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  1. A thinly veiled swipe, no? Better off just taking the high road.
  2. More gibberish. I doubt it is a laughing matter to them. Hmmm... I think not.
  3. Cryptic nonsensical shtick is notable only for it's infamy... "accrew" is not a thing.
  4. There is no market acceptance, and MQA means nothing to the wider world, nothing at all. Super questionable, unless you are referring to JA, RH, MF, AD, JVS et al. but they have an obvious conflict of interest.
  5. By you, and everyone sees this is your M.O. The same has been asked of you, and then you just make shit up, while accusing others of exactly what you are practicing. An easy to follow pattern.
  6. In your very own words to me (verbatim), but far more apropos here... "like, wow man... did you take a class on stupid?".
  7. Nice try, no you didn't. Do you forget some pages back in this thread your insistence that MQA could be done right, and when challenged by mans or others you simply retreated to a "there is more to MQA than you think" stance? I remember that, and no, I won't detail it for you, as for all I know you subsequently deleted or revised those posts. People wondered aloud about your brand of crystal ball, you research it.
  8. Last year's investment took the form of a loan, could be a sign of investment banker impatience.
  9. The only nasty thing that I can see there was your response. Maybe try to grow a thicker skin. You should practice what you've preached, and engage in a bit of self-reflection too. Separately I do not wish to spend even one euro on MQA, beer money or otherwise. You can amuse yourself on my ignore list.
  10. I see, so it's the same as Redbook specification, and can playback at 16-bit resolution on a Compact Disc player?
  11. You mean not a physical MQA-CD, which is not the same thing as a CD.
  12. You don't weep with joy when new ≤ 16-bit worlds are birthed?
  13. I'm not sure which issue, or to what exactly you refer to being 100% behind. Does he appreciate how hard core you are on this, or is the impact rather minimal? Signum est quod se ipsum sensui et praeter se aliquid animo ostendit. Philosophically speaking, what does this signify? That there are things in the world that are also signs of other things in the world, and this relationship or referent has meaning. Doxing is most certainly illegal in the EU, and elsewhere too, graveyard or otherwise.
  14. Judging by his fist pounding as common in the U.K. comments, he is also an expert on all things Europe? No, actually no one on the European continent cares about MQA at all, so at least there Lee can learn something. MQA is an absolute unknown in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, or Italy, and thats unlikely to change, no one will ever care.
  15. None, streaming is not currently a sustainable business model unless something changes rather dramatically, as you noted presently they all bleed cash.
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