via other means like levity and just being a reasonable voice rather than punitive measures. Folks can be influenced by example and there can be a subtle type of conformity coming from that that folks end up enjoying. That would be what I’d vote for but it’s not on the ballot .
  9. I agree and it’s great to have a place where all the ‘ the only audiophile in the village ‘ types can get together and chat about the affliction 🙂
  10. A more significant contributor to the dissatisfaction is the lack of common values and the absence of recognition mechanisms that in the outside world are long cemented. Online basically your all the same and this plays havoc with folks as most find solidarity though shared norms and are used to this kind of reassurance when forming social bonds. In forums concerning audio this tends to lead to sectarianism as we have seen in the last few years with folks with shared values splintering off into exclusive groups. Simply moderation cant really stop that , it’s a far bigger human issue than the odd stern warning can address. It really does come down to whether folks value the ‘open church ‘ or find the absence of shared values ( yes though reasonable what your asking for is a reflection of your values) so intolerable one ultimately has to seek out more like minded folks. This is entirely normal and not a reflection of any false in anyone. If there is a value in maintaining this forum as a broad , inclusive social space members here will have to adjust and become more conscious about their contributions. Stamping ones foot and demarning everyone reflect your values and demand everyone see your inner self and pay it the upmost respect is unrealistic and tbh a bit silly imo. Its a free space , you don’t stop going to the pub because you don’t like a few guys ( the pub is the best example of a shared social environment where certain recognition systems are left at the door, if it’s a great pub beer is the elixir of Union lol ) , you just don’t talk to them or if you do stick to a ‘safe’ topic and certainly don’t go out your way to antagonise them. of course abusive folks and those that seem to enjoy conflict should be delt with ( I believe they are currently). It’s worth remembering your all here to share a passion for audio , is that enough to defeat sectarianism? I hope it is , but it’s up to you all to put that one shared value above all else. Cheers Thomas . (don’t fear ,that’s the end of my moderation opinions thanks for reading)
  11. As your all over 21 and I’m assuming fully toilet trained you should not need moderating. Folks moan about lack of moderation but that won’t change with more guys doing the job. Folks moan about their dignity being stamped on by opposing individuals or in the subjective objective games foul play by the other side but good luck to any moderator who tries to mediate that, it’s a nightmare. Ultimately it comes down to protecting the experience people have using the forum and understanding why they are here and not someplace else. There’s strict subjectivist sites and strictly objectivists sites so if your offended by either I’d go to one of those places instead of expecting site management to protect you from your outrage. It is a thankless task, utterly and completely , you find yourself swimming in a sea surrounded by self entitled sharks that just want to bite your leg off for a snack. They often don’t consider anything other than their own selfish often short sighted POV and think it’s your duty to reflect their sentiments and inforce their will. It’s also never ending task with no real affirmation that you did things right. This is is a broad church, I have noticed there’s a few usual suspects that seem to revel in antagonism and of late this has derailed many threads but derailed them from what? What’s the real goal ? Is it just guys hanging out chatting about audio or is there a higher purpose to the threads ? If it is just guys hanging out then all is fine as is, if however there’s ambition to maintain a historical resource and possibly a Brand to consider then that might take a change in direction wrt moderation. My advice would be to keep the status quo and for the burden of responsibility to be firmly placed on the membership. As soon as you have a moderator folks will start behaving worse imo as it becomes someone else’s responsibility . This is a free place , non of you pay to be here and I’m guessing you all enjoy it else you would not come. The fee for participating is , agree to disagree now and then and treat others how you wish to be treated! Not hard. If folks can’t adhere to those simple principles, well we are all in trouble aren’t we. thanks for reading , BW ,, Thomas
  12. I just listen to music these days , I wonder about room correction now and then ( I do use something with my subwoofers but not the mains ) but other than that I don’t worry and Iv not changed anything in my main listening room for 3 or 4 years now. I chose all my kit by evaluating it at home , not a process I ever enjoyed as all I wanted was to hear music that sounded ‘right’ to me. If you paid 2 grand for that bit of string and were sold it on the belief it was ‘the best thing’ despite you being happy I’d suggest maybe it would be worth looking into. Still id love to have my stuff measured , just to see just what’s really going on. Are those products I bought really performing to spec etc. To me I’m part of the system and I can be faulty just like a amp to some degree.
  13. Ha ha , so let’s turn this around and get some sensible discourse,, ah let’s turn it into a cable thread coz that’ll do it. I fairly sure even now if I had to listen to my system connected via usb using a cheap looking cable vs a nice chunky expensive one it would sound better with the later. I might even feel ‘safer’ and my anxiety levels may well be reduced ( certainly 2 or 3 years ago) and that’s without having bought in to the ‘science ‘ of the manufacturer. So I know it shouldn’t make a difference but it still dose.., But how can this be....? .... maybe something else , something to do with visual association informing auditory perception maybe ..? Maybe this is how tv marketing works too, maybe this is a powerful mechanism of prejudice, let’s cut out the visual and see just what happens when we separate these senses. Or lets not and just assume its the cable , let’s not look any further after all I trust my ears , but then do I trust them in combination with my eyes , ah sod it I know what I know god damn it. The cable is making a diffrence i dont care what the tests say, they don’t know what I’m hearing , they are not me .
  14. Having someone in a different time zone might be useful.
  15. Well I think these two are conflicting statements, one written without prejudice and then later contradicted ( with a edit) when you made a ‘discovery ‘ . This serves to highlight the depth of the issue , my post actually documents my own experience as a independent minded person . You could call the whole thing subjective. Let’s hope the natives back at base done burn me on a stake. anyway I’m done , I just thought I’d try and highlight some of the issues and hopefully encourage you all to stay as one , objectivists and subjectivist. My bad.
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