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  1. What is an "MQA album"? Just a small handful of people in Japan have any of these, so that's quite a short list.
  2. Or the GAC Ultra 4/1 for example, also suited to balanced cable construction.
  3. You made a condescending and jerky reply to a post I made that was not directed at you, rather it was directed at Miska, and it said exactly this: I asked him a question, somehow that generated your rude subwoofer comment, perhaps I should have played along and asked you if that were the only such condition we should be concerned with, but you knew what you were inferring, or you wouldn't have said it. Then the follow on: More condescending sarcasm, but hardly surprising, I've seen this act before. Perhaps I did misunderstand th
  4. Thank you for that link, very interesting for sure. My point is that neither pkane2001, nor anyone else, possesses any absolute proof as to what is audible in this realm and what is not, and until such time as the actual measurement method and means are agreed upon and standardized, he is pissing in the wind, and needs to get down off that soapbox. Subwoofer or rocket launch, which one is it? Power supply architecture, choice of capacitor type, and board size/layout, only trivial? We know not. What about EMI/RFI, might we consider that as a form of vibration or resonan
  5. Again, SO WHAT? You read the TI brief correctly of course, but that in no way means that you have solid verifiable evidence that vibration or resonance at lower levels, including that which is not airborne, bears no audible effect on audio systems. You don't know that, and I can tell that either you've never ever tried what I described with using footers of differing materials, shelving, racks etc... under DACs (or any other audio component for that matter) or, if you did, your expectation bias (that is: you already know all there is to know about this) fully prevented you from hear
  6. That wasn't the point I was trying to make. Rather it was Speed is not the cable Pontiff, and his reply to CG was for certain both rude and condescending, offering nothing more than a call to his own authority, and describing how expensive it would be for him to elaborate in any way. But I do definitely appreciate your response.
  7. Of course not, however I was not only referring to airborne vibration, this can even be a function of the power supply, or the resonant characteristics of certain capacitors or other elements in the circuit including the placement of the oscillator itself, and the overall layout of the board. Since everything is built to a price point, not all will be created equal with regard to careful attention paid and budget allowed for this element of the design. Not a one size fits all answer, and yes it's audible, and no I don't have any sophisticated measurement equipment, nor do I feel compelled
  8. Ahh the old argumentum ad verecundiam. Hint: Unfortunately it's quite expensive. So what? Says the cable Pontiff.
  9. He can't help it, the next line from him after your failure to pay for his "consulting" will be a suggestion he can recommend some community colleges courses, or books for you to read. Quite reasonable one would think. Sad but true, but not from every single member in this sub forum, mostly just the usual suspects, but now with less piling on due to Speed's groupthink shrinking here just as it swells as that "science" site, the size of one is seemingly inversely proportional to the other.
  10. Including for example physical vibration/resonance, no?
  11. True 'dat, and it all started with Napster and other bullshit P2P distribution of horrid sounding "files" masquerading as music. Major disrespect to artists and lack of recognition thats not sustainable.
  12. Quite true, they'd love to return to some post-modern version of the days of the 45rpm single. The "younger generation" does seem more willing to support that however.
  13. As nearly all of it is, and has been, since the 1990s. Doesn't mean it sucks of course, just no longer holier than thou, and if you want that (AAA) be prepared for a lightening of the wallet. Great, so tell us noobs, which expensive record cleaning machine will I require? Cleaning fluids? You know, just to cleanse the fucking mold release agent? Whats my yearly budget for that? How about endless VTA, VTF, adjustments? Expensive cartridge wear? Stylus re-tip, full suspension rebuild, how much shall I budget? Phono preamp, trivial? Absolut
  14. A thinly veiled swipe, no? Better off just taking the high road.
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